About The Show I Live Alone

I Live Alone is one of the “Reality-Variety” shows on Korean television. The program is unscripted, using documentary techniques with variety show elements. The concept of the event itself is considered close to many South Koreans who choose to live alone. Not only are the participant’s artists, but other guests on the show also come from various parts of public life, and are comedians, comic artists, athletes, and even veteran actors. The show isn’t just about artists who live in their own homes or apartments, this program also features public figures who still live in offices, or even live in hotels. The show has its own icon, named Wilson, a white teddy bear who is always at the guest’s residence on the show. Wilson has even been brought to Los Angeles to meet the Korean actor who is now working in Hollywood, Daniel Hanney.

Hyorin and Her Lovely Cats

Hyorin frequently showed her love for cats in the latest episode of “I Live Alone.” In the program that aired Friday (1/23/2019), the singer of “I Swear” seemed to enjoy her life with all her cats, who were very funny. Hyorin apparently has her own story of how she has so many cats in her house. The 24-year-old singer is also outspoken about the fact that she really loves all animals, not just cats. “I really like animals. Not only cats, I also really want to keep dogs,” Hyorin said. “Many say that if we keep cats, we will not be lonely. After thinking about that, I ended up raising one cat. After I raised a cat, he looked very lonely and that made me sad,” Hyorin added. “So I keep one more cat so he has a playmate if I’m not home. I have not thought about raising 3 cats in the near future. But I don’t know what will happen in the future,” concluded Hyorin. “I’m afraid that one day I will raise 4 to 5 cats.“

On the January 23, 2019 airing of I Live Alone, Hyorin revealed that she is currently trying to enjoy her life living alone for the first time. The female idol also showed her love for her three cats, along with her house filled with cat products. In the episode, Hyorin revealed her unconditional love for her cats and showed that she has a sudden increase in aegyo when it comes to her pets. She said, “I spent four years in dorms and lived alone for a little less than a year now. For me, I like being around people or friends so I didn’t have much time alone. I decided that I wanted to spend my time alone for a bit.” Hyorin also added, “I really like animals. So whether it was a cat or a dog, I wanted to raise one. People around me told me that cats don’t really get lonely so after putting much thought into it, I decided to get a cat. Once I got a cat, it looked really lonely, and I was getting uncomfortable so I brought another cat since they can rely on each other when I’m not home. I didn’t think that I would be raising three cats, but I don’t know what would happen in the future. I’m kind of scared that I might have four to five cats in the future.”  The female idol was also seen enjoying a mother-daughter date on the show, shopping around for matching workout clothes.  

Netizen Reactions About The Show

This April, I Live Alone was chosen as the second most popular variety show after Infinity Challenge, which has continued for 10 years in Korea. The netizens who watch this program have said they can see the reality of life about living abroad is very difficult and but also happy. You also do not need to be ashamed if you have to eat alone, because many artists eat in public places alone. In addition, from this show you can learn independently because many of the girls in Korea, for example, are moving house or changing their own light bulbs.   That’s all you need to know about Hyorin’s life in I Live Alone. If you want to know more about her, just stay tuned, we will be giving you all the information you need. And if you wondering about all your favorite K-pop stars and want to know about them, keep reading Channel-Korea, and we will give you all the information about your idols. So, thank you for today, and don’t forget to give your comments below, because we love to read about what you’re thinking.

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