She made a debut on a TV drama when she appeared on the popular hit series It’s Okay, That’s Love. She gained popularity after making an appearance in the romantic college drama Cheese In The Trap. She gained her first leading role in the series Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju. Before gaining fame as actress, Lee Sung-kyung made a name as fashion runway model. She often appeared at prestigious fashion event, one of them being Seoul Fashion Week. Let’s take a lot at her most memorable appearance during Seoul Fashion Week. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Lee Sung-Kyung’s appearance at the Seoul Fashion Week. So stay tuned!


In 2011, during Seoul Fashion Week, Lee Sung-kyung was given a chance to show the designer Kim Dong-jun’s fashion line. She was the only woman from the entire group of models who appeared for the designer. For her first outfit, she walked confidently in brown overalls. On the inside, she wore a light striped shirt, and on the outside she wore a dark red cardigan. She looked like a modest, but fashionable farm girl on the fashion runway For her second outfit, she wore a striped shirt on the inside, shiny grey overalls as the second layer, and a light brown, loose jacket on the outside. She wore light makeup and her facial expression is limited. She looked like a school girl with braided hair. Her overall leg was flipped inside to show her striped socks, and she wore masculine sport shoes. For the second outfit, she looked like a modern farm girl who was ready to go to school.


Lee Sung-kyung looked dazzling in box-patterned one-piece with see-through sleeves. She completed the chic look with thick smoky eye makeup and cross earrings. Black leather shoes stood out and made her chic-looks perfect.


For the f/w 2014 Seoul Collection, Lee Sung-kyung apppeared as fashion model for the RE.D fashion line. She come out to the runway with overflowing confidence in her first outfit. She wore a black leather jacket and loose black leather mini skirt. The theme of the fashion line was free living and overflowing confidence. She looked sexy in her mini skirt that showed her long, smooth legs. Her look was fierce, yet playful as she greeted and played with other models as the passed each other. For the second appearance, she wore an oversized black winter jacket with a long ivory dress with long slit between the legs. Her white high-topped sneakers matched her long dress. Her outfit fit really with the theme of fashion line.


Lee Sung-kyung was the subject of attention at the 2015 Seoul Fashion Week for the summer collection. She appeared for several fashion lines, and showed different characters and different fashion styles. She looked feminine and girly in a cream pink suede one-piece. The upper part was creamy pink, and the lower part is creamy purple. She looked serious and full of confidence with the girly outfit. Her long ginger-colored hair completed her feminine looks For the second outfit, she looked like a stylish fashionista in long, white shirt and long purple fall-jacket. A yellow belt completed her feminine looks. Wearing loose, navy blue pants and a loose, long top, she looked stylish and relaxed in a leisure-themed outfit. The clothes looked perfect for travelling during a hot summer vacation. For RE.D collection, Lee Sung-kyung wore several stylish and sporty urban items. She looked sporty and feminine at the same time when wearing a black shirt and black mini skirt. She attracted the audience’s attention with her playful and confident aura. For the Miss Lee Collection, Lee Sung-kyung wore office-look fashion lines. She looked dazzling and stylish in a combination of matching blue blazer and long blue skirt. For the final fashion line’s collection, she wore several gala-dinner style satin dresses. She looked royal and classy in a white dress, and looked feminine and stylish in a pink open shoulder dress. She stood out from other female models with her baby-faced looks and proportional body.


For 2018 Seoul Fashion Week, Designer Ko Tae-yong had several clothing lines to show to the public. One of the models that he chose to wear his clothes was Lee Sung-kyung. For his 2018 collection he chose a Vibe theme for the Beyond Closet series. For the theme, he selected vibrant, light, and bright colors. Lee Sung-kyung wore short and tight black cycling pants, a zipped hood for her inner outfit, and checkered box patterned coat for the outside. Lee Sung-kyung’s hairstyle was simple and sporty, with her short bangs. Her sporty and stylish look was completed by wearing sleek, black short boots. That was all the information about Lee Sung-kyung’s appearance during Seoul Fashion Week. Don’t forget to share your opinion about her performance in the comment section below.

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