Some popular groups that have been formed from this program are; I.O.I in 2016, Wanna One in 2017, IZ*ONE in 2018, and the latest is X1 in 2019 and will soon debut. After their respective groups have disbanded because their contracts ended, several members from season 1 and season 2 groups, which are I.O.I and Wanna One, decided to continue their respective careers. There are some who have continued by pursuing a solo career, others have made a new debut as members of another group formed by their agency and they have become a huge success at that. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the successful trainees from Mnet’s Produce 101 series. So, keep reading!

Solo Artist Samuel Kim

All of you kpopers, especially those who participated in Produce 101, surely know who Kim Samuel is? yeah, the crossbreed singer who once broke the hearts of all the nation’s producers for failing to debut with Wanna One, is now treading an acting career. Curious about how Samuel evolved from beginning as a singer to becoming an actor who is now valued by many young women? Samuel Kim Arredondo is his born name. Samuel Kim was born on January 17, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is better known by his stage name Samuel (formerly known as Punch). He is an American-born South Korean singer who was a part of the short-lived hip-hop duo 1Punch in 2015. Samuel Kim Arredondo is a solo singer who has Korean and Mexican blood from his mother and father. Samuel, who is now 16 years old, began to be known as a trainee from Pledis Entertainment with Seventeen member members. Unfortunately, because it was considered still small Samuel also failed to debut with the group. After the end of the Produce 101 season 2 survival program, under Brave Entertainment agency, Samuel released a single and also a solo album. Besides that, he also filled in the drama’s soundtrack and also a duet with another crossbreed teen singer Kriesha Chu. In the middle of this year, he began to look into the world of acting and managed to star in the fantasy rom-com drama “Revenge Note 2” as a character named Seo Robin.

Samuel’s Albums and Soundtracks

Eye Candy (2017) Sixteen (2017) Say you love me (좋아한다 말해) feat Kriesha Chu (2017) – Pink Pink OST Thousand Times (2018) – Cross OST Time to Shine with Bigstar Feeldog (2018) – Sweet Revenge 2 OST One (2018) One (Repackaged) (2018)

Solo Artist Chung-ha

Kim Chung-ha was born on February 9th, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. She is better known by her stage name Chungha. She lived in Dallas, Texas, for eight years before returning to South Korea to become a singer. MNH Entertainment’s soloist, Chungha, is one of the most popular solo female singers today. Not only a beautiful face, but this idol also has a beautiful voice. For matters of dancing, her ability was not in doubt. Before being popular, Chungha had gone through various processes. Starting from the training period as a trainee, following a survival show, to become one of the soloists should be taken into account. One process that must be passed to become a K-Pop idol is undergoing training or becoming a trainee. This process is also undertaken by Chungha. Before being under the auspices of her current agency, she was a trainee at JYP Entertainment. Chungha entered MNH Entertainment agency and started getting attention when she became a contestant in ‘Produce 101’ in 2016. In the second episode of ‘Produce 101’, the girl born on February 9, 1996 was asked by coach Bae Yoon-jung to do freestyle choreography, or freestyle dance. Girl group made by ‘Produce 101’ was officially debuted on May 4, 2016 with the single ‘Dream Girls’. They also released an extended play (EP) titled ‘Chrystalis’ which contained seven songs. In this group Chungha acts as a main dancer, lead vocalist and rapper. She was also included in the I.O.I sub unit with Nayoung, Kyulkyung, Sohye, Yoojung, Doyeon and Somi with released a single ‘Whatta Man (Good Man)’. Still in the same year as I.O.I, June 2017 Chungha officially debuted as a soloist. Her solo debut was marked by releasing a mini album titled ‘Hands on Me’ with the main song ‘Why Don’t You Know’. Chungha collaborated with Samuel Kim on the song ‘With U’. Being a soloist, Chungha was increasingly shining. The songs that she released skyrocketed on various music charts such as ‘Roller Coaster’ from her second mini album ‘Offset’ (2018) or the single ‘Gotta Go’ (2018).

