The group now is handled by Stone Music Entertainment’s sub-label, Off the Record. Saerom is the captain of the group. During Idol School, she ranked 3rd with a total of 71,037 votes. Before debuting, Saerom also appeared in web dramas produced by Korea Customs Service. Want to know more about Saerom? No worries. Channel-Korea will provide you more details about Lee Sae-rom. Check it out!

Fromis_9’s Lee Sae-rom’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Saerom (새롬) Full Name: Lee Sae Rom (이새롬) Nicknames: Saeromi, Romssae, Keuromssae, Yoreumi, Ttaerom, Chomsae, Han Chae-yong, Rom Captain, Gomssae Date of Birth: January 7, 1997 Place of Birth: Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: B Height: 163 cm Weight: 41 kg Debut Date: January 24, 2018 (with Fromis_9) Associated Acts: Fromis_9 Agency: Stone Music Entertainment Label: Off the Record Education: Hanlim Multi Art High School, Applied Music Department Badge 4th (Alumni), Dongduk Women’s University (Broadcasting Department) MBTI: INFP Official Instagram: lsroom__

Fun Facts of Fromis_9’s Lee Sae-rom

Her positions in Fromis_9 are captain (team leader), sub-vocals, and lead dancer. She is also a rapper and visual of the group. Before debuting, she participated in Mnet’s Dancing9 Season 2 and Idol School 2017. Saerom’s trainee period was 4 years and 7 months. She has an older brother. She is the only member with a driver’s license. She thought that her hands were long and big, and her hair and nails grow quickly. She eats everything well, but she is reluctant to eat soy sauce shrimp. Her favorite food is salmon, tteokbokki, potato ongsimi, Indian curry, raw onions, cucumber peppers, egg soup, and bizzy stew. She doesn’t like chocolate. Her hobbies are reading books or watching movies alone at home. Her favorite music genre is jazz. They always turn on jazz music when they put on makeup. Her favorite musicians are OOHYO and Hoody. She is the best English speaker in the group along with Gyuri. She is a model. Her favorite color is green. She appeared in BEAST & APINK‘s “5! My Baby” MV. Saerom likes to play tennis, badminton, and go swimming or bowling when she has free time. She once won a gold medal for jumping rope. She learned how to swim, how to ride a bicycle, and inline skate when she was young. She resembles Han Chae-young, a South Korean actress. Saerom’s roommates are Seoyeon, Nagyung, and Jiheon. She is close to OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie and WJSN’s Eunseo.

Fromis_9’s Lee Sae-rom’s Pre-Debut Story

Before her debut, Saerom appeared in some dramas. She also joined a survival show by Mnet called Idol School in 2017. Before participating in Mnet’s Idol School, she made an appearance in Mnet’s Dancing9 Season 2. She first entered entertainment agencies in the first grade of middle school and continued to move to several agencies until the end of the third grade of high school where she spent about four years and seven months as a trainee. Therefore, Saerom had a dream of becoming an idol. She also became a fitting model to help her friend who runs a shopping mall. When she attended Dongduk Women’s University, she participated in regular performances by the department. Let’s take a look at Saerom’s pre-debut journey in the thread below.

Lee Sae-rom’s Appearance in Mnet’s Dancing9 Season 2

Saerom participated in Mnet’s Dancing9 Season 2. It’s a dance survival program. Saerom appeared in the first episode of the show. Unfortunately, she failed in the first round. She danced to 4Minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today.” Check out Saerom’s Dancing9 cut here:

Lee Sae-rom’s Appearances in Idol School

Saerom participated in Idol School in 2017. In the first episodes, Saerom ranked 13th. During the basic vocal evaluation, she made a slight mistake in not keeping the beat. In the second round, her rank raised up to 8th, 5 times higher than the last round. This made her one step closer to her debut by entering the top nine. In the third round, ahead of the debut ability evaluation, she was unexpectedly appointed as the team leader. When hiring members, Saerom chose experienced and excellent students and form the strongest group. Upon selecting a performance song, the team was able to choose the song “Whistle” by Blackpink which the team wanted the most. The performance received good feedback and also won first place in the group performance. In the 5th episode, Saerom performed “Hush” for the midterm exam of Class A. In the mid-term group competition, she scored the highest score in the group competition. In the 8th episode, when deciding on the final performance song of the semester, she joined the WEE WOO group and performed with it. In the final, she joined the group “You in My Fantasy” and was ranked third in the final ranking ceremony and advanced to debut, making her the fifth member of Fromis_9! Check out Saerom’s appearances in Idol School 2017 here:

Lee Sae-rom’s Debut as a Child Actor

Lee Sae-rom started her career as a child actor. Saerom showed off her acting skills through the web dramas produced by Korea Customs Service. These dramas include The War on Drug Smuggling and The War on Illegal Imports. She also took a minor role in some dramas such as KBS2’s School 2013, KBS2’s AD Genius Lee Tae-Baek, and KBS2’s Master of Study. Check out her appearances in Korea Customs Service’s web dramas here:

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