This article contains detailed information about fromis_9’s career, especially regarding disbandment rumors. Will they quit the entertainment industry or not? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in the article below!

Will fromis_9 Renew Their Contract, Or Will They Disband In 2022?

As a permanent group in the K-Pop entertainment industry, fromis_9 has signed an exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment since August 2021 with 8 members after renewing their previous contract with different management. On September 21, 2018, they moved management, which Off the Record managed. On August 16, 2021, fromis_9 was finally covered by Pledis Entertainment. Pledis Entertainment has acquired the management rights of fromis_9 from Off The Record and will be in charge of the group from now on. fromis_9 is a girl group formed through a survival program ‘Idol School’ organized by Mnet in 2017. When they debuted, many people thought that fromis_9 was similar to the girl group I.O.I or IZ*ONE. Many people think that fromis_9 is just a temporary group. However, after several rumors circulated, the agency Stone Music finally announced that fromis_9 was a permanent group.

fromis_9’s Agency Hasn’t Announced Their Disbandment, But Netizens Assumed They Will Disband

HYBE through its sub-label, ADOR, debuted NewJeans in 2022 and became the spotlight of netizens for different reasons. Netizens are speculating whether the agency that also houses LE SSERAFIM will “disband” fromis_9 as they suspected G-FRIEND. A post on the online community Pann addresses this topic. The netizen who uploaded it wrote, “They disbanded G-FRIEND when they were about to debut LE SSERAFIM. They wanted LE SSERAFIM to get more attention, so they dumped G-FRIEND. They continued, “Now, NewJeans is about to debut, and Jang Gyuri fromis_9 just announced that she’s leaving the group, and Roh Jisun suddenly got involved in a power trip controversy, keke. Isn’t that too obvious? They moved from team fromis_9 to NewJeans. They don’t need fromis_9 anymore, so they might end up disbanding them.” Finally, the netizen speculated that the first step HYBE would take would be to ignore fromis_9. This post also reaped comments from other netizens. “Honestly, if only they could disband fromis_9, all HYBE artists would get great results,” “HYBE cockroaches will protect them by saying that this is wrong, but every time HYBE releases a new group, they get rid of the others,” “I’m not sure about other groups, but they could have disbanded fromis_9 long before. They are fortunate,” said netizens.

fromis_9’s Contract Ended And 7-Year Curse

Before meeting their 7-year contract as a group in the entertainment industry, fromis_9 faced many challenges in their career journey, including Jang Gyuri’s departure and other considerations due to their contract as a permanent group. Apart from that, fromis_9 also received a lot of love from their fans. They also promoted well by releasing some singles, such as “Glass Shoes”, “To Heart”, “DKDK” and “Stay This Way”. They also achieved wins several times in the music program.

On September 7, 2021, fromis_9 finally got their 1st win with “Talk & Talk”. The victory was the most emotional moment for each member because they all cried. They need 4 years to get their 1st win after their debut in 2018.

Most likely, with some things that happened with fromis_9, they will be disbanded before 7 years of their career as a K-Pop girl group, considering they are only a permanent group.

fromis_9’s Gyuri’s Departure And Contract Expiration

At the end of July 2022, fans were shocked by the sudden announcement from Pledis Entertainment. Jang Gyuri decided to leave fromis_9 because her exclusive contract ended. Pledis Entertainment further revealed the reason for Gyuri’s departure. “She will finish her contract early with us on July 31 to start a new journey. fromis_9 members signed new exclusive contracts with us when they transferred to Pledis Entertainment in August 2021,” added the agency. “Jang Gyuri maintains the original contract conditions with her former agency, and Pledis has been in charge of duties including team management and individual activities. The artist and agency decide after careful consideration and discussion about what will be the best course for everyone.” Pledis Entertainment. On August 18, 2022, the South Korean media outlet SPOTV was revealed to have signed an exclusive contract with Just Entertainment. This is known to be an agency that focuses on overshadowing actors and actresses. Just Entertainment is known to be the agency that houses Yoon Kye-sang, Park Ji-hwan, Kim Joo-ryeong to Kim Sang-ho. Jang Gyuri herself was also confirmed to join the upcoming SBS drama “Cheer Up” (literal translation). This drama also stars Han Ji-hyun and Bae In-hyuk. Jang Gyuri will play the character of Tae Cho-hee, one of the cheerleaders.

fromis_9’s Future Plan If They Are Disband

Until now, there has been no clear decision from their agency to continue fromis_9’s career in the future, but some members have the potential to continue their careers as a soloist or live their life as a non-celebrity. fromis_9’s Hayoung is used to compose songs before and has the potential to be produced new songs in the future. fromis_9’s Seoyeon is also a member who’s good at dancing, she might be a choreographer if she has a solo activity. Let’s continue to give support and lots of love to fromis_9 so that every member gets a good chance in the future to keep a career in the entertainment industry! That was all for the information about fromis_9’s disbandment and their contract with the current agency. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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