Some fans want to get close to them especially to know where they living. Since its debut now, TWICE has been moved two times. However, in their recent dorm, they never revealed anything regarding location, layout, etc because for some reason. Get to know information about TWICE’s dorm in this article in Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

TWICE Keep Private Their Dorm Location

TWICE experienced various bad things when their first dorm becomes in public eyes. They were getting followed by some strangers and foreign people that waiting outside their dorm then making them uncomfortable. Moreover, their neighbors also felt disturbed. That’s why for safety reasons, their comfortable feeling, and peace, TWICE decided not to reveal any clue about their dorm location or now they living after moving. On their LIVE after celebrating Momo’s birthday, people asked them why they never do LIVE in their dorm anymore. Nayeon said the story of their first uncomfortable experience where their dorm exploded with many people. Nayeon explained firmly that ONCE (TWICE fandom’s name) should keep protecting their privacy.

TWICE’s Dorm Arrangement

Let’s talk about their first dorm that was revealed to the public, TWICE has a good space to gather all nine girls. It has a large living room, sharing-bed rooms, a bathroom, and hair make-up a saloon in the basement. It’s just all in one place. Check the details below!

TWICE’s Dorm Living Room

The living room is where all the girls usually have conversations, watch, or eat together. Even they began starting their life with the fans in this living room. TWICE looks like has a convenient large sofa, TV, cabinet, and small table. They prefer to make their living wide open to be the center of gathering.

TWICE’s Dorm Hair Make-Up Saloon

In their dorm, they also have their own hair make-up and styling salon in the basement. If you think it convenient, however some members against it. Tzuyu expressed that going to the saloon in the basement is hard to do. It makes sense when Momo explained that since the saloon in their dorm, they usually do not fully wake up since took time to do so. On the other hand, it’ll be different when they went to a saloon outside their dorm, they will prepare faster and already wake up to do so. Nayeon and Jihyo also agreed regarding the saloon. Nayeon often hits her head while going to the basement for doing saloon. They felt so tired to start the day since they also has crazy schedules back then. So, hard-working girls!

TWICE’s Members Roommate and Their Room Looks Likes

Their room is simple and quite packed. In their first dorm, TWICE’s members did not have their own room. From the picture Mina, Jihyo, and might be Sana and Nayeon were in the same room. Besides Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung might be a roommate with a bed bunk and a single bed in this picture.

What did TWICE’s Members say About Their Dorm?

Living with nine girls in the same dorm is quite hard for them. It might be related to time management, the flow, arrangement, and all of that. The dorm is complete in function and supports them as idols which showed in the layout of the dorm. However, Chaeyoung expressed about the dorm life where they need to get ready and take a shower. The bathroom is limited, it can’t accommodate all nine girls at the same time. That’s why, they often felt tricky about the bathroom problem because when they are all tired, after schedule, they tend to want to wash up faster and go to bed early. That’s all about TWICE dorm layout, location, the member’s experience in a dorm, etc. Which part makes you feel interesting? Put your comment on this Channel-Korea and share your thoughts below! Don’t forget to always support TWICE and keep their private life separate as idols.

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