Clazziquai Project is famous for the single titled “Lover Boy” (2007) and also won Best OST at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (2005) for the My Lovely Sam Soon OST titled “She Is….” In this article, there’s detailed information about Clazziquai Project’s vocalist, Alex Chu, starting from his full profile to his career journey that you should know!

Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s Full Profile

Real Name: Chu Heo-geon (Hangul: 추헌건) Stage Name: Alex (Hangul: 알렉스) Birth: South Korea, September 2, 1979 Star Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean-Canadian Religion: Christian Family Member: Parents, Brother, Sister (Christina Chu), Uncle (Kang Seok-ho), Cousin (Choo Hyeon-yeop) Official Site:

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Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s Discography

Besides contributing as a vocalist for Clazziquai Project, Alex Chu also had the opportunity to release several singles as a soloist. Let’s check out more about Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s discography and music videos below!

In 2006, Alex Chu released his very first digital single titled “Heartbreaking Words” (Hangul: 너무 아픈 이 말). Just like the title of the single, he sings a ballad song full of deep lyrics throughout this song. Not only that but the music video for “Heartbreaking Words” is like telling a fictional story and also a romance story between a man and a woman who miraculously comes out of a shell that was fished in a river.

In 2018, Alex Chu released a music video titled “Love You” (Hangul: 사랑하오) for his 1st album My Vintage Romance. Like several previous singles, Alex Chu has a melodious voice that is perfect for ballads and medium-tempo songs. Besides that, every music video that he shows also tells a sweet story, and every character has a romance story with each other.

Still on the same single for Alex Chu’s 1st album My Vintage Romance, he re-released another music video titled “If It’s You” (Hangul: 그대라면). The melodious singing voice of the Clazziquai Project’s vocalist is indeed very suitable for sad songs telling about human life which is full of gloomy things or someone’s struggles as seen in the “If It’s You” music video.

In November 2008, Alex Chu released another music video titled “Bad Behavior” (Hangul: 나쁜짓) with a ballad genre that is very clear from the music and videos uploaded by Big Hit labels at that time. The music video for “Bad Behavior” also seems different in general because it shows a scene where there are two true friends who love each other, but they part because of death. But, they have a unique dream to have superpowers so they can help people in need.

In November 2012, Alex released another music video for his new single titled “Melody Andante” (Hangul: 만남편) with a different genre than usual. If Alex Chu often releases ballad songs and medium-tempo songs, in “Melody Andante,” he releases a song that is happier and upbeat. Besides that, you can also see Krystal Jung‘s appearance in this music video which is 7:22 minutes long.

In May 2011, Alex Chu released a single titled “Can’t Be Crazy” (Hangul: 해도) which is a work by promising composer Lel, and it contains sad lyrics expressing the heart of approaching again with a wound that does not heal even if it is crazy hard because of the lover you love. It has an addictive melody that you cannot forget once you hear it. Besides that, you can also see actress Jung Ryeo-won with her great acting skill starring in the “Can’t Be Crazy” music video.

In June 2012, Alex Chu released his second full-length solo album JUST LIKE ME with the title song “Goodbye With a Smile” (Hangul: 안녕). This song was arranged by Lee Won-seok of Daybreaker and can be seen in two versions while the music video is directed by Ryu Hyung-ki of Dial M. Besides that, there’s an appearance by Bye Bye Sea and Urban Zakapa as musicians from the same agency as Alex Chu in this music video.

Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s Filmography

Alex Chu started his career as a vocalist for Clazziquai Project, but that doesn’t mean that his career journey ends there. Alex Chu started trying his luck as an actor in 2007 and appeared in several dramas and variety shows. Let’s check out Alex Chu’s filmography in this session below!

Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s Career Journey

Born in Korea, he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, during his second year of middle school. he grew up and became a naturalized Canadian citizen. Clazziquai Project was recruited when he was in high school with DJ Clazzi. His sister, Christina Chu, helped him with music and joined the group for a while. Then, Alex Chu replaced her position and took on the vocals of the songs, discovered the voice and singing ability that suited the music, and continued his career based on his participation as a member of Clazziquai Project. Alex Chu lived with his mother in Canada, and she seems to be quite good at musical instruments and also has a good taste in cooking. There are quite a few female fans who fell for his dish. Alex himself said that he would have been a cook if he hadn’t been a singer, but he said he once worked as a cook at a Canadian restaurant. Thanks to this, he took on the role of a cook in the K-drama Pasta in 2010. Surprisingly, he said that he was not interested in studies when he was in school and wanted to experience social life early, so he worked various part-time jobs. He worked as a painter, Japanese restaurant chef, English phone handler part-time, porter, etc. Alex Chu has a very soft and smooth tone. In the early days of his debut, critics said that his voice was reminiscent of Craig David. But, it’s lower than that. In Clazziquai Project, Alex doesn’t have a presence like Horan‘s part, and Alex’s parts are all low-pitched. The idea of ​​a person who recites poems rather than singing was booming. If Horan adds points and character to each song with her unique and mysterious voice, Alex as the main vocalist can be seen as the main vocalist, covering many parts with a comfortable tone and a wider range than that, holding the center of the song. One way or another, Clazziquai Project’s unique innocence and smooth voice contribute greatly to the identity of Clazziquai Project’s music, and it is undoubtedly difficult to imagine his absence. To be honest, Clazziquai Project’s vocals have not been well-received during their live performance in the past. After Alex Chu’s second appearance on MBC’s King of Mask Singer, he showed a dramatic improvement in voice and other aspects. There is an impression that it is specialized in sweet and soulful songs with innate tones and characteristic trembling. In fact, in the early albums, the main focus was on languid and soft sounds, but from the mid-late stage, they tend to produce a lot of tight and sharp sounds because his voice also plays a large part in the song. Alex Chu also made it into K-dramas as an actor and appeared on MBC’s We Got Married (2009). He became a couple with Shin-ae. Then, he became very popular with his new single at that time titled “Flowerpot” which often aired on various radio programs that women in their 20s and 30s listened to. His appearance through We Got Married made the number of anti-fans increase due to various unrealistic actions. Among them, the highlight was the famous scene of washing feet and the scene of saying goodbye by giving flower pots, which was later parodied with the title of “Alex Planting the Potted Sound” in Infinite Challenge.

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