The Tale of Nokdu is one of the K-Dramas that has a lot of viewers and won a fairly high rating because the casts who were present were young, and also the plot of the story is unique because it has the genre of saeguk and romantic comedy. As for the lead roles from The Tale of Nokdu, Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon have chemistry and attract the attention of many people to watch this K-Drama. Let’s see complete information about Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon with their acting and chemistry in The Tale of Nokdu in the article below!

Jang Dong-yoon and Kim So-hyun’s Romantic Moments in ‘The Tale of Nokdu’

The Tale of Nokdu (Hangul: 조선 로코 – 녹두전) is a historical and romance comedy K-Drama directed by Kim Dong-hwi and written by Baek So-yeon and Lim Ye-jin. This drama is based on a story from Joseon Love Story: The Tale of Nokdu by Hye-jin Jang. The Tale of Nokdu has a total of 32 episodes with airtime that aired on KBS2 since September 30 until November 25, 2019. No wonder from the many episodes, The Tale of Nokdu made it into the top 10 most talked about K-Dramas among the 104 primetime dramas aired during 2019 and an average rating of 6-8%. The story of Nokdu’s life (played by Jang Dong-yoon) begins when there is a hit man who wants to kill him and his father and brother. Nokdu wanted to know why their family wanted to be killed until he decided to follow the killer and came to a village inhabited only by women, the majority of whom were widows who had escaped from their in-laws’ homes. Nokdu then discovered the idea of ​​disguising himself as a woman and entered the widows’ village in a smooth and safe manner. Nokdu was well received in the village disguised as Lady Kim and finally met a girl who was in training to become a Gisaeng. The girl named Dongju (played by Kim Sohyun). As the story goes by, Nokdu fell in love with Dongju. Jeon Nokdu and Dongju finally kissed for the first time aired on October 15, 2019. They did the kiss after Nokdu confessed his love for Dongju. However, Cha Yool-moo (played by Kang Tae-oh) caught them while kissing. He looked very angry because he finally found out that Nokdu was a man, not a woman. After the kiss scene, a drama producer gave a little leak for the next episode. The producer revealed that the drama’s plot would be even more exciting and tense. Because Yool-moo finally considers Nokdu as his rival in getting Dong Ju’s love. So they will be involved in an increasingly complicated love triangle. “The unpredictable love triangle between Nokdu and Dongju, who already like each other, and Yool-moo have just begun. (There will be a change) which increases the tension and feeling of palpitations caused by their romance,” explained the producer. Not only did the kiss scene once, Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon performed these romantic scenes in several scenes for the filming of The Tale of Nokdu. The kissing scene that is most remembered by the audience is the kissing scene under the pouring rain. It turned out that the shooting process was filled with jokes and laughter. Hilariously again, Jang Dong-yoon who looked nervous apparently had made a mistake which made him kiss Kim Sohyun’s lips too quickly. Even though the beautiful actress hasn’t finished her dialogue. “It’s okay. I like you,” said Kim Sohyun who was immediately greeted by Jang Dong-yoon with a kiss. “Wait, there is still another dialogue,” Kim Sohyun said. “Ah sorry,” Jang Dong-yoon shouted awkwardly. Kim Sohyun then repeated the dialogue and was kissed by Jang Dong-yoon. But in the middle of the kiss, Jang Dong-yoon suddenly let go. “Ah! How should I do this? I will try better (moving my lips). I think I know what you mean,” said Jang Dong-yoon who made Kim Sohyun laugh. Jang Dong-yoon’s innocent behavior also makes the staff of The Tale of Nokdu unable to tempt him. “I think Nokdu did this on purpose (making repeated shoots),” the staff said. “No no no,” replied Jang Dong-yoon. Beside that, there is also a behind the scene process from the Nokdu and Dongju bed scenes. Exactly during the scene where Dongju hugged from behind Nokdu.

Hilariously during practice shooting the scene, Kim Sohyun seemed to indicate if he was addicted to wanting to kiss again. Even though at that time the scene that he had to play was hugging from behind Jang Dong-yoon. “This time I held it and kissed it,” said Kim Soo Hyun while practicing the scene and laughing because he began to realize if he was wrong to say. “You must have been waiting for the kiss scene right?” said Jang Dong-yoon. “No,” Kim Sohyun replied with a laugh. Jang Dong-yoon then continued to tease Kim Sohyun and could only return a shameful laugh at the beautiful actress. The two main cast of The Tale of Nokdu continued the practice of shooting the scene. Interestingly, even though it was just practice, Jang Dong-yoon really kissed Kim Sohyun’s hand according to the scene. Kim Sohyun himself seemed very relaxed with the intimate behavior of her co-star even though she was not shooting a scene. After kissing under the rain and expressing each other’s feelings, the two main characters of The Tale of Nokdu slept together in the room. Dongju then woke up and realized that she was being hugged from behind by Nokdu.   Dongju silently touched Nokdu’s face which made the handsome boy wake up. Instead, it was Nokdu’s turn to flood Dongju’s face with a kiss. She quietly touched Nokdu’s face, which made the handsome boy wake up. Carried by the atmosphere, Nokdu and Dongju then kissed quite intensely. Hilariously, their kiss scene immediately released when Aengdoo (played by Park Da-yeon) who suddenly entered the room. Another kiss scene from Kim Sohyun and Jang Dong-yoon was during the episode where Nokdu seemed to be struggling to protect his biological mother with the help of a group of widows. Dongju also helped the man he loved in battle. Upon seeing Dongju, Nokdu naturally felt worried and immediately dragged the beautiful woman to hide. Nokdu asked Dongju not to go to battle because he was worried about her safety.   Before leaving, Jang Dong-yoon didn’t forget to kiss Dongju’s lips. The sweet scene amidst the tense groove The Tale of Nokdu was of course successful in making the audience going crazy about this drama.

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