“Feel Special” is the title track of Twice’s eighth EP of the same name. This K-pop EDM song was released on September 23rd, 2019, at 6 PM KST. Before the MV was released, JYP Entertainment released 11 teasers on their YouTube channel. Nine teasers for each of the members, one Silhouette Intro Teaser, and a Finale Teaser. The first teaser is Nayeon’s 21-second-long teaser which was released on September 8th, 2019. Then the Silhouette Intro teaser was released on September 18th and the Final Teaser was released one day before the MV was released, on September 22nd, 2019.


Very Deep Meaning

“Feel Special” is a K-pop EDM upbeat song but has a beautiful and deep meaning. With strong choreography and melody, “Feel Special” has a very emotional meaning. This song is about a person who feels lonely and insecure and finally finds someone who makes her feel special and loved. The main meaning of this song is very clearly reflected in the chorus of the song as well as the key lyrics of this song, “You make me feel special.”

Written and Composed by JYP

As in other albums, JYP as the founder and owner of JYP Entertainment always takes part in writing songs for Twice and other JYP Entertainment groups. And “Feel Special” is a title track written and composed by JYP. Ollipop, Hayley Aitken, and Lee Woo-min or Collapsedone also took part in the production process of the song “Feel Special”. Previously, Collapsdone participated in creating TWICE’s hits “Knock Knock” (2017) and “What is Love?” (2018). Twice members also co-wrote other songs on the Feel Special album. Nayeon wrote the lyrics for “Rainbow”, Jihyo contributed to the song “Get Loud”, Dahyun wrote the lyrics for “Trick It”, and Momo also participated in writing the lyrics for “Love Foolish”.

“Feel Special” Music Video: Over 14 million Views in Less Than 24 Hours

The girl group with the fanbase named Once again perched on trending number one on YouTube in several countries after the MV was released. Even, the “Feel Special” MV managed to reach 14 million views in less than 24 hours of its release. Wow! The “Feel Special” music video deserves a lot of views because of the unique theme, costumes, and members that look very charming; various settings, and the very distinctive choreography. The MV starts with Nayeon having a new look with bangs and dancing with her signature hand movements. Then followed by Mina and other members who look very beautiful in their white costumes.

  When you watch the “Feel Special” MV, you will see each member who found the other members. Chaeyoung found Mina, Momo found Tzuyu, Jihyo and Nayeon, Dahyun met Sana, and Jeongyeon smiled at another version of herself. In accordance with the meaning of the song “Feel Special”, this MV tells of each member who finally finds someone who can make them feel special and valuable.

Background of “Feel Special” From the Feel Special Mini-Album by Twice

Park Jin-young as the boss of JYP Entertainment and directly involved in the production process of “Feel Special” explained the background behind the creation of this song. He said the idea for this song came from a conversation he had with the Twice members at dinner. The members talked about how they felt when they thought back on the start of their careers four years ago. They felt that without the support of the fans, they would not be as big as they are now. Once really make them feel special. “I think a lot about the difficulties in the past. But with that, I also feel that there are so many people who love me and support me,” said Nayeon at the album launch showcase at Yes24 Live Hall, Seoul (23/9), quoted from JoongAng Daily. Jihyo also explained that they really wanted to reply to letters sent by their fans. But that was not possible due to their busy schedule. This song is an expression of their gratitude to their fans who always give them a lot of love and support.

The Choreography Received Praise From SM Entertainment’s Choreographer

In addition to the beautiful lyrics and melody, “Feel Special” also has a very unique choreography. With their extraordinary dancing skills, the Twice members were able to make the “Feel Special” choreography even more stunning. To entertain their fans, Twice uploaded a dance practice video on their YouTube channel Twice. The dance practice not only received praise from fans, but also from an SM Entertainment choreographer. Through his Instagram story, an SM Entertainment choreographer @mihawkback praised Twice’s dancing skills in the dance practice video. “I accidentally saw this on YouTube. Wow, they did well,” wrote the choreographer.

Mina Was Unable To Participate In The Song Promotion

JYP Entertainment released a statement that Mina participated in the process of making the music video. However, Mina was unable to participate in the “Feel Special” promotion. The 24-year-old member had to continue her recovery due to anxiety disorder. But for all the Mina stans, you don’t need to worry, because you can still see Mina’s performance in the “Feel Special” music video and dance practice.

Dahyun’s “Weird” Plastic Costume

Twice appeared on the Mnet comeback stage on Thursday (27/9). Before performing the song “Feel Special”, Twice members took a photo together with their costumes. Dahyun is the member who got the most attention and comments from fans and netters. Dahyun became the center of attention because of her “weird” costume. Fans deeply regret the choice of the stylist who gave Dahyun the blue plastic costume. The two-piece plastic costume also reminds fans of JYP when he was young, who once caused controversy because of his plastic pants. “Isn’t this Park Jin Young’s clothes?” said a netter. However, not only reaping some negative comments, but some fans also praised Dahyun’s beauty. They said that Dahyun’s beauty has saved her from that weird costume, she still looks charming.

Tzuyu Is A Living Doll

In the “Feel Special” MV, Tzuyu looks like a doll in a box that looks like a house. And Momo is the member who found Tzuyu. Tzuyu really looks like a doll with a very beautiful dress and crown. Moreover, long wavy hair is perfect for her. Tzuyu is a K-pop visual that looks like a living doll! Not only Once, the “Feel Special” music video viewers who are not Twice fans were also amazed by Tzuyu’s beauty. They said Tzuyu’s beauty is unreal. She can look like a living doll and a very beautiful goddess at the same time.

“Feel Special” Achievements: Awarded At The Golden Disc Awards

Twice is one of the girl groups who never miss getting awards at various prestigious Korean awards. “Feel Special” also achieved a great award at one of the South Korean award events. The album Feel Special won an award in the Bonsang Album category at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards. This award adds to the track of Twice’s career success in the South Korean music industry. Those are some of the interesting facts about Twice’s song “Feel Special”. To date, the “Feel Special” MV has been watched more than 367 million times. Have you watched the “Feel Special” MV? If not, you should definitely watch it!

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