Chungha’s Albums and Soundtracks

Hands on Me (2017) Offset (2018) Blooming Blue (2018) Flourishing (2019) Snow in This Year (with Heo Jung-eun and HALO’s Ooon) (2016) – My Fair Lady (오 마이 금비) OST Part 6 Pit-a-Pat (두근두근) (2017) – Strong Girl Bong-soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순) OST Part 4 How About You (2018) – Luv Pub (연애포차) OST Part 3 Remember (with The Call artists) (2018) – The Call (더 콜) OST It’s you (너였나 봐) (2018) – Where Stars Land (여우각시별) OST Part 1 Sunshine (2018) – AURA KINGDOM S (아우라킹덤S) OST

WJSN Yeon-jung

Yu Yeon-jung was born on August 3rd, 1999, in Gwangmyung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. She is better known as Yeonjung. She is a former member of I.O.I. and is the main vocalist, center, and maknae (as called for the yeungest member) of the South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls. She joined Cosmic Girls as the 13th member in July 2016. In 2015, Yeonjung appeared on the Produce 101 season 1 Mnet’s survival program to representing Starship Entertainment and she was on 11th ranked, securing herself as a temporary member of the group I.O.I in May 2016. In July 2016, it was revealed that she would join the Cosmic Girls or WJSN’s girl group under Starship Entertainment, as well as become a member of her Natural Unit and represent the Ophiuchus zodiac sign. She debuted in the group as lead vocalist on August 17, 2016, with the release of the group’s second mini album The Secret.

WJSN’s Discography

I Will Be On Your Side with Yu Seung-woo (내가 니편이 되어줄게) (2016) #Drive” (#드라이브) (DinDin featuring Yeonjung) – (2017) Marry You ( with Maktub) – (2017) Fire & Ice (with Dawon) (2016) – The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice OST You’re Dazzling (눈부신 그대) (2017) – Queen for Seven Days OST oy” (서툰 고백) with Brother Su (2017) – Love Playlist OST Meloholic (멜로홀릭) (2017) – Meloholic OST Your Name Is… (너의 이름을…) (2018) – The Undateables OST Stay With You(2018) – Where the Stars Land OST

Solo Artist Jeong Se-woon

Jeong Se-woon was born on May 31st, 1997, in Masan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea. He is a South Korean singer and songwriter signed under Starship Entertainment. Jeong Se-woon is a former trainee from Produce 101 the second season. He was eliminated in 12th position. Some time after the event ended, Jeong Se-woon began his career as a solo singer by debuting on August 31, 2017 with a song titled “Just U” in collaboration with a famous rapper, Sik-K. He is under the auspices of Starship Entertainment. Before participating in the Survival Event Produce 101 for the second season, Jeong Se-woon had participated in the famous talent search event, Kpop Star for the third season.

Jeong Se-woon’s Albums and Soundtracks

Part.1 Ever (2017) Part. 2 After (2018) Another (2018) Plus Minus Zero (2019) There’s Something (뭔가 있어) (2018) – Wok of Love OST It’s You (2018) – What’s Wrong with Secretary KimOST Told You So (이봐 이봐 이봐) (2018) – Where Stars Land OST

(G)-Idle So-yeon

Jeon So-yeon was born on August 26th, 1998. She is also known by her stage name Soyeon. She is a South Korean singer and rapper under Cube Entertainment. She is the leader, main rapper, lead dancer, center and face of the South Korean rookie girl group (G)I-DLE. A trainee from Cube Entertainment, Soyeon began to be known to the public when she became a contestant for Produce 101 Season 1. At the survival show, the girl who is good at rapping is fairly popular, you know. Unfortunately, Soyeon’s steps had to stop at #20 on the final night and could not debut with I.O.I. It doesn’t stop there. This girl who was born on August 26, 1998 continued her struggle in Unpretty Rapstar 3. She successfully entered the semifinals and became the second winner. From there, Soyeon sang three songs on the rap competition compilation album. After that, Soyeon officially debuted as a solo singer with two songs that she created herself titled Jelly and Idle Song. A few months after undergoing her activities as a soloist, finally it was announced that Soyeon joined the new girl group under Cube Entertainment, (G) I-DLE. They debuted with a song called Latata and a comeback with a digital single called Hann which made them the most mentioned girl group in 2018 because the songs always topped the charts. In addition, Soyeon and another (G) I-DLE member, Miyeon, also appeared in the 2018 League of Legend World Final, a championship for the video game League of Legend. They performed POP / STAR songs with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns.

