Now, she is working on many projects, such as drama series and movies. She has appeared in a lot of famous dramas, such as My Golden Life, Hwarang, and many more. Lee Da-in is an actress known as a beauty but also a person who has a warm and cheerful personality with exceptional acting skills. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Lee Da-in’s full profile, fun facts about Lee Da-in, filmography, television dramas, movies, Lee Da-in’s plastic surgery, her latest news, and her Instagram updates.

Full Profile of Lee Da-in

Stage Name: Lee Da-in Real Name: Lee Ju-hee Place and Date of Birth: Seoul-South Korea, November 5th, 1992 Age: 27 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 164 cm Weight: 40 kg Blood Type: B Education: Hanyang University- Theater and Film Family: Im Young-gyu (Father), Kyeon Mi-ri (Mother), Lee Hong-heon (Step-Father) Siblings: Lee Yoo-bi (Older sister), Lee Ki-baek (Younger brother) Occupation: Actress Active: 2013 – now Specialty: Acting Agency: Content Y, 9- Ato Entertainment Instagram: @xx__dain Twitter: @imKimSooYeon

Fun Facts About Lee Da-in

She is the younger sister of actress Lee Yoo-bi. She has a lovely personality. Her real name Lee Ju-hee means “Shine like a pillar” (The STAR). The first impression of Da-in is a cold and chic person, but actually, she is a warm and bright person. Her favorite food is bread, rice-cake, and steam buns. She likes to cook Jjapaghetti (Jjampong Spaghetti). Lee Da-in’s favorite movies are of the superhero genre or anime, like Spiderman and Avengers. She can’t watch horror movies. She is a fan of singer Flume. She doesn’t like sport or exercise, but she likes doing Pilates. She wants to participate in the program We Got Married and to be an MC in a music program if she has the chance to do so. Lee Da-in’s ideal type is a guy who can give a lot of love to her and has a funny personality. Lee Da-in likes to accept love from other people. She used to date someone shortly after she debuted, but they have broken up. She wants to work with actor Park Seo-jun (Happy Together Ep. 528). She worked with actor Park Seo-jun in the K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Da-in’s motto is “Don’t regret it!” Lee Da-in fights with her sister often because of clothes. She is very close to her older sister.

Lee Da-in’s Filmography

This beautiful actress has been demonstrating her talent and exceptional acting skills in various drama series and movies. Check her list of dramas and movies below! Television Dramas   Movies

Plastic Surgery

It looks like Lee Da-in’s plastic surgery rumor is just a hoax. She looks the same from her childhood until now. Nothing has really changed in her appearance, except for her body proportions, which is normal as she used to be chubby as a child. Lee Da-in looks very cute with a chubby face and small stature while in her teenage years. Her body proportions became better when she grew up as an adult and her chubby face became slimmer and she looks so beautiful. Lee Da-in has a beautiful face because she was born with pure beauty. She was born from a beautiful mother and good-looking father. We cannot argue that she has been born to be a beauty. She also looks like she is the twin sister of her older sister Lee Yoo-bi who has the same face shape. It’s no surprise that she is called the “Goddess” Lee Da-in.

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