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GI’s Eunji’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jung Eunji (Hangul: 정은지) Stage Name: Eunji (Hangul: 은지) Date of Birth: Jeju Island, South Korea, June 9th, 1992 Star Sign: Gemini Height: 165 cm Weight: 44 kg Position:  Lead Vocalist, Visual

GI’s Eunji’s Fun Facts


GI’s Eunji’s Focus Fan-cam

In one of the focus fan-cams that were uploaded on October 26th, 2013, GI was in one of their promotional activities performing their popular song “Gi-Yeuk.” This very catchy song shows a very powerful choreography and is full of charisma. Every member including Eunji also looked very energetic when delivering a performance of “Gi-Yeuk.” On October 29th, 2013, one of Eunji’s focus fan-cams showed a performance of GI performing their debut song “Beatles.” With a swag and hip-hop style but looking cute, Eunji wore an outfit with a red sweater and black hotpants. Not only that, their stylist provided some additional accessories such as necklaces and a cat tail hanger that was attached to the back of the pants that Eunji was wearing, making her look cheerful when performing at that time.

The focus fan-cam that was uploaded on October 7th, 2015, showed a GI performance with some of their new members performing their latest comeback song “Dolligo Dolligo.” As a visual position, it shows Eunji still looks very active and attractive when on stage. It can be seen from the outfit that GI’s Eunji wore when performing on MBC’s Show Champion with the group which looked very funky and cute. Her hairstyle has also changed from before, Eunji is seen with long black hair and bangs that make her look younger.

What do you think about the appearance and focus of GI’s visual, Eunji? The member who was born in 1992 is among the members who enjoyed the whole process from the beginning of her career as a member of the girl group until GI disbanded in 2016.

GI’s Eunji’s Visual

There is no question why GI chose Eunji as the visual of the girl group. Since GI’s debut, Eunji has shown her beauty even in changing the concept of GI who looks very funky and tomboyish to their last concept which uses girly and cute themes. Eunji proved that she can adapt to any given concept by presenting the best image for her fans. The selca uploaded on Twitter shows Eunji’s beautiful and cute visuals. Her small face makes people think that she is the maknae of GI because she looks innocent and has an image that can match any concept. If we take a look at Eunji’s selcas, one might think at first glance that the visuals are very similar to those of a famous trot solo artist. Yes, GI’s Eunji does look a little like trot singer Hong Jin-young! Not only selcas, but Eunji also often uploads other photos to Twitter as a means to interact with her loyal fans. Eunji is one of the members who likes to do selcas and from the angle she does, it seems like it can be seen that members such as A-Pink’s Jung Eunji, are also good at doing selcas and show their visuals from the best angle. The photo above shows the appearance and visuals of GI’s Eunji when she had just debuted. The group, which debuted in 2013, has a different concept from other girl groups. Usually, girl groups are synonymous with cute and feminine images, but GI debuted with a swag and hip-hop concept. They also delivered their debut single titled “Beatles” with an appearance like the photo above. This is the appearance of GI’s Eunji when delivering a performance of the “Beatles” with an all-blue outfit that looks very energetic and powerful.   Well, that is all the information about GI’s Eunji, starting from her profile, fun facts, to every activity she has carried out as a member of Global Icon, or also better known as GI. With her position as a visual as well as a vocalist, Eunji can place herself well and prioritize every talent and passion to work, especially as a K-Pop idol. Even though GI are now disbanded, it’s good that we continue to provide support and love for Jung Eunji so that whatever she is doing now, whether she is still in the entertainment industry or not, makes her happy and she can live her life and career well!

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