Get to Know IN2IT

IN2IT was one of the authentic boy groups formed from the survival show Boys24. Since their debut, IN2IT members have been showcasing their talents through a bunch of masterpiece music projects. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details of the concepts of IN2IT’s MVs, so stay tuned.

IN2IT – Amazing

“Amazing” was marked as the debut single of IN2IT. The song is included in their mini-album Carpe Diem which consists of four other songs. Meanwhile, “Amazing” also emphasized the tropical house genre produced by Duble Sidekick. Other than that, the single “Amazing” is a mixture of the EDM and Hip-Hop genres. IN2IT’s debut was marked as one of the best projects with “Amazing” as the MV was shot in Kazakhstan. All of the members had a lot of fun during the scenes, driving together in a car. They also danced along on the land with rocky mountains as the background. There was a lot of beautiful scenery such as rocky mountains, blue sky with bright sunlight, vintage neighborhoods, and a lot more.

Mostly, IN2IT members were wearing casual denim outfits, leather jackets, pattern shirts, or hoodies that matched the tropical house music. The “Amazing” MV also somehow reminds us of a movie scene. Meanwhile, the single delivers a story about the strong feelings of love of a guy towards a girl. It seems that the girl is everything for the guy. Such a romantic yet cheerful song, right? Through a live performance of “Amazing” in M! Countdown, IN2IT also brought the tropical and cheerful vibes of the MV on the stage as well. Their stage outfit gained a lot of attention as it was dominated by denim outfits and checkered patterns as well.

IN2IT – SnapShot

“SnapShot” was released as an urban pop single with a mixture of trendy electronic music. The single also became their first comeback with seven members, after previously making their debut with eight members. The single “SnapShot” has a thick and heavy synth sound, also some rap hooks which make it sound better. In the “SnapShot” MV, IN2IT members performed their powerful dance moves in the scene where IN2IT members walk on a stage like runway models. Their iconic dance move of forming a square with their hands is an emblem of a ‘snapshot’. It also emphasized the chorus lyrics: “chalkak chalkak snapshot!” Meanwhile, the runway model concept was also completed with a scene in the backstage and closet room of IN2IT members as well.

One of the best outfits in “SnapShot”, which Channel-Korea found most intriguing, was the black and grey hologram suit and pants. It emphasized each of the IN2IT members’ charismas, while making their appearance more elegant just like real runway models. The “SnapShot” lyrics successfully convey a feeling of being on the runway and drawing people’s attention with our performance on the stage. With flashy clothes, perfect walking on a runway, IN2IT members managed to amaze everyone and even made people want to take a ‘snapshot’ of them. IN2IT also performed “SnapShot” in M! Countdown with their masculine image while the members were wearing all-black outfits. The contrast between black outfits and shining flashy lights on the stage made the IN2IT performance beyond amazing.

IN2IT – Sorry for My English

After making a breakthrough comeback with “SnapShot”, IN2IT made another hit comeback with the song “Sorry for My English”! Basically, “Sorry For My English” is the title track of their summer comeback single album Into the Night Fever. The song also contains parts in the lyrics that are written in various languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English, making it more ear-catchy and attractive at the same time. In the music video, IN2IT members are showing different scenes such as trying to study at home as well as having fun together in a club. While studying at home, IN2IT members look youthful and casual with a teenage image; meanwhile, when having fun together in a club, they appear in a 90s retro style. The disco balls with sparkling lights also perfectly complete the disco theme.

The contrast transition from teenage school vibes into vintage youthful ones became one of the attractive points of the “Sorry for My English” MV. All of the members appear with colorful, bright, and neon outfits in the MV with several patterns that are reminiscent of the retro 90s era. As for the song’s meaning, “Sorry for My English” is about a youthful generation who wants to be free and have fun. The “Sorry for My English” live version brought another concept appearance. Just like their live stage performance on M! Countdown, IN2IT members appear in a monochrome style with a hint of a 90s pattern on their outfits. The disco theme wasn’t really prominent, but their performance was definitely as good as ever.

IN2IT – Run Away

IN2IT made another comeback with six members in the lineup with the hit single “Run Away”! The song was part of their digital single which was officially released on August 7th, 2019. In the several teasers, “Run Away” was using the cool funky concept with its music providing a K-Pop beat with a slight fuse of heavy metal. In the “Run Away” MV, IN2IT members started off their dance performance in the night, in a neighborhood. We can see an old vintage house as their backdrop, with random flashy lights around them as well. In other scenes, each of the IN2IT members appears in a close-up form enabling the fans to see their amazing visuals in even more detail. For their outfit style, IN2IT members kept it simple yet stylish with casual clothes.

Other than that, the “Run Away” MV also showcases IN2IT’s dancing performance in the morning as well, and we can clearly see the emphasis on their visual appearance. Still in the same house as the backdrop, IN2IT members change their outfits into a funky casual style. As for the meaning of the song “Run Away”, it is about a kind of struggle about running away from a ‘suffocating’ place, since they have been trapped there for a while and finally could set themselves free if they were to run away. IN2IT performed the song “Run Away” at one of their concerts in Sofia, Bulgaria. The song was also included in their European Tour range in 2019. They appeared with black and grey patterned outfits, while their performance was completed with red flashlights around the stage. IN2IT members performed the single in such a powerful way that led the crowds to make some noise.

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