Well, some Korean celebrities don’t like to share their private life with public. But some of them let the media knows about their relationships, even though they may not post or share too much about it, just like some non-Korean celebrities. Some of the celebrities whose relationships are publicly known date fellow celebrities. Often, they date people who were their co-stars in movies or dramas. Not only do they date, some of those couples go on to tie the knot and have a happy and wonderful married life. After being married for a whle, they are blessed with beautiful babies. Now, this is what we call Korean drama turned into real life! Who are the Korean celebrity couples, and what does their married life look like? Will their kids resemble their father or mother? Let’s read the full article to find out more about it.

Rain & Kim Tae-hee

The first time Rain and Kim Tae-hee’s relationship became known to public was in 2013, when Rain was in the military service and Kim Tae-hee was caught on camera going to visit him. Actually, the pair had been seeing each other for years before their relationship was reported by media. Rain and Kim Tae-hee met when they were both shooting for a commercial in 2011. Rain’s manager said that Rain and Kim Tae-hee were so shy when they first met that It was more like a blind date than a shooting project. Rain was coming to the set even when it was not his time to be there. A few weeks after the project, Rain was set to join the military. But he still found the time to meet Kim Tae-hee before it was time for him to enlist. In 2013, before Rain was supposed to be discharged, Kim Tae-hee visited him and it was caught on camera, creating news headlines that proclaimed the couple was dating. Rain even got punished over it. He finished his enlistment and was discharged in July 2013. After he was discharged, the two of them could finally see each other openly. They deepened their romantic relationship with years of dating. In the end, after a lot of struggles and obstacles, Rain and Kim Tae-hee decided to tie the knot in 2017. They held a private wedding, only inviting some of their friends and family. A few months after their wedding, Kim Tae-hee announced her pregnancy by showing off her baby bump to the public. On October 25, 2017, the couple welcomed their first baby girl to the world. A few years later, in September 2019, it was reported that the actress had given birth to another beautiful baby girl in Seoul hospital. Kim Tae-hee’s agency released the official statement on the day she delivered the baby. Even though the couple rarely shares their private life with the public, including pictures of their babies, we are still glad that the two of them continue to maintain their romantic relationship years after they first met. All the best wishes for Rain and Kim Tae-hee’s family!

Joo Sang-wook & Cha Ye-ryun

The actor and actress Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryun first met was when they were shooting for a drama called “Glamorous Temptation” in 2015. Even though they didn’t have roles as a couple, they fell in love with each other off-camera through the drama and revealed their relationship to the public in March 2016. Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryun tied the knot exactly one year after their relationship was made known to public, in March 2017. Both of them also like to share their cute and lovey-dovey romantic relationship through pictures. In July 2018, Joo Sang-wook shared a picture of a tiny hand, saying that his wife just gave birth their beautiful little princess to the world. They named their daughter Joo In-ah. Look at her tiny, cute hand! In August 2019, the actor and actress shared a beautiful picture of their family. They were concerned of their child’s privacy, so even though Joo In-ah is in the photo, her face wasn’t revealed. May you two have a wonderful family, Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryun!

Moon Hee-jun & SoYul

The new family from “The Return of Superman,” Moon Hee-jun and SoYul, were also a celebrity couple. Both Heejun and SoYul were a members idol groups. Heejun was a member of the boy group from SM Entertainment, H.O.T, that was so popular during the first generation of K-Pop, while SoYul is one of the members of Crayon Pop, a girl group who became popular with their song “Bar Bar Bar” in 2013. The two started dating in April 2016, and the relationship was made known to the public that November. Moon Hee-jun and SoYul’s first meeting was when the two were shooting for a broadcast by Qtv, on a program called “Pretty Boy Communication,” where the host was Moon Hee-jun and Crayon Pop appeared as guests in 2013. The couple announced that they were going to get married in February 2018. In May 2018, SoYul gave birth to their first daughter. In June 2019, Moon Hee-jun and SoYul joined the reality show called “The Return of Superman” along with their daughter, Heeyul, whose nickname is “Jam Jam.” You can see more of the moments from three of them, especially when Hee-jun is alone with Hee-yul, in these “The Return of Superman” clips!

Choi Minhwan & Kim Yul-hee

Another Korean celebrity couple who opened up about their relationship to the public are the drummer of FT Island, Choi Min-hwan, and the former member of the girl group Laboum, Yulhee. Just like Moon Hee-jun and Soyul, both of them come from the K-pop industry. The dating rumour started to spread in September 2017, when Yulhee accidentally posted pictures with of herself along with Minhwan. She also wrote a caption saying that she was waiting for Minhwan to come back to Korea after his group’s Japan tour. The post was deleted not long after that, but people were already making assumptions about them; hence, the dating rumor. On September 22, 2017, FNC Entertainment, FT Island’s agency, reported that the two of them were dating, and asked everyone to see them in a warm manner. In one of the episode of “Happy Together 4,” Yulhee said that when she thought that she was probably pregnant when the dating rumor spread. She then talked about it to Minhwan and both of their families. Minhwan wanted to take responsibility and married Yulhee in 2018, after Yulhee gave birth to their first son, Jaeyul. In the beginning of 2020, Minhwan and Yulhee reported having more precious angels. Yes, not one, but two. They welcomed their twin daughters on February 11, 2020. A few weeks after that, Minhwan had to enlist to the military service. Yulhee had to wait for 21 months for the father of their children to return home. Hopefully they will always be filled with happiness and love!

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