Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap)

Lee Sung-kyung is a former Korean model who became an actress. She was born on August 10, 1990, in Gyeonggi Province. Lee Sung-kyung started modeling in 2008 and started acting in a SBS television drama called It’s Okay, That’s Love. Lee Sung-kyung won several nominations and an award for Best New Actress in her role in MBC’s Flower of Queen in 2015. She featured as the second female leading role, as a badass young woman, in the 2016 tvN drama, Cheese in the Trap. Finally, in the 2017 drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, she got her first female leading role.


In the drama Cheese in the Trap, Lee Sung-kyung played as Baek In-ha, a beautiful and young, materialistic woman. From her outward appearance, she is aggressive, individualistic, and self-centered, but mentally she is fragile and melodramatic. She is in love with Yoo Jung, the male leading character, who happened to be her step-brother. However, Yoo Jung doesn’t return her love and prefers another woman. Baek In-ha acknowledged her beautiful looks and used them to seduce men into doing her favors. On campus, Baek In-ha was walking around and eating ice cream. Suddenly, she saw her junior in front of her. Without hesitation, she intentionally tripped her junior until she fell down, and then pulled off her hair. She thought that the junior was the one who was dating Yoo-jung, her crush. It turned out that the junior wasn’t the one who was dating Yoo Jung. Even though she made a mistake, she didn’t apologize to the junior, but instead mocked her appearance.   In another scene, Baek In ha was having a barbeque dinner with her brother, Baek In Ho, and step-brother, Yoo Jung. She wanted to feed them a piece of meat but both of them refused to eat it. Being ignored, she became angry and turned their table upside down and made a mess inside the barbeque restaurant.


Park Shin-hye (Doctors)

Park Shin-hye is an actress known for her role in the melodramas Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven. She was born on February 18, 1990, in Gwangju. She started her acting career by performing as young Choi Ji-woo’s character in SBS’s 2003 drama, Stairway to Heaven. Park Shin-hye earned praise for her role in the 2009 SBS drama You’re Beautiful. Given her young age, she is one of South Korea’s most prolific actresses. She also appeared in the female leading role in the 2016 medical drama The Doctors. In The Doctors, she played the role of Yoo Hye-jung, a brilliant and famous neurosurgeon. She had a troublesome and tough childhood, and has problems trusting anybody. She was a disobedient student, oftentimes committing offenses and breaking the law during her tumultuous high school days. However, she got to know a hardworking teacher, Hong Ji-hong, who helped her sort things out in her life. Hong Ji-hong fell in love with young and rebellious Yoo Hye jung when guiding her to be a better person. In front of the hospital receptionist desk, a group of gangsters came in with their wounded leader. They wanted the leader to be treated by a male doctor but instead, a lady doctor, Yoo hye-jung, was on duty. She wanted to treat the wounded gangster and asked another gangster to leave the hospital. the other gangsters refused to leave and insisted a male doctor treat their leader. The gangsters pushed Yoo hye-jung and started a fight. Undeterred and without breaking a sweat, she managed to subdue all the gangsters in the fight and asked them to leave the hospital.


Park Bo-young (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)

Park Bo-young, oftentimes being mentioned as the Nation’s Litter Sister, is a highly popular Korean actress. Her lovely smile, bright character, and superior acting talent earned love and attention from drama lovers. Park bo-young was born on February 12, 1990, and debuted in 2006 when she appeared in the TV series Secret Campus. She starred in the drama series with actor Lee Min-ho. She gained enormous popularity after her appearance as an accidental mother in the 2008 comedy movie Scandal Makers. In June 2016, Park Bo-young played the female leading role in JTBC’s Strong Girl Bong-soon. In the drama, Park Bo-young played a young girl, Do Bong-soon, who was blessed with superhuman strength. Do Bong-soon used her strength to help other people who needed it. She gained her superhuman strength from her mother, who passed on the strength to the women in their family. Although having great strength, she only wanted to be a normal and feminine girl, because that was the type that her crush liked. In Episode 3, Do Bong-soon met a group of bullies in a neighborhood park. The bullies wanted her money so they took her bag and searched for money in her purse. They found only a small amount of money and began harassing her. Do Bong-soon finally ran out of patience and grabbed the bullies’ leader then lifted him up without any hassle, as if the bully was just a bag of potatos. Do Bong-soon threw him to the ground and asked all of them to collect garbage around the neighborhood.

  In Episode 4, Do Bong-Soon accompanied Ahn Min Hyuk to the park to play with drones. Suddenly an unknown man started to shoot at them with an air gun, and injured Ahn Min Hyuk. Worried about his safety, Do Bong Soon lifted him up and carried him all the way to their car. She carried him without any trouble, as if he was a bag of groceries. Without realizing her strength, she threw him into the car and his head hit the door. Ahn Min-hyuk woke up and felt the pain in his head rather than the wound from the bullet.

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