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Top Restaurant Of A South Korean Celebrity

If you have watched the hit K-drama from Netflix, Itaewon Class, chances are you are already familiar with Hong Seok-cheon’s handful of appearances in the drama. In the drama, he is depicted as a restaurant owner in Itaewon, a popular street district in Korea. Well, there’s a reason for Hong Seok Cheon’s involvement in the drama, and that’s because he is indeed a real restaurant owner in Itaewon! Indeed, Hong Seok-cheon is a legendary figure among celebrity friends. Not only he’s the most openly gay celebrity in Korea, but he is also famous and successful as a celebrity chef. He has been in this industry for more than 12 years. My Thai Chi’s is the name of one of his famous restaurants. As the name suggests, here you can enjoy a variety of Thai cuisines in an authentic Thai atmosphere. My Thai Chi’s is only one of his famous restaurants and cafés. Aside from My Thai Chi’s, he has 7 other restaurants in Itaewon, all characterized by the prefix “My,” which include: My Hong, My Chi, My Thai China, My X, My Chelsea, My Noodle and My Suji. All throughout his restaurants, girls can be enjoying the eye-catching and handsome male waiters in his restaurants (which also in line with his preferences wink ). Aside from the good food and the vibe, his restaurants are also known for being celebrity couples’ safe haven, for celebrity couples like to date in secret at the exclusive rooftop area. Other than My Thai Chi, My Chi Chi’s is also a unique choice because they offer a variety of chicken dishes, cooked in Greek, Moroccan, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, and Mexican style. You will be spoiled by the menus! And who knows, you’ll probably have a chance to run into celebrity couples! Information:  

A Cozy Date For Celebrity Couples

It is a common secret that Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurants are a safe haven for celebrity couples and the celebrity chef was even proud of this characteristic of his restaurants. In June 2014, Hong Suk-cheon talked about his restaurants being the favorite of celebrity couples when they were on private dates when he was a guest on June 28th broadcast of KBS W’s The King of Ratings. In the show, Hong Suk-cheon even revealed some of the names of celebrity couples who visited his restaurants. He revealed, “Celebrity couples often have secret dates at the restaurants I own. For example, there’s the Ji-sung—Lee Bo-young couple, and the Tablo—Kang Hye-jung couple.” He went on, “Also, many celebrities come back [to my restaurant] after breaking up, with another boyfriend/girlfriend. Recently, a singer who has been gaining popularity visited with a date,” raising people’s curiosity. The hosts then asked Hong Seok-cheon on how he keeps the secret with all those celebrities couples coming in and out of his restaurant. Hong Suk-cheon then shared that he would be emptying out the entire floor to keep the privacy of his celebrity couples friends. He shared, “When a celebrity couple comes, I empty out the entire floor. Depending on their level, there are some adjustments that have to be made.” Sadly, those celebrity couples visit decreased in April 2015, when Hong Suk-cheon revealed that all those high-profile couples no longer frequently visit his restaurants. He talked about the declining popularity of his restaurant as the top celebrity couples on the episode of KBS2 TV’s Happy Together 3. He said, “My restaurants were known as top stars’ secret date locations, but more recently, they have stopped coming to one of my places.” He went out explained, “After talking about celebrities having private dates in my restaurant on various TV shows, stars suddenly stopped coming to my spot. The restaurant is located on top of an eight-story building, and no one was able to see it. However, there is a new building right next to our restaurant, and from there you can get a proper view of our place. Stars seem to be worried about reporters taking photos from the building next door, and are now hesitant to visit our restaurant,” This episode also aired NS Yoon-G and U-KISS‘ Eli’s visit to find out what the hype around his restaurant was all about. For all of you who’s curious about his restaurant, check out the spot in the video below!

After that, it seemed like his restaurant was back to be the hang out place of celebrity couples when in October 2016, Hong Seok-cheon talked again about Jung Kyung-hoo and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung’s visit to his restaurant. On October 25th, 2016, broadcast episode of the tbsFM radio show Ji Sang Ryul’s Bravo, Bravo, Hong Suk-cheon was asked again on the topic of his restaurant becomes a favorite date spot for many celebrities. He then admitted that this was true, even furtherly opened up that some time ago famous couple Jung Kyung-ho and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung visited his restaurant. He said, “On their fourth anniversary, Jung Kyung-ho and Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung came together and spent time [at my restaurant].” Aside from big names from the Korean entertainment industry, Hong Seok-cheon also revealed that there were even foreign celebrities visiting his restaurant, and he was quite close to them. He said “Foreign celebrities, like Eric Benet, have come to my restaurant as well. I became friends [with Eric Benet].” Ji Sang-ryul then responded, “But when foreign celebrities come, they’re not recognized by a lot of people. Last time, I went to a night club with Usher. Some people came up to me and asked, ‘Who’s this dude?’ and didn’t recognize who Usher was.”

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