Her experience in dating is also unique and exciting. She is not shy to tell how she was dumb, naive, and intelligent in each relationship. Let’s get to know unusual Jeon So-min’s ex-boyfriend story and dating here! Stay tuned!

Jeon So-min is Single But Revealed Some Stories About Her Ex-Boyfriends

Jeon So-min is currently single. However, she has many experiences in dating. All of the stories she spilled much likely when aired in Running Man. Although it looks like all member of Running Man seems to know who she is talking about, the show keeps editing it secretly, although Jeon So-min clearly mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s name. Her dating story always keeps all Running Man members shocked and laughing hard.

Jeon So-min Called Ex-Boyfriend While Drunk

Jeon So-min, in her interview in Elle Korea was asked about dating. She revealed on her early 20s years old when she was drunk, she always called her ex-boyfriend. It made her frustrated. Then she asked him to change his number because she had no power to dismiss his number on her mind suddenly when drunk. Then her past boyfriend changed his number. However, Jeon So-min realized that she heard her past boyfriend cry when she called him while drunk.

Jeon So-min Felt Emotional About Ex-Boyfriend While Listening to Ballad Song in Running Man and Said Something Interesting

When Jeon So-min and cast members of Running Man traveled around England by bus, they played music with their phones. Regarding ballad songs, she revealed that she secretly recorded her ex-boyfriend’s singing voice. She kept playing and listening to it later on. Jeon So-min is also talking to the camera, asking whether her ex-boyfriend was doing well or not nowadays. So straightforward!

Jeon So-min’s Ex-Boyfriend Treat Her Weirdly and Didn’t Make Sense Till Now

Jeon So-min experienced weird things while dating. Her boyfriend picked her up in his female friend’s car. Since Jeon So-min has already met her twice, she’s okay with it. Jeon So-min was sitting behind her ex-boyfriend sitting in the front passenger seat. However, when he finished dropping her home, her ex-boyfriend moved to the driver’s seat exchange with his female friend, and his female friend moved to the passenger seat in the front. She felt angry because of it and did not talk with her ex-boyfriend for a day. Although the boyfriend explained that he had to stop by his office, he wanted to drive the car. Such a story does not make sense to her until now.

Jeon So-min’s Take Revenge To Her Ex-Boyfriend

Jeon So-min revealed how she took revenge on her past boyfriend. She was getting hurt because of him, so she decided to plan something for her ex-boyfriend. Back then, when people used wire earphones, she wrapped the earphone cords and tied them purposely. She even told the camera when shooting Running Man that her face would be over on television, so you will see my face each time you turn on the TV. Such smart revenge!

Jeon So-min’s Dating Rumor with Yoon Hyun-min

Jeon So-min and Yoon Hyun-min appeared as dating couple rumors in April 2015, but they both denied the rumor. However, they finally revealed to the public that they are a real couple which started developing feelings from a junior-senior level in this industry. They did secret dates to watch a movie in a VIP theater and knew each other from actor Jung Kyung-ho. They both became honorary ambassadors of the 3rd Animal Film Festival in Suncheon and officially revealed their relationship two weeks later. However, their relationship only lasted nine months, in January 2016. They broke up because of their busy schedules and decided to support each other as a good friend.

Jeon So-min’s Dating Rumor with Oh Dong-min

Jeon So-min and Oh Dong-min are rumored to be dating couples because of picture posts on Instagram. They put their photos together on their personal Instagram. Their caption is also inviting people to suspect them. Jeon So-min and Oh Dong-min wrote flirty captions like “My celebrity, my actress, and a manufactured fragment of the world. When she replied, “Although it’s blurry, no matter what, it’s just beautiful.” This creates traction in online communities about their relationship, but the agency label said they were just good friends. Check Jeon So-min on Instagram for her updates. It’s all about Jeon So-min’s dating, boyfriend, and all her dating experiences. Which story made you frown? Put your comments and share your thoughts about it below! Stay reading Channel-Korea articles and always support Jeon So-min!

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