In addition to his unique music in the Chinese market and his Wushu expertise, Huang Zitao is also famous for his unique, confident and straightforward personality. He called it “ABstyle,” which he named based on his blood type. His expressive face makes many Chinese netizens make stickers (memes) from his photos and videos. Although he is a newcomer as a solo artist, he has received a number of offers to star in films and dramas that are dominated by the action genre. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce and explain to you who is Huang Z.Tao and what he is doing in his country after leaving SM Entertainment and his group EXO, and also his activities in China and his dating rumor. So, keep reading!

Solo Debut with TAO

Huang Zitao, or Z.Tao, finally officially debuted as a solo singer with the release of the mini-album T.A.O on July 23rd, 2015. Through his Weibo account, the man who was born in 1993 greeted his loyal fans who had been waiting for his solo debut. “T.A.O returned to tell us about ‘Yesterday’ and shared ‘One Heart’ with everyone,” Tao wrote. The former rapper of EXO-M also admitted that the three songs contained in his mini-album were an outpouring of his heart so far and hoped that the fans would like it. “Thank you for everything that is always beside me and loyal to me. Right now, I feel very happy. You all give me hope, I will give a better appearance later for all of you. I love you all. Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell me what song you like, okay?” said Tao. In one of the lyrics to the song “Yesterday,” it is clear that Tao is trying to convince himself that the love of his loyal fans so far has made him able to rise again as a solo artist. Among these lyrics read, “I know you are sad, I often disappoint you. I will clear the darkness in your heart until it shines again.” But amidst the overwhelming support regarding the quality of songs and vocals given entirely by this Tao, many of EXO-L (as EXO’s fans are called) are disappointed with the lyrics in some of his new songs. One of them that attracted attention was the lyrics of the first verse of the song “T.A.O” which read, “I believe in my perseverance and my choice. When I have to leave, I understand what freedom means. When I left my past self, I knew why. Now I’m back.” Or the lyrics to the song “Our Heart” which reads, “I’m wasting my time, and I can’t repeat the past. I don’t want to think about it anymore. One Love? Where is it? I tried to find it, but I found nothing. Is my sincere heart for another sincere heart? Is that sincere? Where is it? Let’s forget the past.” At first glance, the lyrics seemed to allude to the EXO slogan that had been made by the members when introducing themselves, which was “EXO, WE ARE ONE, LET’S LOVE.” After listening to the lyrics of his solo debut song, one of the fans criticized Tao’s lyrics by saying, “It feels very strange because he really hated Wu Yi Fan when he left and unfollowed him. After Luhan came out he told us to believe in EXO. It’s ironic, he shouldn’t say the things Lay said.”

First Album – The Road

The former EXO member, now better known by the stage name Z.Tao, has launched a total of seven new songs, during a concert in Nanjing, China. Famous rapper from America, Wiz Khalifa reportedly participated collaborating for one of his songs. Previously, Z.Tao had released a song titled “The Road” which is one of the seven new songs on his album. Other songs included in the tracklist are “New Day,” “19 Years Old,” “Adore,” “Underground King,” “Mystery Girl,” and “Hello Hello.” Wiz Khalifa is a rapper who successfully sang the song “See You Again” for the soundtrack of the Hollywood box office movie Fast and Furious 7. The rapper will sing along with Z.Tao for his newest song, “Hello Hello.”

Held His First Asian Tour, Z.Tao Promise Concert Tour

In April 2017, he began his first Asian Tour, the Z.Tao Promise Concert Tour which began in Beijing on April 30th; and also released a single with the same title.

Tao in Street Dance of China

Street Dance of China is China’s first reality show centered on street dancing. In the program, four celebrity team leaders; Yi Yangqianxi from the famous band TFBoys, famous singer and dancer Luo Zhixiang, actor and singer HanGeng and singer Huang Zitao, chose dancers from more than 400 candidates to build their own strongest team. During its broadcast from February 24th to May 5th, 2018, 11 episodes of this show garnered 1.24 billion views on Youku, which resulted in the original show.


Acting Debut in the Chinese Movie You Are My Sunshine

My Sunshine is a Mandarin film, directed by the famous director Huang Bin. This became Tao’s first feature film, since he debuted as a member of EXO. In this film, Tao plays a character named William. Because this is the first film he played in, director Huang Bin made William’s character as much as possible like the original character Tao. Director Huang Bin also revealed that at first, Tao felt a little nervous, but after shooting, everyone was shocked by his acting skills. This movie was released on May 1st, 2015.


Established His Own Agency Called L.TAO Entertainment

After leaving EXO and making a solo debut in China, it seems that Huang Zitao’s career has skyrocketed. The singer, who debuted by the solo name Z.Tao, has released a series of hits and even played roles in various dramas and feature films as well as being the host of the Chinese version of Produce 101. And now it seems that Z.Tao has one other achievement that can be added to his list of achievements in China. Through his personal Weibo account, Tao announced that he had officially established an independent agency called L. Tao Entertainment. The following is the content of the statement written by Tao: “July 17th, 2018, 17th floor Hi, I’m 25 years old this year. L Tao Entertainment. Today is the first day my business starts officially, all the hard work from before is part of the preparation for now. There are many things to do in the future, so please look forward to it, I will not talk much nonsense, go ahead and do it! I hope all the staff who work hard for me can work happily. The person I am most grateful for is my father, I love you. I will use the next 10 years to show my plans and dreams for the future through action. Father and son are one heart.”

Tao’s Solo Discography


The Road (2016)


Tao’s Filmography


You Are My Sunshine (2015) as William Railroad Tigers (2016) as Da Hai The Game Changer (2017) as Fang Jie Edge of Innocence (2017) as Kang Qiao

Television series

Exo Next Door (2015) as a fictional version of himself A Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Years (2017) as Zhi Zunbao Negotiator (2018) as Xie Xiaofei The Brightest Star in the Sky (2018) as Zheng Boxu The Files of Teenagers in the Concession (2019) as Wu Qian Legend of Youth (2019) as Chong Liming

Variety shows

Charming Daddy (2015 – 2016) as a cast member Law of The Jungle (2016) as a cast member Takes a Real Man (2016) as a cast member Street Dance of China (2018) as a cast member Produce 101 (2018) as a presenter Before It Disappears (2019) as a cast member

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