BTS already had some movies such as Burn The Stage, Bring The Soul, and many more! This time, we will talking about Burn The Stage, since it was BTS’s first YouTube series which was also adapted into a movie! Burn The Stage has nine episodes, and each episode has a different story and various scenes from BTS’s daily activities, whether it was their rehearsals, their world tour, their comeback stage, or other activity! Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the phenomenal BTS and all you need to know about their series, Burn The Stage!

About ‘Burn The Stage’

As we mentioned, Burn The Stage is a documentary series from BTS. In Burn The Stage, we can take a look behind the scenes of the group’s Wings World Tour, as well. To watch the series, you can access it through YouTube. The first two episodes are available on Bangtan TV, meanwhile the rest of episodes were available on YouTube Red. During theWings World Tour, they were went to almost 20 different cities in a period of 300 days. For those of you who weren’t able to see them live, Burn The Stage gives you an opportunity to watch the concert. In addition to what went on behind the scenes during the tour, there are also some memorable moments for BTS, such as when they won at the Billboard Music Awards! Burn The Stage promised the viewers that the series would be an “intimate, personal portrayal” of BTS’s dedication towards each other, their music, and, mostly, their fans around the world, ARMYs! Do you want to know about each of the episodes from the Burn The Stage series? Here you go!

Ep 1: I’d Do It All

The first episode was titled “I’d Do It All“. It was released on March 28, 2018, with a 21-minute running time. Basically, the first episodes told us about the beginning of the Wings World Tour in 2017 and also introduced us to the ‘Burn The Stage’ series concept. You can watch their backstage and private moments without any filtering, which made ARMYs feel as though they were the group’s closest friend as! The first episode showed the preparations BTS made ahead the world tour, including their rehearsals, their off-screen moments, and more! One of the memorable moments from I’d Do It All might be the reminder that through their preparations for the tour, BTS showed the world that they could grow up into something huge, something phenomenal, and maybe even change the world!

Ep 2: You Already Have The Answer

Next, the second episode was titled “You Already Have The Answer“! It was released at the same time as “I’d Do It All“, on March 28, 2018. In this episode, BTS showed us the beginning of the tour, their Seoul concert, and you could see how happy they were that they finally ‘made it’. Following the Seoul concert, the group headed to South America, to Chile! All the members were full of anticipation before their performance in Chile, and at the same time, they were also falling in love with the area! Unfortunately, right before their concert in Chile, Jungkook started getting sick. It wasn’t that big a surprise, given that the BTS members have been involved in a lot of activities performing and preparing for their concert tour. Even though Jungkook was getting sick, he remained as professional as he could, and finished the performance perfectly! One of the memorable moments from this episode is the way the BTS members were taking care of each other, and how they managed to remain professional even though they might be not in a good condition, such as Jungkook’s case, here!

Ep 3: Just Give Me A Smile

Next is “Just Give Me A Smile“, the episode that was released on April 4, 2018! Still full of the euphoria from their performance in Chile, it seemed like BTS had a great time during their South America tour! Even though ARMYs might have worried about Jungkook’s health at the time, the group’s performance still went very well. Afterwards, they celebrated their performance with a little Chicken & Beer party together. It might be as private as it could be, since they were gathered together and reminiscing about the good old days when they were still trainees in Big Hit Entertainment, and also how they finally made it to debut as BTS. Through this episode, you could see the each BTS member as their authentic self, without any kind of hidden things or filtering.

Ep 4: It’s On You And I

We continue the series with “It’s On You And I“. As time passed, BTS almost finished their concert series in South America. To finish their performances, BTS members were discussing opinions from each member about the best way to provide ARMYs with something special and improve their performance during the end of the South American leg of the tour. The episode was released on April 11, 2018! During their conversations about opinion and advice, Jin and V had some disagreements, at the same time, they also needed to finish their performances, as well. We could see the tension between two of them, although they tried to downplay it and act as professionally as possible. In the end of the concert, all the BTS members were gathering together again and having a deep conversation, which also lead to Jin and V working out their differences. Through this episode, we could seen the brotherhood between the BTS members and how they managed to remain strong even though there were a lot of challenges during their activities!

Ep 5: I Can’t Stop

Episode 5 was “I Can’t Stop“! This episode covered the group’s activity for the month following their South American segment of the tour.. On their day off after the tour, the members were using their time to take a rest and recharge their body, both in physically and mentally. This episode was released on April 18, 2018! The episode shows viewers how they managed to retain their strong bond, whether as a huge artist during performances, or as ordinary human beings: Namjoon, Jimin, Jin, V, Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope. They also talked about their upcoming concerts and had some fun together before they started their next concerts! All the day-off moments from BTS were memorable, right? We could see another side of them which haven’t we seen before, as well as learn a little more about what it takes to become such a huge success.

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