One TV network noticed the trend, and developed a variety show about single Korean celebrities. I Live Alone told stories about single Korean celebrities, their daily activities, and their normal off-screen personas. These celebrities are funny and entertaining in their normal life. I Live Alone is very entertaining and eye-opening, proving that even celebrities are also normal people. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the I Live Alone cast, favorite episodes, controversy, and more. So stay tuned!

About I Live Alone

I Live Alone is a Korean semi-documentary variety show about the daily life of single Korean celebrities. The program was distributed by MBC. It was aired every Friday at 11:00 p.m. KST. Groups of single celebrities watch and comment on the daily footages of one of their members. Their group was called the Rainbow Club. Cameras were installed in their homes and recorded their daily activities. The camera director also records members in their workplaces while they are doing their job. I Live Alone was inspired by the increasing number of single Koreans. According to the show, the numbers of single people in Korea has almost reached 5 million people. The purpose for this show is to show their viewers that celebrities are also human beings. They are enjoying their single life and focus only on their job. In their leisure time, celebrities also do laundry, cook their lunch, and meet friends. This program has been praised for the apparent genuine portrayal of single celebrity’s lifestyles. Members of the panel were usually surprised by unexpected sides of their friends’ daily lives. The program was funny and entertaining because the panelists always made fun of each other. A pilot program was aired during the Lunar New Year Holiday. The initial title for the program was Men Living Alone. The program received good reviews and was developed to make a complete variety show. At the time, there was a strong possibility that female cast members would take part, therefore, the title was changed to I Live Alone.

Current Cast and Temporary Panelist Member

Currently, in January 2020, there are eight cast members and panelist members. They are: Kian 84, Park Na-rae, Han Hye-jin, Lee Si-yeon, Henry, Sang Hoon, and Hwasa. In each episode, a leader was selected and he or she could direct the whole episode. Each of the members has their own specific character. Kian 84 is a cartoonist, and he has a sloppy and disorganized character. Han Hye-jin is a fashion model, and she has low confidence and a weak body. Park Na-rae is a comedian, and she loves to drink and cook in her house. She is the current leader of I Live Alone.

Favorite Guest

One of the favorite guests on I Live Alone was probably Big Bang’s Taeyang. Contrary to the tough and masculine look during Big Bang concerts, he showed his true self. On the episode, during his leisure time at home, he usually wore old-fashioned pajamas. In the program, he also showed that he has a good cooking skill. He invited his junior members to try his cooking.

Special Episodes

I Live Alone held a sports festival in May 2019. Production staff invited Jannabi, Kim Yeon Koung, and Yunho to appear in the event. They also invited Hyeri, Park Joon-hyung, and Lee Yeon-hee. However, Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyeon-mu was absent due to their recent breakup.


On the Three Idiots special episodes, Henry, Kian 84, and Lee Si-yeon traveled to Ulleung Island, Korea, to spend a night camping outdoors. During the program, they talked about Ulleung Island. From their conversation, they thought that Ulleung Island was an uninhabited island and that the island was very small. Due to their conversation, Koreans criticized them for their lack of knowledge or information regarding Ulleung Island. Koreans thought that Lee Si-yeon, Henry, and Kian 84 should know the information beforehand. For information, Ulleung Island is the ninth-biggest island in Korea and its population is close to 10.000 people. Henry was criticized for always bothering and disrespecting Kian 84, who is much older than him. Viewers also noticed that Lee Si-yeon vented his anger at Kian 84, even though Henry was the person that made a mistake. On March 2nd, 2018, Jun Hyeon-mu and Han Hye-jin announced their romantic relationship on the set of I Live Alone. However, less than nine months later, viewers noticed that Jun Hyeon-mu and Han Hye-jin started acting awkwardly in front of each other and they didn’t look at each other’s eyes when they talked. On December 10, 2018, one online news media announced Jun Jyeon-mu and Han Hye-jin’s breakup story. However, two hours later, another online media announced that there was no breakup between the couple. In March 2019, Jun Hyeon-mu and Han Hye-jin announced their temporary break from I Live Alone after the news of their breakup surfaced on internet. Neither of them made a statement about the exact time or date of their future comeback. I Live Alone held a sporting event to celebrate the airing of its 300th episode. Among the guests, the production staff invited Choi Jung-hoon. However, due to controversy and scandal involving his father and his privileged background, Choi Jung-hoon’s appearance was edited out as much as possible.

Random Facts

All the members of I Live Alone have different family names, Jun (Hyeong-mu), Hang (Hye-jin), Kim (Kian84), Park (Na-rae), Lee (Si-yeon), Lau (Henry), An (Hwasa), and Bang (Sunghoon). Since July 2018, each member promoted themselves to be the club president or main host. At first, it was decided that the president and main host positions would be rotated among the cast members, but in the end, Jun Hyeon-mu was selected as the full time host.

Award Achievements


Latest News

Kian 84 appeared in the January 2020 edition of the Korean magazine Dazed. In the magazine, he flaunted his slimmer and muscular figure in the pictorial section. On I Live Alone, he said that he exercised very hard to reduce his weight and gain muscle for the magazine. In January 2020, Kian 84 appeared during the filming of the show. In his segment, he showed that he recently moved his office into a new building. He proudly showed his company’s advertising board. The entire cast praised and congratulated him for moving his office into a new building. Let’s wish that I Live Alone continues to surprise and entertain viewers with each member’s unique style. That was all the information about the I Love Alone cast, favorite episodes, and controversy. If you have a comment, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment section below.

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