Gugudan was known as an idol group that has talented members. Their main vocal, Haebin, was popular as a multi-talent idol. She was listed in 20 of the most beautiful and talented idols. Aside from her body-goal figure, beautiful face, she was recognized for contributing her voice in drama soundtracks. She is destined to be the future OST queen. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Gugudan Haebin. So stay tuned!

Gugudan Haebin Full Profile

Name: Han Hae-bin Stage Nam: Haebin Birthday: August 16th, 1995 Place of Birth: Busan South Gyeongsang Province Nationality: Korean Height: 169 cm Weight: 47 g Religion: Buddhist Zodiac: Leo Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Pig Position: Main vocalist Instagram: @haebeeni_

Gugudan Haebin Facts

Haebin’s nicknames are Haebin Mom and The Voice of Gugudan. She woke up earlier than all members and prepared food for them. It was the reason she was called Haebin Mom. She joined the music institute when she studied in middle school. Her hobbies are surfing, cooking blogs, and jogging. Her specialty is cooking. Haebin’s mottos are “Let’s Not Lie” and “Time Heals Everything”. Haebin was responsible for singing high notes in Gugudan songs. She participated in various drama OSTs. Her mother operates a Korean raw fish food restaurant. She is the most fearless Gugudan member. Her dream is to become the queen of OSTs. Haebin has the charming Busan dialect. Her favorite actor is Yoo Yeon-seok. Haebin participated in the musical Monte Cristo. She has the best body among Gugudan members. The entire members selected her as the best body in Gugudan. Her training period is 4 years.

Gugudan Haebin Predebut

Since middle school, Haebin joined a music academy in Busan and honed her talent, especially her vocals. Haebin joined Jellyfish Entertainment and trained for 4 years alongside Hana. Other Gugudan members joined Jellyfish Entertainment from various backgrounds.

Gugudan Haebin Official Debut

Gugudan Haebin made an official debut on June 15th, 2016. She was introduced as Gugudan members with Kim Sejong and Soyee. In the group, she took the position of main vocal. She was responsible for singing high notes in most Gugudan songs. Haebin was always strict with her diet. According to Gugudan members, Haebin didn’t eat instant noodles and hamburgers for six years. Even though she carried food in her bag, Haebin let other members ate her food. It was no wonder that she was selected as the member with the best body. Gugudan fans also praised her for her looking good in any outfit.

Gugudan Haebin Fancam

In most stage performances, Haebin outfits really accentuated her body. She has beautiful, long, and slim legs. For Gugudan fans, her body is the perfect and the ultimate body goal. She made no mistake. Haebin is known for her vocal talent rather than her appearance.

Most of Gugudan members made significant improvements in each of their talents in the post-debut year. Haebin was one of the most improved members. She was responsible for singing parts with high notes. Slowly but surely, her focus fancams views increased, and she got more recognition from Kpop fans. Moreover, she looked good in every outfit.

Gugudan Haebin OST

One of Haebin’s dreams is becoming OST queen. She already contributed to 5 OSTs for Korean dramas. Haebin has sung for many famous K-dramas such as Radio Romance, Doctor Romantic, Because This Is My First Life, Children of Nobody, etc.

Hopefully, she will have a lot of K-dramas OST projects in the future. Let’s wish the best for her!   That was all the information about Gugudan’s Haebin. Find out more information and fun facts about other Gugudan members in Channel Korea. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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