Then, how are the members of Big Star today? In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail one of the members of Big Star, namely the leader and rapper of the group, which is Feeldog. This member that was born in 1992 has the potential as an idol with very good talents. Feeldog has also participated as a contestant on several survival shows, such as Hit The Stage and The Unit, and had the opportunity to debut solo and re-debut in another group, UNB. Well, don’t miss out on the detailed information about Big Star’s Feeldog in the article below!

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Full Profile

Real Name: Oh Gwang-suk (Hangul: 오광석) Stage Name: Feeldog (Hangul: 필독) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, February 26th, 1992 Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs) Blood Type: O Position In The Group: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer Education:

Busan Design High School (Ceramic Art Design Department/Graduation) Seoul Comprehensive Arts Practical School (Practical Dance Department/Graduation)

Official Sites:

Instagram (@fxxldoggssy) Twitter (@feeldog_bpnn)

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Fun Facts

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Focus Fancam

On August 20th, 2018, UNB, which at that time had debuted to participate in The Idol Star Athletics Championship, were observed entering the venue to immediately make preparations and greet reporters and fans who were waiting for their arrival at the special idol sporting event. As the leader of UNB, Feeldog led the line of other members and smiled sweetly at the camera while bowing down several times to greet the people present there.

On February 11th, 2018, The Unit performed their final act for UNIT B and UNIT G who participated in the survival. In this focus fancam, fans can see the appearance of the idols who were contestants in the event performing the theme song “My Turn”. The Unit Guerilla Concert was held in the midst of the public and there were many people passing by who could watch this performance for free.

On March 16th, 2014, Big Star’s Feeldog attended a series of live events in Japan and looked very charismatic when delivering a performance of the song titled “Thinking of You” (Hangul: 생각나). At the beginning of the performance, Big Star’s Feeldog was seen doing a solo performance by dancing freestyle before finally gathering with the other members in the middle of the stage.

Big Star‘s Feeldog’s Visual

Big Star’s Feeldog has very handsome visuals and has entered the average visual standard of K-Pop idols. His monolid eyes when smiling can even form an eye smile that is very charming and looks sweet. Feeldog also looked really cute for a while because of his incredibly tiny face. If you look at the picture above, you can also see Feeldog’s smile which is very charming! Feeldog also has very radiant and white skin. Not infrequently he displays his skin and upright posture and also has abs and biceps that are always visible to just tease his fans. Feeldog’s body proportion is also very manly when viewed from his performance because he also has a position as a dancer. Besides being good at dancing and also having excellent rapping skills, Feeldog has also held an exhibition to show his works of art, namely paintings, pottery, and many more that he has produced. This exhibition was also used as a shooting location for one of the music videos he released titled “Feeling & Chillin”, which looks very aesthetic with colors that fill the corner of the room.

Big Star’s Feeldog’s YouTube Channel

Some K-Pop idol groups that are still active today have a lot of activities and are also active on social media to keep in touch with their fans. Through shared content, usually, this will attract fans and become entertainment in itself. One of the platforms that are also widely used by K-Pop idols to share their content is via the YouTube channel. Let’s see what kind of content Big Star’s Feeldog shares on his YouTube channel!

The content shared by Feeldog includes videos of him undergoing his daily life or in the middle of working. One of the videos he managed to upload shows the last time was when he was playing with Big Star’s Jvde and B.A.P’s Zelo. “Friends” (feat. B.A.P’s Zelo and Jvde) is a medium-tempo hip-hop song with acoustic sounds as the center. The track was expressed so that it was not artificial like a friend who can easily contact us at any time. “I’m busy living, but my friends are always around me. Even if you don’t call for a purpose, the voice I just wanted to hear is clumsy and itchy, but let’s talk, and thank you and say I love you.” There are also some other videos of the exhibition made by Big Star’s Feeldog and also live streaming that he does with fans. Beside that, Feeldog has also uploaded cover songs and many more. Go check out Feeldog’s YouTube channel right now!

Big Star’s Feeldog’s Solo Debut

On November 28th, 2019, Feeldog had the opportunity to release a song that he had produced. With the song titled “No Excuse”, Feeldog also released a music video via his YouTube channel. The song has lyrics written by Feeldog with the help of several people in his team, such as Qmin who arranged the song and also worked on additional instruments, recording and mixing, while this song was mastered by Kwon Namu. “No Excuse” contains a message that pinpoints those who try to pass on the results they have made as excuses, and communicates through actions rather than words.

