As we have seen before, MRJKPOP is one of the reaction channels on YouTube that talks about K-POP groups, such as music videos, concepts, clothes, choreography, make-up, shooting techniques, and much more. He has explained in detail using his own style and perception of himself. However, MRJKPOP was the subject of much discussion because for some time he did not create content related to K-POP groups. Many asked where MRJKPOP has gone and what has actually happened. He deactivated the comment section under all his videos so no one was able to ask there. He isn’t active on Twitter anymore and he’s impossible to reach there. Many news said that he is involved in a scandal about sending dick pics to an underage girl and asked for pics from them. He also has not provided an explanation related to the scandal that befell him, so some people, including fans of his YouTube channel, were disappointed.

MRJKPOP’s Scandal

In 2017, MRJKPOP was hit by a scandal related to exchanging indecent messages with an underaged girl and even sent her some dick pics. Because of this, he went awol and deactivated the comment section under all his videos. This made it difficult for others to know the truth, and he even isn’t active on Twitter anymore and he’s impossible to reach there. Reporting from netizens in the Allkpop forum, November 2016 was the last time he uploaded a video. After that, many rumors circulated that he was involved in a pedophilia scandal because he sent dick pics to minors. But some say that this is not true and it was fake. That girl seemed to have set him up, asking for more and more and claiming afterward that she told him how old she was. After he repeatedly rejected her advances, saying she wasn’t old enough. The other person who claims it happened to her as well is 20. The circulation of the scandal regarding MRJKPOP is not yet clear. Many people regret about this incident, MRJKPOP is a YouTuber that has quite a lot of subscribers. He once said about his penchant for making videos and he said that he most enjoys making a video of an interview. He does like making the more technical videos too, showing production techniques and really breaking down how to make sounds that are used in all of our favorite releases. Well, what do you think of his scandal?

Recommendation Of YouTubers With K-Pop Content

Channel-Korea has some recommendations for you of YouTubers who are posting K-POP related content and are also pretty famous. Check this out!


JREKML is one of the well-known YouTubers and has quite a number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has posted many reaction videos about K-POP groups whose popularity has been steadily increasing, especially the concept of their music videos, performances, songs and choreography. JREKML became an online entertainer in 2011 when he created his YouTube channel. He started a series called Blind K-Pop Reviews at the beginning of 2012 and JRE is short for Just Random Everyday then KML stands for his friends on his YouTube channel. His collaborative channel with KML has more than 1.2 million subscribers. He also has a secondary channel called JREGaming. He co-hosted the 2014 KCON Experience web series and became a part of The KCafe’s online collaboration hub. He is fanboying over Taeyang of BIGBANG, while Taeyang of BIGBANG is fanboying over him.

Well, already watching his video? Do you like it?


BRISxLIFE is a YouTube channel managed by Terry Brown. He has accrued more than 600,000 subscribers thanks to his music video reaction videos. His most watched are K-Pop reaction videos. A couple of his BLACKPINK reaction videos in addition to BTS reaction videos became his most-watched. Several of them surpassed 1 million views each. He created a secondary channel called more BRISXLIFE. However, he was hated by BTS fans, ARMY. He is reportedly often talking bad things about BTS such as making fun of Suga’s depression, making fun of Taehyung crying for his grandma, and many more. But some say that in fact, he did not really do that and only for his YouTube content. Well, what do you think about that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ31mVJFtvM

Angelina Danilova

Angelina Danilova is a social media and television personality featured on the South Korean reality television program Babel 250. She is also a musician, model, and actress. She is a talented ukulele player and is seen playing instrumental covers with the instrument on her YouTube channel. Her personal and professional life seen on her Instagram account earned her 900,000 followers. She was featured in a music video for the song “Eyescream” by Hanhae, featuring Jung Eun-ji.

Henry Prince Mak

Henry Prince Mak is a former member of the group JJCC in 2014 under the management of an agency founded by Jackie Chan. Reporting from Soompi, he recently uploaded a vlog to YouTube in which he talked about his experiences while being part of the group and his plans for the future. He said, “When JJCC first debuted, we had a lot of hype and attention, not just in Korea but around the whole world – mainly because we were created by Jackie Chan. We had a lot of shows, performances, and interviews, averaging about 17 – 18 hours of work each day.” He continued, “Even though my foot was broken and I was wearing a cast, I still performed every performance, I went on every show, did every interview did not have a break. And I was sick as well, my ear was infected, and I couldn’t see a doctor consistently. I still did all my performances, shows, and fan meetings as well. I saw the fans a lot and I love seeing fans. But I didn’t get to see my family much. I didn’t see them at all, actually, through my time when I was a K-Pop idol. I hadn’t seen my mom in four years.”

He talked about how he’d seen her for the first time in four years when she came on stage during their show because they’d been too busy during their previous days in Sydney for him to see her, and he shared a clip of the moment. “As you can see, the K-Pop industry is a very hard place to be,” said Prince Mak. He expressed his gratitude over being given the opportunity and said he gave it his best, but said he has always wanted to have a solo career. Well, what do you think? Are you going to check out some of the recommendations we have made for you? Please, kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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