After gaining success in dramas, he joined the variety show The Return of Superman with his cute and bright daughter, Uhm Ji-on. Uhm Ji-on showed a keen interest in language and animals. Her cute behavior in The Return of Superman brought much attention to her and her father, Uhm Tae-woon. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Uhm Tae-woon’s daughter, Uhm Ji-on’s appearance on The Return of Superman. So stay tuned!

The Dancing Queen Baby

The Uhm family decided to spend a night camping on the rooftop of their house. Their house is surrounded by lots of trees. It felt like the house was sitting at the base of mountain. Early in the morning, Ji-on was the first person to wake up. Quickly, she checked out and called her best friend, a dog named Saebom. When she called Saebom, both of her parents woke up from their sleep. Ji-on’s mother said “I like comping more these days. Lately, the sun went up early so I woke up at 5 am”. After waiting for a moment, Ji-on’s mother prepared a lot of sandwiches for Ji-on and her father. When she saw Ji-on eating well, she took out her phone and played a children song. As soon as Ji-on heard the song, she started dancing sideways and shook her hand along with the music. Ji-on seemed to be imitating her aunt, the famous singer-actress, Uhm Jung-hwa. She danced well while eating her breakfast.

Jion Who Likes To Speak

Late in the night, Ji-on and her father were hanging around and were playing in their living room. Suddenly, Uhm Tae-woon pulled out playing cards. He showed a card to Ji-on while Ji-on tried to guess the name of the things on the card. Uhm Tae-woon was surprised when seeing Ji-on’s language capability. She guessed the entire picture correctly, and even guessed in the English language. She seemed to have a special interest in colors, because she could guess the color of the things in the picture in English. When Uhm Tae-woong showed her crayons, she said red while pointing at the red crayon among all other crayons. She also guessed hospital correctly. After she guessed correctly, she cried briefly and pointed at her right arm. It seemed that she remembered taking a painful injection at the hospital. It was very surprising that she remembered all the detail. Uhm Tae-woong couldn’t hide his amazement when seeing his little daughter has grown up and learned so many things. He remembered when Ji-on was a baby, and suddenly she could speak well and loved to talk. He was very proud of Ji-on, but he also felt sad because he missed all the memories of her growing up from a baby.

Learning English

While preparing a meal for Uhm Ji-on, Uhm Tae-woon noticed something special from her. He was cooking noodles for their breakfast. Uhm Tae-woon put her on her eating table and put a black polka dot napkin around her neck. However, Ji-on disagreed and pulled off the napkin immediately. Uhm Tae-woong found another napkin. This time it was a bright pink napkin. As soon as he placed the napkin around her shoulders and neck, Ji-on smiled brightly and seemed satisfied with the color. To his surprise, Ji-on said pink while holding the napkin. He decided to test another color, and asked Ji-on the color of his shirt. Ji-on said that his shirt was black. Uhm Tae-woong said that the small microphone was black, while his shirt color was blue.

Jion Is A Puppy Lover

On a bright and warm winter morning, Uhm Tae-woon took Ji-on to a pet training center where they had puppies. They traveled by car, and Uhm Tae-woong was driving. When they arrivied at the pet training center, the trainer was training one of the pets to catch a Frisbee. Ji-on was smiling and excited when seeing the puppy play Frisbee fetch. She started jumping because she saw the puppy jumping when catching the Frisbee. Later, she tried to throw the Frisbee, but she can’t aim very well. However, Uhm Tae-woong enjoyed playing fetch with the puppies. When they brought home Jindol and Namoo, the oldest puppy, Saebom, looked happy and welcomed them. As the oldest sister, Saebom looked much bigger than Jindol and Namu. Regarding living with dogs, Uhm Tae-woong said that he grew up with and got accustomed to being around dogs. He loved playing with them and he was happy around dogs. He wanted Ji-on to feel the same thing, and grow up with dogs, as well. He believes that playing and living with dogs will bring happiness to Ji-on. In their new house, Jindol and Namu were given one house to each of them. Jindol chose House No 101, while Namoo chose House No 102. Ji-on smiled and laughed a lot when playing with the puppies.

A Day With Jion

On his break day, Uhm Tae-woong took Ji-on to a sheep farm. In the morning, they visited a sheep farm. Ji-on enjoyed the time playing with all the sheep. She imitated the sound of a sheep eating a grass. When they arrived at the countryside, they went to a Chinese restaurant where they met legendary Korean singer Lee Moon-sae. Ji-on looked at the menu with a happy smile. She chose buckwheat bean noodles, while Uhm Tae-woong chose seafood noodles. During lunch, Uhm Tae-woong become a little bit angry with Ji-on because she didn’t behave well and refused to eat her meal. She noticed that her father was angry at her, and she immediately regretted it. They made a promise to stop playing and focus on eating when it was lunch time. After they made the promise, Uhm Tae-woong’s face and his tone become softer. During the interview, he said that as she’s getting bigger, Ji-on has her own preferences and her own opinions. Her change of character brought some bad feelings to Uhm Tae-woong and made him angry. However, he tried hard to understand her, and accommodated her opinions. That was all the information about Uhm Tae-woong’s bright and cute baby. She grew up into a smart and healthy girl. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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