The next song released by Feeldog is titled “Feelin & Chillin” (Prod. G-Point). The moment you take a break for the next in your busy life. This song tells about complete relaxation and that enjoying the moment can be the next step. It contains the artist’s opinion that everyone should feel the little happiness of everyday life that they miss due to their busy excuses and the one who enjoys that happiness. This song is in harmony with composer G-Point’s first breath. It is mainly composed of a refreshing electronic piano sound and synth sound, and a tight drum rhythm and 808 beat used to create an atmosphere full of energy.

Big Star’s Feeldog Dating SISTAR’s Bora

SISTAR is a girl group under Starship Entertainment and has indeed disbanded on May 31st, 2017, after 7 years together. But one of its former personnel, Yoon Bo-ra or better known by the stage name Sistar’s Bora, came with good news. On June 28th, 2017, local media reported that the last year Bora had a relationship with Feeldog, a member of BIG STAR. According to a source, the two got close after starring together in Mnet’s Hit The Stage, a television program that brings K-Pop idols together with professional dancers. The two of them will then compete with other teams on the dance floor. Might be you like to check: EX-SISTAR BORA DATING’S RELATIONSHIP: HER CURRENT BOYFRIEND AND EX-BOYFRIEND The source even said that Feeldog often drove Bora’s car, which shows that the two are comfortable interacting with each other. On May 9th, 2017, to coincide with the South Korean Presidential Election, Feeldog and Bora were also seen together. Even though they came separately to the polls, the two of them waited for each other. They were also seen going home together holding hands. After the news broke, Brave Entertainment, Feeldog’s agency, finally confirmed the truth of the article. “After asking Feeldog about this matter, it is true that the two of them are currently in a relationship,” the agency stated. However, Brave Entertainment denied that the relationship had been going on for the past year. “The relationship has only been running for six months, not a year as reported. They were close after appearing in Hit The Stage,” they added. A similar statement was also made by Hook Entertainment, which oversees Bora. The agency stated, “After confirming it with Bora, it is true that she is dating Feeldog.” Big Star’s Feeldog and Bora had a very good romantic relationship as a couple and often shared their moments together via uploads on Instagram. Feeldog also had time to be on a television show. In the program, the handsome idol talked about his girlfriend, Bora. In one segment, a member of Big Star revealed a romantic gift he gave to Bora. On February 19th, 2019, Feeldog was one of the guest stars of Video Star. In one segment, the handsome idol talked about his hobby of drawing. “I just had an exhibition and people bought my work,” he said. Feeldog also surprised everyone in the studio when he revealed that he is a romantic person. “Usually I draw or write letters to my girlfriend,” he said. Hearing this confession, one of the MCs of Video Star, Dara, also asked a question that touched on the question of Bora, the former member of SISTAR. As is well known, Bora and Feeldog were at the time having a love story. Dara asked if Feeldog did the same thing (give pictures and letters) for Bora. “Yes, I gave gifts of paintings or portraits that I drew myself. I drew while thinking about her (Bora),” he concluded. In addition to this event, Feeldog has also appeared as a guest star on the program Ranking 1,2,3 which aired on September 22nd, 2017. At that time, he was asked about the affectionate call he gave Bora on his cellphone. Feeldog shyly replied that he only wrote Noona. He calls Bora noona because Bora is 3 years older than Feeldog. Bora and Feeldog’s relationship was revealed in June 2017. At that time, the two agencies immediately confirmed that the couple who met through Mnet’s Hit The Stage program were indeed in a relationship. On May 10th, 2019, the media reported that the love affair between Bora and Feeldog had ended. Hook Entertainment as Bora’s agency confirmed that the former SISTAR member had indeed ended her relationship with Feeldog. “It’s true that they broke up,” said Hook Entertainment’s representative. Brave Entertainment as the agency Feeldog also stated, “It is true that Feeldog and Bora broke up. We heard the news a month ago.” The end of the relationship between Bora and Feeldog was also a concern and invited comments from netters. It seems that not a few netters didn’t even know that the two of them were involved in a dating relationship. “I didn’t know Bora had a boyfriend!” “It seems like a lot of people find out about their relationship through the news when they broke up. Hahaha. I’m not sure if this is a good right or a bad thing.” “I give them support because they don’t hide the relationship without any madness. There’s nothing wrong with young men and women breaking up.” “It’s so scary the lack of popularity. I didn’t even know they were dating.” “I was more shocked when I found out they’ve been together for two years but there’s no one. Who knows,” read various comments on social media.

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