Soyeon’s Discography

35 Girls 5 Concepts (2016) Unpretty Rapstar 3 Compilation (2016) Jelly (2017) Idle Song (2018) Scary (with Nada) (2018) Mermaid (with BtoB’s Lee Min-hyuk, Peniel, Jung Il-hoon, CLC’s Yeeun, Pentagon’s Wooseok) (2018) Wow Thing (with Kim Chung-ha, Seulgi, and SinB) (2018)


Known as pre-debut as BRANDNEWBOYS, AB6IX is a five-member boy band under Brand New Music. They officially debuted on May 22, 2019, with the release of their first mini-album B: Complete. Their name is short for “ABSOLUTE SIX”, which means that the complete arrangement of BRANDNEWBOYS reaches absolute perfection when the five members and fandoms are together. Their name is also an abbreviation of “ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX” which reflects the hope that five members and their fans will open new horizons for New Music. Young Min, Dong Hyun, Woojin and Daehwi were contestants in the survival group Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. Woojin and Daehwi placed 6th and 3rd respectively, thus debuting in the project group Wanna One. Young Min and Dong Hyun were eliminated and finished in 15th and 28th places, respectively. Wanna One officially disbanded on January 2019, allowing Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi to return to Brand New Music.

AB6IX’s Albums

B: Complete (2019) 6ixense (2019)

Actor Lai Kuan Lin

Lai Kuan-lin, also romanized as Lai Guanlin was born on September 23rd, 2001, in Taipei, Taiwan. He is a Taiwanese rapper and singer based in South Korea. He is known for finishing seventh in Produce 101 (season 2) and was a member of the South Korean boy band Wanna One. In 2017, Lai Kuan-lin participated in the second season of Produce 101, and she represented Cube Entertainment. She ranked seventh during the last episode and finally made her debut line up as a member of Wanna One under YMC Entertainment. After Wanna One was disbanded on January 2019, Cube Entertainment announced that Lai Kuan-lin would focus on solo activities in China and that she would debut in a new boy group at the end of the year. Lai Kuan-lin was confirmed as the male lead in the Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love. On February 20, 2019, Cube Entertainment announced that Lai Kuan-lin would participate in a new group project with Wooseok from Pentagon. The unit released their extended play debut, 9801 on March 11, 2019, with the title track “I’m A Star.” Recently, it was also known that Lai Kuan-lin sued his agency, Cube Entertainment regarding his contractual issues.

Lai Kuan-lin’s Albums

9801 (2019)

N.Flying Yoo Hoe-seung

Yoo Hoe-seung was born on February 28th, 1995. He is a South Korean singer under FNC Entertainment. FNC Entertainment trainee Yoo Hoe-seung, who has just appeared as a contestant in “Produce 101 Season 2,” finally joined N.Flying band as their newest member. Lee Seung-hyub explained, N.Flying had begun collaborating with Yoo Hoe-seung occasionally before he appeared in “Produce 101 Season 2,” and they decided that it would be better to work with him as a team member than collaborating with him on music. N.Flying announced in February that they were looking for new members ahead of their upcoming comeback. Yoo Hoe-seung gained many fans during his time on “Produce 101 Season 2,” where he can show his vocal talent and impressive personality. He was eliminated from the show when he entered number 39 during the announcement of the top 35.

N.Flying’s Albums

Brotherhood (2019) – Japan Album Awesome (2015) The Real: N.Flying (2017) The Hottest: N.Flying (2018) How Are You? (2018) Spring Memories (2019)

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