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Badkiz’s Lua’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jo Han-kyeong (Hangul: 조한경) Stage Name: Lua (Hangul: 루아) Current Stage Name: Kang Han-kyeong (Hangul: 강한경) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, September 14th, 1991 Star Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Height: 166 cm (5’5″) Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist Active Period: 2015–2016 Official Site: Instagram (@k_hankyoung), (@k.hankyoung), (@__khk__0914) YouTube Channel (한경’s월드)

Badkiz’s Lua Fun Facts

Badkiz’s Lua’s Focus Fan-cam

On September 4th, 2016, Badkiz’s Lua performed with her group, Badkiz, by singing the hit single at the time, “Hothae.” With a sexy but cute concept, Lua, who at that time had short blonde hair, looked cute when dancing on stage. The tank top that is characteristic of each member also looks very suitable to wear and Badkiz’s Lua is wearing a lime green cropped top and black shorts with two colored stripes to match the top worn.

On May 5th, 2015, Lua with her long hair looks very cheerful on stage. Even though she has to sing live while dancing, she still looks professional with a performance featuring Badkiz’s other top song, “Babomba.” The outfit that was worn was still practically comfortable at that time. Badkiz’s Lua is wearing a tie-back white cropped top and black buttoned short jeans. Besides that, the white boots also give a cool impression to wear on stage.

On August 15th, 2015, Badkiz’s Lua came with the girl group that was famous for its sexy yet cute concept. On stage, Lua, who had blonde silver hair, did look sexy and seductive while dancing “Come Closer” with the other members. Badkiz’s Lua also wears the same outfit as the other members with a modified white tank top with accessories such as a belt on her upper body and tight red high waisted hotpants showing each member’s slim legs.

BADKIZ’s Lua’s Visual

Badkiz’s Lua is a member who was born in 1991. Although not a young member, Lua’s appearance on each comeback is very iconic and looks beautiful. Like her appearance with blonde short hair and bangs that still give off a girly impression, Lua seems like she fits into Badkiz’s 2nd visual with a cute but sexy concept. Not only her appearance, but Lua is also a very cheerful member and often smiles on stage. This member who was born in Busan also turned out to be famous for her charming smiles. Not only on stage but at press conferences as well, Lua often shows her smile. In this photo, Lua, who has the birth name Jo Han-kyeong, looks mature with her long brown hair. Her body is also seen as the ideal form of a tall and slim idol. Badkiz’s Lua looks easily recognizable when she has blonde short hair as her signature appearance and is often looking to stand out in the group among the members. However, she also had the opportunity to change her hair color several times. In this photo, Badkiz’s Lua looks beautiful with blonde hair but this time she is seen with long hair and styled to be wavy.

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