9Muses’ Ryu Sera

Ryu Sera (류세라) is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She was debuted with Nine Muses on August 12, 2010. She later became the leader and main vocalist of the group after the departure of leader Rana. Due to the expired of the exclusive contract, Ryu decided to not extend the contract on June 23, 2014. She decided to graduated from the group and continue with her solo activities. Ryu Sera released her first solo EP album “SeRen:Ade” on August 1, 2015. She also held her first solo concert in Hongdae and signed to a new agency, OCTO. In March 2018, Ryu comeback with her new single album, “Stay Real”, and following with a second solo concert titled “Spring Rain” at Olympic Hall Muse Live stage. She also held a concert titled “Sun Shower” on June 23, 2018. Ryu Sera has been active on YouTube lately. She made her YouTube channel on March 24, 2014. Apparently, Ryu have 2 YouTube channel. One named “Sera Ryu-류 세라”, the other one named “Serarita세라리따”. The Sera Ryu-류 세라 channel is the official one and verified by YouTube. It fills with her music journey related. The other one channel is filled with a VLOG about her daily. Check out Ryu’s activities on YouTube here:

Ryu usually uploaded a reaction video to the latest music video released. She also have a segment called “Remember?”. It’s a segment when she reacts to K-pop old / past hits music video, such as Girls Generation’s Gee, and SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. She hosted the video with bilingual language, English and Korea. Go check out her YouTube channel!

  Ryu Sera’s Vlog:


FIESTAR’s Cheska

Cheska (체스카) is a Korean-American singer. She was born in South Korea but raised in Alabama, US. She was debuted with Fiestar on August 31, 2012 with the single album “Vista”. She is the lead rapper and vocalist of the group. She officially withdraw with the group on March 20, 2014. Cheska continued with her solo activities in 2016. She made a comeback as a solo artist with hip hop tracks, Swish featuring FeatOne, and Faded featuring Ja Mezz. On May 29, 2018, through her Instagram post, she revealed that she would no longer be in the music industry. She stated, “I am no longer going to be making music due to the stress. Music has destroyed my confidence and happiness. I had fun and learned a lot from it, but I noticed that it was killing me slowly.” The post is already deleted. Cheska made her YouTube channel on Jan 13, 2012 with named Sleepy Minji. Just like the description stated, “I like to play games, clean stuff, workout, and clean stuff.”, Cheska YouTube channel are filled with a video of her playing various pc games. She is now known as a Twitch streamer. Check out Cheska’s activities on YouTube here:


SMRookies’ Herin

Herin (헤린) is a former SM Entertainment trainee and member of a pre-debut training team named SMROOKIES. She was introduced as an SM Rookies on July 8, 2015. Her specialty is acting and also playing a violin. She can speak Korean and English because she was born in Manchester, UK. Herin decided to left SM Rookies in order to join the survival show called Idol School. However, according to her recent Instagram posts, she seems to have returned to her hometown, England. Herin made a YouTube channel on February 5, 2018. Her YouTube channel named Bonjavenue. Her YouTube channel consists of her daily life, a quarantine edition, and skincare routine. Recently, she uploaded a DIY (Do It Yourself) and a taste test of some oat milk. Check out Herin’s activities on YouTube here:

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