So, are you curious to get to know him better and get personal with him? If so, scroll down the article below to find out all the details!  

Full Profile of IMFACT’s Sang

Stage Name: Sang (상) Birth Name: Lee Sang (이상) Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual Date of Birth: October 17th, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Blood Type: B Instagram: Youtube: 무적이상 Lee Sang  

Fun Facts about IMFACT’s Sang

His hobbies are practicing and listening to music He is quite good at playing guitar musical instruments He can speak Japanese and English He has appeared as a cameo in the JTBC’s drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in Episode 14 He acted in the 2018 OCN drama Longin Heart He starred in the 2018 drama My First Love and the vocal line also sang an OST for the same drama The CEO of Star Empire is friends with Sang’s father and has known Sang since he was three years old He officially started being a trainee in the third year of middle school He wanted to become a paleontologist His favorite singer is Justin Bieber He is close to 9MUSES former member Hyunah He is very concerned about his shoes and if there is a slight stain, he will clean it right away He’s not very good at doing aegyo Out of all the other IMFACT members, he is the only member who did not participate in the KBS2’s survival program The Unit

Things You Should Know About IMFACT’s Sang

Well, here’s the thing that you need to know about Sang. He is good at languages! Yes, on top of speaking Korean (which is his mother tongue), he can speak Japanese and English fluently! He’s even good at singing in English, like that time he did a cover song of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” His pronunciation is very good and he’s not awkward at all when singing it.

And as if speaking two languages is not charming enough, he proves to us that he can even be more charming and talented when it was revealed that he can play guitar! Oh my, imagine listening to Lee Sang’s melodious voice along with the strumming of the soft guitar that he plays. What a picture.

And as if that’s not enough, he has acted too, in numerous dramas. And let’s be honest, he’s good at it. But when he’s not on his serious moments or his charming stage persona, he can be very dorky off-stage as he’s not afraid to show us his 4D self. Seriously, what can’t this guy do?

If you’re looking for even more reasons to be smitten by this guy, perhaps you can take a look at the video below, to see that there are still so many more reasons to fall in love with him. Check out the video below and find the reasons you need!


IMFACT’s Sang’s Appearances In K-Dramas

As we said before, on top of his idol and singing gigs, Lee Sang has also acted in numerous dramas. He began his acting career when he made an appearance as a cameo in the JTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in Episode 14. Although his appearance is short, he is still the scene-stealer of that episode. He played the role of a handsome security guard who works in the lobby of the gaming company owned by Ahn Min-hyuk (played by Park Hyung-sik). Even though his role is small, his expression is still on point!

He then continued to practice his acting skills in the 2018 OCN drama Longin Heart where he played the role of Ki Wan, a supporting role. And then he continued to act in the 2018 drama My First Love and even sang an OST for the same drama with the other IMFACT members.

In 2018, people finally caught more glimpses of Lee Sang’s acting in the MBC Everyone’s four-part drama Sagaji House. In the drama, he played the part of Han-seung, a handsome young chef. He acted along with Lady’s Code’s Zuny who played the role of the leading lady, Na-yoon. Apparently, Na-yoon is Han-seung’s employee in which he has deep well regard of. Aside from Zuny, FT Island’s Lee Jae-jin also took part in the drama. Sagaji House is a drama about modern people who are used to living alone. They come together under one roof and realize the true meaning of love. The drama was pre-recorded and was released as a mobile drama on BSP channels and worldwide on MBC Everyone. Check out the glimpses of Lee Sang’s appearance below!


IMFACT’s Sang’s YouTube Channel

Same as fellow member Taeho, Sang also has a knack for content creating. He manages his own YouTube channel where he mostly releases his songs along with their music videos. The channel was launched on September 18th, 2019, with the upload of his song titled “Please Don’t.” The song is a tribute to people who have been hurt by relationships, showed by its lyrics that say: “Don’t have to love something that doesn’t feel like you’re sick, laughter for no reason. Don’t make it, even if your heart asks for more love, I love you a lot more than others. Let go of me now. I told you that I love you a lot. All of the painful hearts are the same. If you don’t know all of my heart, I just hurt myself All the painful hearts are the same, don’t only hurt me anymore, love leaves and breakup hurts, it’s all like that. Even the painful memories I loved you and I was so happy. I’ll let you go now.”

It’s a bitter song as much as a liberating song. The song and video generally received a warm response as it has been watched more than 4000 times. People also left comments about Lee Sang’s voice and song, such as: “I’m crying, you have a beautiful voice … I love you, please never stop your purposes and stay in good health.” “I love it so much 💕 please don’t stop making music,” “This song is perfect to feel you next to me when I feel lonely or I go to sleep. It goes directly to my heart. It’s all about warm emotions. Thank you.” “Love this song so much, your voice is so sweet, Sang. I love your singing style 💓💓” “Your voice is so beautiful and relaxing, it makes me happy that you created a channel to upload songs. I love you too much my little boy.” … and other warm welcomes. In total, he has released seven videos since his first video and all of his videos are his self-released songs. In 2020, he has been quite active in maintaining his channel seeing that he has released three songs already.

All of his songs are really good to accompany your sleeping. You will feel like you’ve been hugged by Sang’s voice. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out his other videos!  

Focus Fan-cam

As the visual of the group, it is no wonder that his fan-cams are easy to find. It seems like not only the fans are smitten by his visual, but they are also attracted by his every move, especially when he moves on stage.

Seriously, his fan-cam is really captivating! Check out the video below to see it by yourself!


Father Said

As we have said before, Lee Sang is quite diligent in maintaining the consistency of his YouTube channel since his first video back in September 2019. In 2020 alone, he has released a total of three songs and music videos on his YouTube channel, all of it with quite warm and well-received responses. In April 2020, Lee Sang released a new song titled “Father Said.” It has been said in the title that this song is Sang’s own song and work. As it was said in the description, this song contains the story of the world going around and a little breeze. The lyrics are beautifully written as it is written from the son’s perspective regarding his dad’s advice about girls. The lyrics go like this: “Dad told me to be careful with girls, but where is that really easy The world goes so fast that the fashion is faster Still, I think I was happy When I saw the news, there were so many things in the world that I still don’t know about. It would be great if everyone could be really happy. Say thank you. Tell the person next to me that you love me. If everyone can be happy right now, it would be made a better world. My friend told me today that it’s too hard, but everyone will do it. It’s not easy. The world flows so fast, the relationship is so fast. I think the news tells me who died today. There are so many ridiculous and difficult things in the world these days. It would be great if everyone was really happy. Say thank you. Tell the person next to you that you love me. If everyone next to you can be happy, it would be better. It would be made into the world, but when I see the news, there are so many things I don’t know about in the world yet, it would be so good if everyone could be really happy, say thank you Tell the person next to you that you love me Now if everyone by your side can be happy if everyone can be happy It will be made into a better world official site.”

What a beautiful and serene song! We also love how the artwork captured all the beautiful aspects of this song. This song is one of the things that remind us that this year is still beautiful.   So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the stunning visual and lead vocalist of IMFACT—Lee Sang! What do you think about him? Have you fallen in love with him already, just like we have? If so, show your love and support in the comment box below!

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