But we’re not going to talk about the whole group in this article; rather, we are going to explore the detailed information about one of the members of ARGON—Yeoun. In this feature, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of information about ARGON’s Yeoun, so stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

ARGON’s Yoeun’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Lee Kyeong-bin (이경빈) Stage Name: Yeoun (여운) Date of Birth: September 3rd, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Age: 22 years old (International age)/23 years old (Korean age) Height: 183 cm Weight: 60 kg Nationality: Korean Position: Sub-vocalist Associated With: ARGON Label: MSH Entertainment Years Active: 2018–present

ARGON’s Yoeun’s Fun Facts

Interesting facts about Yeoun:

Yeoun was announced as the fourth member of ARGON on November 22nd, 2018 The stage name Yeoun was found by him while he heard the name on YouTube Before his debut, Yeoun used to communicate with fans through his individual Instagram account Yeoun started dreaming about becoming a singer after listening to Rain‘s song “Rainism” In middle school, Yeoun was known as the Tennis King since he had been a member of a table tennis club at the time Yeoun would like to try using a fresh and summer vibes concept, as well as try to color his hair in bright colors Yeoun relieves his stress by eating, but he doesn’t like mint chocolate ice cream He often uses the ‘hearts’ emoticon He can imitate the sound of ASMR mukbang (eating broadcast) and he revealed this as his special talent Yeoun loves to play the game Animal Crossing He can play the guitar In the Pops in Seoul ARGON’s episodes, Yeoun also did a short cover of the song “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

Learn More About ARGON’s Yeoun’s Personality

Let’s find out more about Yeoun through his personality! Basically, Yeoun is a kind and friendly person. In ARGON, he is known as the most cheerful member since he is also often seen with his energetic vibes. When Yeoun is talking, or is just involved in a conversation, he always looks enthusiastic and successfully spreads huge amounts of positivity around him. Aside from that, Yeoun also shares his warm smile a lot. This has made the fans go crazy over him, and has been increasing his friendly appearance even more!

ARGON’s Yeoun’s Focus Fancams

ARGON has appeared in several music shows, and one of them includes the performance of their debut single “Master Key”, namely the Simply K-Pop music show. The fans have recorded the performance, and made a focus fancam of Yeoun’s performance. In the show, Yeoun was dressed in a white outfit made up of white pants, white shoes, and also a striped shirt which made his style look even classier! His performance was looking powerful and charismatic at the same time! The way Yeoun danced, the way Yeoun sang, and his expression during the performance, all of it was the best combination ever to make people unable to take their eyes off of Yeoun. Since he is a member of the vocal line in ARGON, his voice during live performances also has no flaws!


ARGON’s Yeoun’s Practice Singing

Have you ever wondered what is Yeoun’s voice like during practice? You can find the answer to your curiosity here. On ARGON’s official YouTube channel, there are some videos of Yeoun while he practices singing. Among them is Yeoun’s cover of the song “All My Life” originally sang by Park Won. He was sitting on a couch in ARGON’s practice room, with his casual outfit and appealing style in the video. Right after the instruments started playing, Yeoun started to sing beautifully. His voice is undeniably beautiful, soft, and deep at the same time. There are several high notes within the song, but he effortlessly slays them. In the comment section, the fans also expressed their admiration for Yeoun’s voice. Mostly, they’d say that his voice is just like an angel’s voice! Well, it’s true, isn’t it?


ARGON’s Yoeun’s Latest News

Let’s keep up with ARGON’s Yeoun and stay updated with his latest news! One of the latest performances of Yeoun was with a cover song. The song cover was uploaded on ARGON’s YouTube Channel, and Yeoun displayed his angelic voice by singing “All About You” originally performed by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. The song is also famously known as part of the soundtrack of one of the popular Korean dramas, Hotel Del Luna. Since the fans already have fallen deep with Yeoun’s voice, they also expressed it through a bunch of compliments for his cover song performance! Moreover, Yeoun appeared with a new hair color, light brown, which was also suitable for his style. One of the best parts of his performance was his facial expression. It seemed like Yeoun’s emotions also popped into the song, which made his performance feel surreal, ethereal, and amazing at the same time. Watch ARGON’s Yeoun’s performance of “All About You”, here:

And also, here are the latest updates of Yeoun on ARGON’s official Instagram: Yeoun appeared with a new hairstyle! With curly and volumizing hair, his appearance seems to look even cuter!   That was all the information regarding ARGON’s Yeoun. Even though Yeoun and the other ARGON members haven’t made a comeback recently, let’s keep supporting them and look forward to their upcoming projects in the future! Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about ARGON’s Yeoun in the comment section below!

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