This article contains detailed information about SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s brother and their moments together. For you who want to know more about SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s brother, let’s find out more about SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s brother in this article below!

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s Brother Is Jeon Bo-hyuk

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo has one brother named Jeon Wonwoo. He was born 2 years younger than him. Jeon Bo-hyuk’s occupation is a former fashion model and used to work in the entertainment industry, although not following in the footsteps of SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo as an idol. Some pictures of Jeon Bo-hyuk have spread around the internet and fans said these siblings look alike. If you look at the pictures of Jeon Bo-hyuk, he’s really similar to his brother, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo. Their age differences also do not make the two differences too significant. As a brother who doesn’t work as an idol, he becomes an ordinary student who also has many friends at school. Some pictures that have been uploaded showing Jeon Bo-hyuk when he went to school made people think that he looks like SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo during predebut. Jeon Bo-hyuk attended Hanlim Multi Art School, where the graduates who had studied there were mostly popular idols. However, Jeon Bo-hyuk has other aspirations and he works as a model.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s Brother Work As A Model

Jeon Bo-hyuk’s identity is not widely publicized because it is included as privacy in SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s personal life. He used to work as a model, but there is nothing to be found about Jeon Bo-hyuk’s background and occupation. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s brother who once worked as a model may have many benefits from his family’s genes. His older brother who is now succeeded at being a K-Pop idol, can also be following his path as a model.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s Memories With Jeon Bo-hyuk

In an interview with the media, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo once talked about his family. He once said that his brother is taller than him and he’s prepared to be a model after he graduated from school. As a brother, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo supports his younger brother’s career and hopes that what he already has can be the main thing for him to continue to achieve his dream as a professional model in the future. Well, that was all for the information about SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo’s brother and let’s hope his brother also has a promising career in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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