Not only in singing, but Park Yoo-chun also diversify his skill in acting. Despite his popularity, Park Yoo-chun has been recorded as second high profile in some trouble case he did, like sexually assaulting multiple women, drugs. Here’s below, get to know what scandal and controversies he had on this Channel-Korea! Stay tuned!

Fan meeting In Thailand

After he was given a 10-month prison sentence, as well as 1.4 million won (around $1,180) and got suspended for two years probation, Park Yoo-chun had to make a fan meeting in Thailand. He was proven guilty when purchasing 1.5 grams of Philopon and also injecting drugs on his body on several occasions. Park Yoo-chun did violation in the Narcotics Control Act and getting punishment for those prison sentences and later on doing probation for two years. If he failed on his probation period, he would do ten months period of prison. During his probation, he was reckless and did Fan-meeting in Thailand on December 25, specifically in Chaengwattana Hall, Bangkok. According to Koreaboo, the fan meeting was paid event, which was charged by THB 5000 (around $ 161.4) to the people who want to meet and hi-touch with him. Quoted from Allkpop, half of the revenue of fan meeting will be donated to the “Love Asia Project.” This action has been considered as pro and contra. The citizen valued this action as unnecessary and making bad of the K-pop image. Park Yoo-chun also got his contract diminished through this event, he was not under the Cjes Entertainment anymore.

Planning To Comeback In 2020

Recently, Park Yoo-chun has opened a new social media account, and the representative said that he does not return to the entertainment industry. From OSEN, it was said, “He’s not even thinking about returning right away. He’s still self-reflecting. For his social media accounts too, all he did was make them. Reports are wondering if he’s making a return, but I hope people won’t misunderstand.” He held a press conference to refuse all information. He said, “I came here with a desperate heart because if I’m found guilty of suspicion, even more, problematic than having to stop acting as the Park Yoochun Celebrity and retire, it’s the fact that my whole life is going to be unfair.”

Another Decision To Leave Entertainment Industry

After Park Yoo-chun got to be positive into drug usage, he then was reported for another lousy action, which is two consecutive raping women, a bar in Gangnam. This malicious actions made the label and also explained the situation through a letter; The star held a press conference during which he stated that he would retire from the entertainment industry, which the company’s statement reiterated. A member of the trio JYJ, the group, is reportedly expected to disband, according to the Herald. South Korean singer and actor Park Yoochun is under fire after reportedly testing positive for drug usage. Here’s the letter for his agency: This is C-Jes Entertainment. Our agency apologizes for raising concerns by continually being involved in upsetting news. The second charge made against Park Yoo-chun has no basis in truth. We plan to seek legal actions against the defamation. As for the first charge, the police investigation is underway, and we believe Park’s innocence will soon be made public. It is regretful to find news of this second suit through media reports when Park has yet to begin making testimonies for the first complaint against him. Park is going through a great psychological shock. This agency urges everyone to refrain from sensationalizing the news and to wait for the investigating institutions’ decision patiently. Park Yoo-chun will leave the entertainment industry if any of the accusations are found to be true. As C-Jes Entertainment said so, if Park Yoo-chun found guilty of this sexual abuse, he will leave the entertainment industry.

Selling Photobook For ₩90,000

On March 20, Park Yoo-chun was releasing a photo book, and conducting an autograph event. As he also uploaded the photobook in his own Instagram account. Based on an interview with OSEN, “Park Yoo-chun said that a photo book published on the social media post, he also confirmed that he would do an autograph event for people who want to buy a photo book. The title of his photobook was “SOMEDAY” which has description The sunflower, which symbolizes Park Yoochun, which means ‘waiting’ in the language of flowers. There are many kinds of ‘waiting’ in this world. ‘SOMEDAY’ when you wait for someone you love can be a joyful thing, and to someone else ‘SOMEDAY’ could be a heartbreaking longing. The word ‘waiting’ contains many different emotions and feelings at the same time.” This photobook made many people get several assuming interpretations, which is to translate the emotion of waiting in his unique style. The photobook has given a price of around 75 dollars with 160 pages. The event will be accepting 1000 people who want to get autograph, randomly chosen. Here is the photo book that sold on that event:

A post shared by pyc_official_ (@pyc_official_) on Mar 19, 2020 at 7:08pm PDT

Park Yoochun’s Appearance In Channel A’s ‘Rumor Has It’

On May 8, Park Yoo-chun was on a trailer on the “Rumor Has It” channel, this sending assumption that he would make some clarification on all the issues he was involved in. Drug controversies, sex abuse, lie on the press conference, and so many events that have made his name appear on list Hallyu starred. Some of his statement on the “Rumor Has It” is “That was an extreme decision. I could not say anything in such a situation.” after he replied on the question of the press conference that full of lie. He also expressed, “The biggest transformation since the incident happened is that I have my family, acquaintances, and fans by my side.” He also expressed his apologies and tears taken from Soompi, “Although I tried not to cry, I was exhausted. I’m sorry.

Citizen Attacked Park Yoochun After Appeared On Live Streaming With ‘Ugly’ Expression

On March 8, Park Yoo-chun has given sudden appearance into his brother channel on Sunday night. His brother, Park Yoo Hwan. He has a live stream on Twitch TV, which made regular broadcast online, he was always mentioning his brother’s name and getting more audiences. Park Yoochun played a music song that used to promote by Park Yoo-chun in Japan. He got along and sang the melody while doing the broadcast. People got angry and criticized his appearance during his probation time. Some comments was harsh about his action going public on the live broadcast, For instance: “Wow…what mentality,” “Wow, how has he become this way after being such a popular member in TVXQ back in the days,” “Please don’t reappear on TV‘. On the broadcast, he expressed to his fans that he had hard times, but he will try to tackle and come back. He promised to work hard and give back what he already received for all his fans. That’s all about Park Yoo-chun’s career after his many controversies in the past. Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thought below!

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