GI are well known for their debut song titled “Beatles.” With the concept of R&B, Hip-Hop which is certainly unique and different from the others, GI managed to get appreciation and attention from South Korea. They also have a stronger image than most of the usual girl group concepts that appear girly and cute. In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about one of the members of GI—Ji-A-Min. She has a feminine aura and a sexy image that was a bit different from the other member and also seems to have a pretty strong personality. Keep scrolling down to check out the detailed information about GI’s Ji-A-Min!

Full Profile

Real Name: Im Bomin (Hangul: 임보민) Stage Name: Ji-A-Min (Hangul: 지아민) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, February 16th, 1992 Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 164 cm Weight: 44 kg Position: Main Vocalist Official Site: Instagram (@bomin_nimod) YouTube Channel: (bomin _nimod)

Fun Facts

Focus Fan-cam

One of the focus fan-cams that was uploaded on September 6th, 2015, showed the performance of GI’s Ji-A-Min and the other members who made a cover of 4Minute’s “Crazy.” The song at that time was also one of the most popular hit songs in South Korea. GI’s Ji-A-Min’s performance at that time looked good in dancing to the choreography of 4Minute, a girl group that debuted under CUBE Entertainment. With her long wavy hair and an all-black outfit, it showed GI’s Ji-A-Min’s sexy side in performing at that time. In the same event, GI made a performance of one of their songs titled “Gi-Yeuk.” With her position as the main vocalist, Ji-A-Min showed a distinctive characteristic of her melodious voice with her appearance when she danced on stage cheerfully and powerfully. The expression of one of the GI members also looks very positive because the song is also cheerful and can make the audience also hype by cheering the fan group with enthusiasm.

Apart from that, GI also performed their song “Dolligo Dolligo.” With a sexy and cute concept, all the members looked very enthusiastic in delivering performances at that time. One of GI’s Ji-A-Min’s fan-cams focused on the performance was also very interesting to watch because they really put on a very good performance and gave a masculine appearance to the fans who came at that time.

Solo Debut As Bomin

Even though she is no longer active as a member of a girl group, former member of GI Ji-A-Min still wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry by becoming a solo artist. Besides that, Ji-A-Min, who recently debuted under the name Bomin, comes with her latest song released on November 11th, 2019, titled 자꾸 생각나 (You & I). With her incredibly melodious voice, we can also see the models in the music video acting as if they are a couple and doing their romance together against a very beautiful beach background. With the release of this song, it shows that Bomin still has talent as a singer with a distinctive and melodious voice. She also did not waste the opportunity to return to the entertainment industry by releasing this latest song and starting her solo career again. Thus, fans hope that Bomin’s career will shine even more in the future. Until now, 자꾸 생각나 (You & I) has received 165 likes and has been watched 4,407 times.

Bomin’s YouTube Channel

On Bomin’s YouTube channel, much of her latest content has been uploaded. Among the videos can be found the latest music videos from Bomin titled 자꾸 생각나 (You & I) and also the official audio which was uploaded first on November 7th, 2019. The audio has managed to get a total of 10,104 views and 284 likes as of today.

Besides that, Bomin is also seen actively uploading some of her video content to YouTube with cover songs that she edited by herself. Her melodious and gentle voice treats fans who expect her presence to sing again. The video she uploaded on YouTube received a lot of appreciation, especially from the public. One of her cover songs was even noticed by the famous Western pop singer, Anne Marie. In the video uploaded on her YouTube, Bomin meets Anne Marie in person and she records the reaction of the singer watching Bomin’s cover song when she sang the famous song titled “2002.”

Bomin uploaded another one of her cover songs to YouTube on June 28th, 2019, namely a song from HRVY titled “Personal.” This cover song received a total of 4,573 views with 257 likes. Bomin really has good English pronunciation, maybe we don’t even know that she is actually Korean if you look at the visuals and her good pronunciation when singing English songs.

Some of the content that Bomin has successfully uploaded on her YouTube channel has received a lot of appreciation with good likes and comments from fans and also the public, this is expected to be an encouragement for Bomin so that she can continue her career and return to being an entertainer so that her singing talent can continue developing. Well, that’s the complete information about GI’s Ji-A-Min’s profile and also her career path after leaving the group. Even though GI has disbanded, the members still continue their hobby by singing like Ji-A-Min who is now pursuing a career as a solo artist by the stage name Bomin. Let’s keep giving support and also lots of love to all of them so their careers can be even better in the future!

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