Berry Good’s Taeha’s Full Profile

Real Name: Yoo Joo (Hangul: 유주) Stage Name: Tae-ha (Hangul: 태하) Place and Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, October 5th, 1995 Star Sign: Libra Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in) Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Blood Type: A Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School Active Period: Berry Good (2015–2019) Position in the Group: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Official Sites:

Instagram ( @taeha.yoo ) YouTube Channel ( 유태하 YOO TAE HA )

Berry Good’s Taeha’s Fun Facts

Berry Good’s Taeha’s Focus Fancam

Fans usually record focus fancams for the idol they like when there is a stage performance which is held during a showcase, event, busking, radio, or another type of event. In this session, we invite you to get to know Berry Good’s Tae-ha better and check out her performances while promoting together with the group! On December 10th, 2018, Berry Good had a comeback stage performance broadcast on Simply K-Pop with one of their singles at the time, “Mellow Mellow”. The members looked very beautiful with colorful costumes, as well as Tae-ha who wore a yellow and white costume as well as sneakers which made her look simple but still cute at the same time. Tae-ha looks very cheerful when performing on stage.

On April 22nd, 2018, Berry Good’s Tae-ha performed a performance with her group to deliver their single “Don’t Believe”. In this performance, Tae-ha looks really deep into her performance with maximum effort. The costume she is wearing is also made very unique with the all-black concept as well as the knee-high black stockings making the members look more mature but not leaving the concept of girl groups in general that look sexy and elegant.

On August 24th, 2018, Berry Good held their comeback stage with a performance of “Green Apple” in one of the episodes that was aired on Simply K-Pop. On this performance, Berry Good’s Tae-ha looked sexier and more mature than her previous appearances. Wearing a bohemian mini dress with her long hair in a half ponytail makes it seem like Tae-ha is showing a new image. Especially with the choreography of this song, which shows the moving butt in circle moves, showing the sexy side of each member when on the stage.

On October 8th, 2016, Berry Good’s Tae-ha performed with her group on the AMN Showcase and delivered one of their singles, “Because of You”. In the song, Tae-ha still looks very innocent with her medium black hair and a costume that looks like a sailor uniform that has been designed into a crop top and paired with a black tennis skirt. All the members were also seen wearing the same costumes and they all look very cute while doing this performance.

On April 15th, 2017, Berry Good did a street performance that was held at the Hyundai City Outlet with their song, “BibbidiBobbidiBoo”. When presenting the song, the members looked very energetic and excited, especially in dancing to the choreography of the medium-tempo song. In this performance, fans can also see the members who look very comfortable in their casual outfits wearing jeans and sneakers while doing this performance, so they can move comfortably too. You can find Tae-ha looking cheerful in this video wearing a white leather jacket, jeans, t-shirt, and black shoes.

Berry Good’s Taeha’s Visual

Visual is one of the obligations that every K-Pop idol who wants to debut in the entertainment industry must have. Of course, as management, the agency has also prepared certain standards to have their version of the idol with the best visuals. If so, the treatment given to maintain that visual is also very high. No wonder one of the members of Berry Good, which is Tae-ha, also has a very beautiful visual quality. Let’s take a look at the session below to get to know Berry Good’s Tae-ha’s visual and pretty face more! The member who has a position as a leader turns out to have a visual with distinctive features like K-Pop idols. Round eyes, pointed chin, plump lips, and a sharp nose like celebrities in general. Tae-ha also looks charming when she is photographed, like in the picture above. For an idol who is the same age as her right now, Tae-ha has very good charisma and looks mature. If at first glance Berry Good’s Tae-ha resembles actress Im Soo-hyang in this picture, you can see that from another angle, Berry Good’s Tae-ha also looks similar to one of the members of A-Pink, which is Park Cho-rong. From her thin smile, we can see the similarities with A-Pink’s leader. Apart from that, they also share similarities in terms of the position in the group, excellent vocal quality, and also the visuals which are very pretty and flawless! Don’t you agree with that? Might be you like to check: FIND OUT ABOUT APINK’S CHORONG’S DIET TIPS AND THE TRUTH ABOUT HER PLASTIC SURGERY RUMOR Apart from the visuals that look beautiful and seem innocent, Berry Good’s Tae-ha also has very beautiful and slim body proportions. Indeed, it is standard as an idol to have a tall and slim body, Berry Good’s Tae-ha also has a very beautiful physique when seen from her face and also the body shape which is the body goal of every woman in the world. Not too thin and full, but Tae-ha already has a healthy body!

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