In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with Lee Seung-gi’s hilarious appearances in Master In The House that will make you burst into laughter. So, stay tuned!

Lee Seung-gi Singing A Trot Song With Other Cast Members 

In the episode of Master In The House that was aired on February 23rd, 2020, Lee Seung-gi and the other cast members visited famous Korean trot singers Park Hyun-bin and Hong Jin-young. They wanted to know and learn about trot music and they also tried to sing trot songs in front of the experts. When they were at Hong Jin-young’s house, the members bet to see who can get the highest and lowest scores when singing trot songs on the karaoke machine owned by Hong Jin-young. Hong Jin-young said that if a member loses, then they must eat Hong Jin-young’s healthy herbs. Hong Jin-young said that the potion can help him stay healthy while appearing at various events. The first member to try out his abilities was Shin Sung-rok. He said that he was one of the actors experienced in musical dramas, especially when singing Park Hong-bin’s song titled “Trust Oppa” in front of the original singer. Park Hong-bin as the original singer was shocked when he heard Shin Sung-rok singing and said that Shin Sung-rok did very well. The next member that tried to challenge himself was Lee Seung-gi. Lee Seung-gi tried to present Shim Soo-bong’s song titled “I Only Know Love.” When performing the song, all who witnessed Lee Seung-gi’s performance became emotionally touched by the song. When it was Yook Sung-jae’s turn, Yang Se-hyung said: “Jang Yoon-jung gave Yook Sung-jae the trot stage name of Bullfrog,” and Lee Seung-gi explained, “It’s because the moment he decides to enter the trot world, everyone there should be on alert.” Yook Sung-jae took on Na Hoon-ah’s “Why are you crying?” And surprised everyone with his performance, leading Park Hyun Bin to say, “I get why Jang Yoon Jung called you a bullfrog.” (Quoted From Soompi) The last members to make a performance were Lee Sang-yoon and Yang Se-hyung. Lee Sang-yoon performed Kim Heung-gook’s song “Bumblebee,” while Yang Se-hyung performed Jo Seung-gu’s song “Flower Breeze Woman.” In the final results, the highest point was obtained by the youngest member Yook Sung-jae with 100 points which means perfect, then followed by Lee Sang-yoon with 98 points who finished second, Shin Sung-rok who finished third with 95 points, Lee Seung-gi finished fourth by getting 91 points, Park Hyun-bin gained 83 as fifth, and the last position was obtained by Yang Se-hyung with 81 points. Let’s see their performances of trot songs in front of the trot singers!

Lee Seung-gi Nominated As Yook Sung-jae’s Brother-In-Law

In the episode of the show that was aired on January 12th, 2020, the members played a variety of interesting games. Because Master for this episode was a Korean national cheerleading team, the members also performed various cheerleading-style moves. In one scene, Sungjae had to choose two members who would catch him when he dropped down from the mat. The BTOB member then chose Lee Seung-gi and Lee Sang-yoon as the two people he trusted to catch him when he fell behind. But right when Sungjae was about to fall down, Yang Se-hyung asked a question that was quite confusing. “If you have to arrange (meeting) one (from Lee Seung-gi and Lee Sang-yoon) with your sister, who (will you choose) between them?” Yang Se-hyung asked. Hearing this question, Sungjae’s face immediately looked confused. “Between Seung-gi and Sang-yoon hyung?” asked Yook Sung-jae. Lee Seung-gi didn’t want to be left behind and responded enthusiastically. “This is important. This kind of thing is really like trust,” said Lee Seung-gi. “If you have to choose only one person from Seung-gi and Sang-yoon to have an arranged marriage with your sister, who would it be?” Yang Se-hyung asked again. “Wait a minute,” Sungjae answered. “I think my strength (when catching you) will depend on the answer to this question,” joked Lee Seung-gi. After thinking for a while, Sungjae finally agreed to shout out his choice when he fell into the hands of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Sang-yoon. He finally shouted out Lee Seung-gi’s name as he fell backward. But soon after, Sungjae preferred Lee Sang-yoon. “Seung-gi hyung!” Sungjae shouted. “I’m sorry! I chose Sang-yoon hyung!” he stressed later. For a few moments, Lee Seung-gi was very happy because his name was shouted. But he felt disbelief when he realized that he had been played by Sungjae and showed a sour expression. On the other hand, Lee Sang-yoon seemed to laugh with delight.

Lee Seung-gi Teamed Up As A Cheerleader

Starting with the members running across the basketball court wearing their cheerleading uniforms, they looked nervous when the music started, but they prepared for the day of their cheerleading team’s performance at a basketball game. During preparations for the performance, Shin Sung-rok was stunned by their duties, but the atmosphere suddenly turned into comedy when the hula hoop landed between Yang Se-hyung’s feet. They happily danced synchronously, took outrageous actions, and prepared what would surely be a spectacular event.

Lee Seung-gi Welcomed Shin Sung-rok As A New Cast Member

The variety show Master In The House, or commonly called Jipsabu, officially announced its newest member, Shin Sung-rok. The arrival of the new member was announced by Lee Seung-gi during the victory speech Master in The House at the 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards, the program succeeded in bringing home the award trophy for the Best Teamwork category. “We have won the Best Teamwork award and we are very grateful. Frankly, there is good news, next year new team members will join us. Please look forward to knowing who it is. We will greet viewers next year as Shin-Sang-Seung- Hyung-jae.” On January 12th, 2020, SBS’ Master in the House aired their episode which welcomed the arrival of the new member Shin Sung-rok. To make the audience curious, initially, the actor was only shown a silhouette. Then he danced the style of Michael Jackson which made Lee Seung-gi excited. After introducing himself, Shin Sung-rok entered the real variety world. He had to go through a series of unique welcome procedures by the members. The star of the drama The Last Empress wore a superhero costume instead of Lee Sang-yoon, eating lemon after spinning several times for Lee Seung-gi. After seeing his clothes, the other members praised Shin Sung-rok for preparing the show so well. As well as drinking bitter tea replacing Yook Sung-jae. Then Yang Se-hyung took out the mic and asked Shin Sung-rok to sing and dance to an upbeat song. Without thinking and fostering shame, Shin Sung-rok did all of these challenges so well that the four senior members were shocked. Shin Sung-rok also confidently said, “I’m a professional. I like it if [the program] focuses on me for a while,” which made Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Seung-gi, Yang Se-hyung, and Yook Sung-jae burst into laughter. Next, they met a national cheerleading trainer to train. That was all the information about Lee Seung-gi’s hilarious appearance in the SBS variety show Master In The House that we hope made you fall into laughter. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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