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GI’s Aram’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Ahram (Hangul: 이아람) Stage Name: Ahram (Hangul: 아람) Date of Birth: April 26th, 1993 Star Sign: Taurus Height: 169 cm Weight: 49 kg Position:  Main Vocalist, Maknae

GI’s Aram’s Fun Facts

GI’s Aram Singing “Stand Up For Love”

The Sim Tong YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring GI’s Aram showing her very melodious singing skills. The youngest member of the group also showed her voice to fans by performing one of the songs popularized by Destiny’s Child titled “Stand Up For Love.” The video, which has been edited with a black and white filter, shows GI’s Aram, who is in the recording studio, singing through each of the lyrics and displaying her very melodious voice. She can also take ad-libs easily with perfect high notes on every part of the song. In your opinion, how did GI’s Aram look in the cover song performance uploaded above? The video has now reached 62,416 views with 2.3k likers proving that GI’s Aram is one of the K-Pop idols with superior singing talent.

GI’s Aram’s Visual

GI’s Aram is the youngest member of the group and maybe she was also one of the members who were spoiled and given lots of love by the other members. Even though she only lasted one year to have a career and promoted with the other members, Aram really showed his great potential through every performance she delivered. Besides that, her appearance and visuals managed to steal the attention of many people including her fans. Aram’s appearance at debut looked funky with her pixie haircut which is very short and the hairstylist also chose green to dye Aram’s hair. With her striking and quirky appearance, Aram seemed to be able to easily steal the attention of many people with her visuals and also excellent singing skills at that time. Surely this appearance will be one of the most memorable moments for fans because it was very iconic in its time. Besides debuting with a green hairstyle, Aram then changed her hair color to metallic purple. This made her very tomboyish and fierce image even more visible with her battered appearance at that time. It is not surprising that every member of GI has their own charisma and it is true, each member also has their own characteristics with their outfit, makeup, or hairstyle that is made very attractive according to the trend at that time. The tomboyish look is very suitable for Aram. Not only she had displayed three different hairstyles, but Aram also had time to change her hairstyle again with the latest blonde hair color. With signature make up that is very thick on her eyeliner, here Aram is starting to show her feminine side by uploading selcas to interact with her fans. Increasingly, Aram shows her personality and changes in appearance, which also looks more beautiful. Aram is not only a GI member who likes to upload her selcas to social media, but she is also one of the members who most often uploads her face photos to just greet fans in South Korea or international fans. Aram with her latest appearance shows her bangs and short blonde hair to her fans. With a flat face, Aram also did not forget to write a message to her fans to know each other’s news. Aram isn’t just giving out selcas to fans either. However, she also likes to share OOTD with her very catchy and stylish outfits. In one upload on Twitter, Aram shows her tomboyish outfit but also looks very casual and beautiful. The signature outfit with ripped jeans, boots, crop top with long sleeves and a hat as additional accessories makes Aram’s everyday appearance outside of her schedule to promote as a girl group look very relaxed but still beautiful.

GI’s Aram’s Future After Left GI

Boyish members of girl group GI Aram and One Ket have a legal dispute with their management company, Simtong Entertainment. Aram is in the process of a lawsuit for termination of an exclusive contract with Simtong Entertainment, and One Ket is also preparing for this. On February 25th, 2015, Simtong Entertainment also announced its policy to respond legally. Prior to this, GI member Hayeon first left the agency. Hayeon reached an amicable agreement with the agency, and Aram and One Ket are reported to be requesting the termination of the exclusive contract due to the conflict that occurred in the process and the delay in the release of the album. Shim Jae-hyup, CEO of Shim Tong Entertainment, said, “If content produced by a small agency like ours is wrong, it will lead to a crisis of existence of the company itself. We will actively respond to requests for unilateral withdrawal from the contract term of only two years as it is a clear violation of the contract,” he added. “The company did not spare enough support to camp members from one year before their debut,” he ended the statement. GI debuted with “Beatles” in 2013 and released their third digital single “Echo” on February 25th, 2015. “Echo” is a song that was recorded in advance by the five debut members. Until now, there has been no news from GI’s Aram whether she is still continuing her career as an entertainer and idol or not. Nevertheless, fans are looking forward to news from Aram and hope that whatever she goes through, whether in her career or personal life, she can pass everything well and the opportunity for a career in the entertainment industry is still wide open if she wants to make a solo debut. Well, that’s the complete information about GI’s Aram, starting from her profile, activities while promoting as a member of GI, and the latest news today. Even though we still haven’t heard the latest news from this girl group member who has a very melodious voice, it’s good if we continue to support her choices in the future for her own career and give a lot of love to Aram so that she can remain optimistic about her future days!

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