Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy from Red Velvet grew up in Canada before becoming a member of a girl group under SM Entertainment. She apparently has several talents that make her a multi-talented K-Pop star including the ability to speak four languages. “From fifth grade until I was a junior in high school, I studied abroad. I can speak English, Spanish, and French,” she said during her appearance on tvN’s Problematic Men. This episode was about a girl group member with a variety of talents, including music, sports, cooking, and more. More than that, she also showed her grades of her time abroad. Wendy got As with the occasional B. Wendy stated, “I just did it. There wasn’t a particular [subject I had trouble with]. Rather than studying, I thought of it more like having fun.”

Impressive Grades & Excellent Academic Record

Wendy received an excellent GPA of 3.93 out of 4.0 when she was in high school, St. Mary’s School. Furthermore, Wendy from Red Velvet became a beneficiary of the Obama Award from the President’s Education Award Program because of her outstanding academic record as a participant who finished at the fifth place at the Minnesota state high school math competition. How smart she is! Yoona from Girls’ Generation, Suho, and Kim Heechul, her label-mates in SM Entertainment also admitted that Wendy is certainly brilliant and one of the superior artists in terms of brains.

Playing Instruments

As we already know, Wendy is able to play several instruments, including the piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. This marks her as a multi-talented genius both in education and music. While she was living in Canada in her childhood, she studied various classical instruments. Wendy has even shown off her terrific guitar playing at the Naver Music LIVE TV, Icecream TV.

Girls Day’s Hyeri

Hyeri is the youngest member of the girl group Girl’s Day that debuted under Dream T Entertainment in 2010. She is known as an actress, model, and singer in South Korea. For the record, she has also even entered a Forbes list as the third Forbes Korean Celebrity Power list in 2016. keep scrolling down to read some more about the talents that mark her as a multi-skilled girl!

Starring In Dramas As An Actress

As an actress, Hyeri is best known for her leading role in the popular television drama Reply 1988 (2015). When she was a Girl’s Day member, she also debuted as an actress through the weekend drama Tasty Life as Jang Mi Hyun. She started her acting career as a star in other television series such as Schoolgirl Detectives and Hyde, Jekyll, Me which helped her get her first leading role as Sung Duk Seon in Reply 1988. Fortunately, Hyeri received recognition for her portrayal of the female lead in one of the highest-rated dramas in the history of cable TV in South Korea. After the huge success of her appearance in Reply 1988, she got involved in the SBS drama titled Entertainer. Then in 2017, she made her big-screen debut through Monstrum and then the MBC drama Two Cops with Jo Jung Seok. She is very active in the acting world and joined the big screen with Dempsey Roll. Since then, she has moved to a new agency to be more focused on her acting career, which is Creative Group ING, an advertising company that signed her as its first artist to manage. The company that Hyeri joined in assure to support Hyeri on her next steps as an artist. Creative Group ING expressed, “Hyeri is loved by many people and has great potential for activities in the music, entertainment, and movie sectors. We will give her our full support.” Hyeri is not only popular as a singer and an actress. She has a hilarious figure in variety shows like an adorable laugh and funny expression. On tvN’s Amazing Saturday, Hyeri and Yura both laugh out loud together out-of-control. Hyeri is a master in making funny expressions and cute faces that make people burst out into laughter.

AOA’s Seolhyun

Seolhyun debuted as a member of the girl group AOA under FNC Entertainment in July 2012 after being scouted in the competition 8th Smart Model Contest. She is not only a singer but she is also popular as a commercial model and actress.

Modeling Career

Seolhyun became the model in several advertisements and commercials, moreover, in 2016, she became the “Model of The Year” at the 2015 TVCF Awards since having modeled for famous brands across industries such as fashion, food and beverage, cosmetics and e-commerce. She became an SK Telekom model for the latest smartphone Sol. The commercial became a huge success, there is a story behind the selection of her as a commercial model. SK Telecom was planning on using a different celebrity at the time, but the other celebrity asked for too much money. So, through a recommendation of 2 employees in the meeting, the SK Telecom marketing heads gave Seolhyun the opportunity, even though they didn’t know who Seolhyun was before. Then, representatives from SK Telecom called her agency (FNC Entertainment) and Seolhyun was contracted to be the SK model.

The SK commercial begins with Seolhyun on a beach, running towards the waves and diving into the ocean. She is portrait happily surfing through the waves with a combination of fashion and a surfing motif, rash guard and hot pants. Her body figure is really enchanting and fits the theme of the commercial. She also became the brand model for the popular soft drink Sprite. She wore casual sporty and classic office outfits to deliver the freshness of soda very well. Another commercial is for the Chinese fashion brand MindBridge in 2016. She also became the model for Urive camera. Such an enchanting photoshoot!

Starring As The Lead Actress On JTBC’s My Country: The New Age

In 2019, Seolhyun became the lead actress in the JTBC drama titled My Country: The New Age, starring as Han Hee-jae, who is an intelligent and outspoken woman raised by kisaengs in Ihwaru. This drama tells the story of the fall of the Goryeo kingdom and the birth of Joseon that also includes a love triangle among Woo Do-hwan, Yang Se-jong, and Seolhyun. Seolhyun is acting alongside Yang Se-jong as Seo Hwi and Woo Do-hwan as Nam Sun-ho who are considered as legitimate actors of South Korea.

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