In this article, there’s a detailed information about a member of SPECTRUM who also has position as the visual, which is Kim Dongyoon. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon starting from his full profile, fun facts, appearance on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’ until a sad news when he passed away in this article below!

SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon’s Full Profile

Real Name : Kim Dongyoon (hangul: 김동윤) Stage Name : Dongyoon (hangul: 동윤) Birth : June 3, 1998 Star Sign : Gemini Height : 179.8 cm (5’11″) Weight : 58 kg (128 lbs) Blood Type : B Position of the group : Main Rapper, Visual Education : Soongsil Cyber ​​University Official Site : Instagram ( @dong_y00n )

SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon’s Fun Facts

SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon’s Appearance in ‘MixNine’

Kim Dongyoon appeared as a contestant on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’ that was aired on October 29, 2017 until January 26, 2018. During this survival show, Kim Dongyoon was already under WYNN Entertainment as a trainee. He just got the spotlight during appearance in this show and managed to maintain his position until Episode 13. Kim Dongyoon received Grade B on the first episode, then he managed to move up to the 31th place on Episode 4 and Episode 5. In Episode 8, Kim Dongyoon managed to rise to the 24th place position and maintained that position until Episode 10. On Episode 11, Kim Dongyoon proved his achievements to make it to the 18th place position. In the next episode, Kim Dongyoon got the 21th place on Episode 13, but he was eliminated on Episode 14. ‘Mix Nine’ Kim Dongyoon showed a daunting look with insufficient skills. On the December 3rd, JTBC’s ‘Mix Nine’ showed a dance position battle. Kim Dongyoon chose a rap position. This team had more trainees than expected, so a small number of people had to move to another team. Kim Dongyoon showed a feeling of atrophy among the trainees with excellent rapping skills, and said, “If I say I’m pushed out of here, I don’t know when I’ll be able to rap again, so I wanted to cry. It was sad,” he said sadly. In the end, Kim Dongyoon moved to a dance position. Kim Dongyoon also had difficulties during dance position practice. The dance trainer said, “I think Dongyoon needs to be strong.” He continued to point out Kim Dongyoon by saying, “You look so weak”, “I have no feeling”, “Oh really”, and “I think Dongyoon needs to be a little bigger.” Kim Dongyoon said, “I had to improve my skills a little more and come out. Wasn’t it too hasty a challenge?” he sighed. ‘Mix Nine’ Kim Dong-yoon is attracting attention with his warm appearance. On December 11, 2017, Kim Dong-yoon’s agency, WYNN Entertainment, posted on the official Instagram, with a caption : “[WYNN ENT] Hello!! This is WYNN Ent’s trainee Kim Dong-yoon. We will always do our best to show you a better side for those who are interested and vote hard!! Thank you #Mixnine! #KimDongyun-chan!! Vote for #WYNN ENT trainee #KimDongyoon! Voting twice a day! Voting is available on the official JTBC ‘MixNine; website and Melon. We ask for your support. #MIXNINE #ShiningBoysGirls #OnlineVoting” Kim Dongyoon’s selca was posted along a caption that was asked for the fans support throuh his participation on ‘MixNine’. In particular, Kim Dong-yoon’s handsome appearance creates warmth. Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I voted”, “I miss you until the end”, and “I support you fighting”. Even though Kim Dongyoon’s journey on the show was ended on the 3rd elimination round, let’s still give appreciation for his hard work to show the best since he was a trainee on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’. This is also one of the reasons for Kim Dongyoon so that he can also debut as SPECTRUM’s member because he is able to prove the best performance.

SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon Reported Has Passed Away

Shocking news came from a 7-member rookie boy group, SPECTRUM. One of its members, Dongyoon, is reported to have passed away. Dongyoon’s death was announced by the SPECTRUM agency, WYNN Entertainment on July 27, 2018. The agency revealed that the idol with the full name Kim Dongyoon died on the same day, July 27. In a statement, WYNN Entertainment said that the family wanted Dongyoon’s funeral to be held secretly. They also apologized to fans for this sudden sad news. It was not stated what the cause of Dongyoon’s death was at the age of 20 years. Not a few regretted Dongyoon’s departure considering he had a handsome, talented face and his appearance on ‘MIXNINE’ left a pretty deep impression. In addition, the netters also speculated about the cause of his death. “Why wasn’t the cause of death mentioned? Does that mean he committed suicide? I think I read earlier that the cause was too hard work,” commented by a netter. “Seeing how the cause of death was not stated, it must have been suicide,” said another netter. “I remember him in ‘MIXNINE’. He is handsome and very suitable to be an idol. Too bad. Rest in peace,” said another. “There are rumors that he died because he worked too hard. Their agency should immediately reveal the cause of his death,” said by another netter. “Let’s stop. No more idols. No more ‘Produce 101’, ‘MIXNINE’… If this kid doesn’t dream of becoming an idol, he will live a normal life as a student. He won’t die,” added another. Her sister also wrote a message full of emotion through Instagram account on @fflower..v, by saying : “To my beloved brother Dongyoon who always shines. They say that everyone will leave when it’s time, but still, I think it’s too soon,” she wrote. Dongyoon’s sister said that to this day she could not believe that her brother was gone forever. Previously, Kim Dongyoon’s agency, WYNN Entertainment, announced the idol’s sudden departure without an explanation of the cause of death. “I still can’t believe it.. I hate this very hard to accept reality,” she wrote. Dongyoon’s sister also remembers the figure of her brother during her life. She called it kind and funny. “Dongyoon, you are an important part of our family. More than anyone you are honest, kind, liked by people, always smiling, like to eat until full, and very funny,” wrote @fflower..v. The long-haired woman added, couldn’t help but feel sad at Dongyoon’s funeral. “My heart is broken to have to send you off. When we held your funeral, many people prayed that you would go to a good place. I am so very grateful, sorry and grateful,” she wrote. “As many prayers are with you, you must go to the best place. You must be happy there. I love you very much and I still love you, brother. Thank you so much to those who have expressed their condolences. Please pray that Dongyoon is not lonely,” she added. Well, that was all for the information about SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon and everything you should know about him. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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