To become a trainee in an agency, you must go through an audition. To pass the audition, you must go through some processes. Here are some tips and tricks if you want to apply for an audition. Prepare yourself well, read the terms and qualifications of the company before applying, be creative, show your interest in Korean culture, and dress properly. Without further ado, Channel-Korea will share how to apply for an audition in various Korean companies. Check it out!

JYP Entertainment Audition

JYP Entertainment is one of South Korea’s big agencies. JYPE is home for J.Y. Park, 2PM, DAY6, TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, Bernard Park, BOY STORY, and NiziU. GOT7 also went to JYPE before their exclusive contract expired. Rain, Wonder Girls, 2AM, and Miss A also were discovered by JYPE and became successful K-pop groups. JYPE opened offline and online auditions. JYP offline audition means you can come to the agency to do the walk-in audition. JYP offline audition is called JYP Monthly Audition. The monthly audition happens every first and third Sunday of the month. The qualifications for the walk-in audition include being born after 1995 (no limitation on gender, academic background, or nationality), applying for only one position (among vocalist, rapper, dancer, model, or actor), and dance applicants must bring a mobile phone (they do not accept CDs). The walk-in audition takes place at JYP Entertainment at 205 Gangdongdae-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. JYPE also opened an online audition. It says on their website, “JYP AUDITION is looking for the next global star. And you can be the one!”

JYP AUDITION : AUDITION (ENG) : — JYP신인개발팀 (@JYPAUDITION) December 21, 2020 Anyone can apply for JYPE’s online audition. The available positions are vocalist, dancer, rapper, actor, and model. There is no limit on age, gender, and nationality to apply for the online audition. The benefit if you apply to JYPE is the finalists will be offered an opportunity to participate in the special training system of JYP Entertainment. Interested in joining JYPE? Here is more info on JYP Entertainment’s auditions: JYPE Audition 

PLEDIS Entertainment Audition

Pledis Entertainment is a South Korean agency and home of the famous boy groups NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, and girl group AFTER SCHOOL. They also support popular Korean solo artists Nana and Bumzu. In 2020, Pledis Entertainment became a part of Hybe Labels (a subdivision of Hybe Corp, formerly Big Hit). In 2017, Pledis Entertainment arranged its first international audition. During the audition, there were no restrictions on gender, nationality, or age. The company held auditions in a variety of areas including vocals, rap, dance, acting, and modeling. The process to be auditioned by Pledis Entertainment is quite easy. You can send your audition application through mail or email. The qualified applicants will be reached individually and proceed to the next step.   If you are interested and want to try to apply, you can download the audition application on Pledis’s website and send your attachments in CD or USB form to the address Pledis Casting Team, 42, Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea or via email to [email protected] Here is more info on PLEDIS Entertainment’s audition process: PLEDIS Audition.

BIG HIT Entertainment Audition

Korean fans mostly know that BTS is from a great agency called BIG HIT Entertainment. Big Hit Entertainment is the label that manages BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, known as TXT. BIGHIT MUSIC is an industry-leading music label that continues to establish new directions and is powered by a genuine passion for music and unwavering fan support. BIGHIT strives to make music that has never been heard before in the world in its own unique way, creating music that sums up an era and resonates with fans all over the world. Many people want to be a trainee in Big Hit. Here are the restrictions when applying to Big Hit Music:

Boys only Male born in 2003 or later Positions: Vocals, Rapper, Dancer, Actor, Model

Here is more info on BIG HIT Entertainment’s audition process: BIG HIT MUSIC Audition

SM Entertainment Audition

Many successful idol groups come from SM Entertainment. Many fans might know which group comes from SME like Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM, aespa, and many more! SM Entertainment is a major entertainment company that is at the forefront of the global Korean Wave and K-pop phenomenon, having pioneered the entertainment industry in Korea since its establishment in 1995. There are many auditions that are ongoing in SME such as their Weekly Audition, Monthly Audition, Weibo Audition, and more! Check out more info about SM Entertainment’s audition process here: SMTOWN Audition.

YG Entertainment Audition

YG Entertainment is one of the Big 3 companies in South Korea. Since 1996, YG has produced leading artists such as Jinusean, 1TYM, SE7EN, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi, iKON, WINNER, etc. YG Entertainment is a great company that also aimed for the world market through a joint venture with the top Japanese entertainment company called AVEX in 2011. YGE states that they have been able to train artists to lead the global market due to their new casting ability, structured training, and world-class in-house producing infrastructure. There are two ongoing auditions in YGE. YGE was looking for new actors and idol trainees. Both of the auditions ended in 2020. To be an idol trainee, you can apply for the audition once during a period of time. Anyone can apply to be an idol trainee in YGE with various ranges in age, gender, nationality, and skills. Those who pass the first round will be contacted individually. Here is more info about YG Entertainment’s auditions: YGE Audition

CUBE Entertainment Audition

Cube Entertainment is a well-known entertainment company in South Korea. It’s a company that is a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management, concert production company, and music publishing house all rolled into one. Hong Seung-sung, the former president of JYP Entertainment, founded Cube Entertainment in 2006. Universal Music Korea, CJ E&M Music and Live, and LOEN Entertainment distributed the label. Cube opened an online audition through their official website. There is also an open audition and private audition. You can apply for an audition through their email or Instagram direct message. The categories that you can apply for are vocalist, rapper, dancer, actor, and visual. There is no limitation on age, gender, and nationality. Cube will send you a notice if you are accepted and pass the audition. Here is more info about CUBE Entertainment’s auditions: CUBE Audition.

Starship Entertainment Audition

Starship Entertainment is a company with management that produces great artists such as MONSTA X, K.Will, Soyou, WJSN, Jung Sewoon, Cravity, etc. Starship Entertainment has taken a unique approach to present, discover, and develop young pop artists in the world of pop culture. Starship has opened an online audition. Overseas applicants can apply and possibly be accepted. Applicants can also re-apply to the existing audition but won’t be judged if they reapply with the same video and photograph. Successful candidates will be notified individually within 2-3 weeks. There is also a public audition, but it’s still undecided. However, those who are interested can apply through Starship’s official website. Here is more info on Starship Entertainment’s audition process: Starship Audition.

FNC Entertainment Audition

FNC Entertainment is a South Korean company that houses singers, actors, and entertainers such as SF9, N.Flying, CNBLUE, P1Harmony, Cherry Bullet, FT Island, AOA, etc. FNC Entertainment stated that the company will provide a wide variety of high-quality entertainment that cannot be produced without a skilled workforce and production system in producing musicians, management, films, dramas, OSTs, and performances, allowing beautiful music to be heard around the world. In May 2021, FNC Entertainment opened a public audition called Pick Up Stage. Pick Up Stage is a next-generation talent discovery audition project and is a program to foster new entertainers and discover new artists overseas and in Korea. Applicants must be male, want to become a band member, were born in or after 1997, and be interested in vocals, rap, or musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums, and piano). Aside from Pick Up Stage, FNC also opened an online audition for generals, producers, and actors. Check out more info about FNC Entertainment’s auditions here: FNC Audition.

Fantagio Entertainment Audition

Fantagio Entertainment is a South Korean company that was founded in September 2008 as NOA Entertainment. Fantagio has produced many great artists such as ASTRO, WEKIMEKI, Ong Seong-wu, and many more! Fantagio stated that they produce artist management, movies, dramas, record production, rookie development, and various quality content. Through trained staff and programs, Fantagio has produced and developed a large number of entertainers. If you are interested in joining Fantagio, here’s how to apply:

Available sections: Actor / Singer / Model / Broadcaster (MC) Can apply any time. Anyone who has talent can apply for the audition. No limitation for age and nationality. Apply through e-mail at [email protected] or postal to Fantagio bldg, 248, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06226, Korea, [To. Fantagio Audition Manager]

More info on Fantagio Entertainment auditions can be found here: Fantagio Audition.

Woollim Entertainment Audition

Woollim Entertainment is a South Korean company based on extensive experience in various fields. It’s home to great artists such as Infinite, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, Drippin, and more. Woollim Entertainment manages a variety of entertainment companies through scouting and nurturing new talent. Here’s how to apply for Woollim Entertainment’s audition:

Anyone can apply for the audition anytime, 365 days a year.  Woollim’s auditions accept singers and actors and can be submitted on the website or by mail (only those who pass the first round will join the second closed audition at the Woollim Training Center).

You can find more info on Woollim Entertainment’s audition process here: Woollim Audition or go to Woollim’s official website here.   That’s all the info about casting and auditioning for some Korean agencies! Have you ever tried to apply to any entertainment agency, or are you interested in becoming a K-pop idol? If you have potential, go try and apply for one of those agencies! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below and share~

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