Full Profile of Lovelyz’s Mijoo

Birth Name: Lee Mi-joo (이미주) and she legally changed her name as Lee Seung-ah (이승아) Stage Name: Mijoo (미주) Date of Birth: Okcheon Country, North Chungcheong, South Korea, September 23, 1994 Age: 26 years old Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 167 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: O Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist Label: Woollim Entertainment Years Active: 2014 – present Associated With: Lovelyz

Interesting Facts About Lovelyz’s Mijoo

Mijoo was famously known as the most fashionable member in Lovelyz as well as the messiest member of the group. Mijoo also the vitamin and the ‘queen’ of Lovelyz. Mijoo’s favorite clothing style is tight clothes. Mijoo’s favorite color is red. Mijoo loves meat, sundae, tteokbokki, and twigim set. But she doesn’t like food with a strong taste like salmon, oyster, or any fishy food. Mijoo loves to watching movies and listening to music. Before her official debut, Mijoo has been known as the most beautiful girl in her hometown. Mijoo also used to attend Seungri’s Dance Academy. If Mijoo didn’t become a singer, she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Mijoo graduated from Okcheon Commerce High School. Mijoo and her father used to had a lot of arguments, but it also leads them to had a strong relationship ever since back then. Mijoo’s role model is Lee Hyo-ri. Mijoo is also known as Potterhead (Harry Potter’s fan). Mijoo’s ideal type is someone who deep-thinker and has a nice smile. Mijoo is the only member in Lovelyz who doesn’t have a personal Instagram account.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo Debut as Lovelyz Member

Before joined the girl group Lovelyz, Mijoo has been established her dancing skills since she used to attend Seungri’s Dance Academy. Other than that, her original dream career was to be a kindergarten teacher. Fortunately, she changed her mind and pursuing her career to be a K-Pop idol! Might be you like to check: Golden Child’s Jangjun: Profile, Men’s Health, and Crackhead Duo Mijoo Mijoo made her debut as a Lovelyz member under Woollim Entertainment in November 2014 which marked through the group’s first album entitled Girl’s Invasion, with the title track Candy Jelly Love! In Lovelyz, she is in charge as the main dancer and vocalist as well. Mijoo with other groupmate in Lovelyz has been proven their great talent through a lot of achievements from their first debut.

Lovelyz made their debut stage on M! COUNTDOWN, meanwhile, the debut showcase was held at K-ART Hall in Olympic Park. The album Girl’s Invasion also welcomed by people warmly which made it successfully entering Taiwan’s Five Music Korea-Japan weekly chart and Japan’s Tower Records album chart as well. And then, Lovelyz held their first fan meeting and mini-concert entitled Lovely Day which located in Ax Korea in December 2015. Outside her activity with Lovelyz, Mijoo also joined the dance competition Hit the Stage in 2016 and appeared in several TV shows such as Inkigayo, My Mad Beauty, Shopping Cart Savior, and many more.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s Runway Model Pose Which Made Sensation

One of the most interesting appearances from Lovelyz’s Mijoo was her unique yet extraordinary ‘runway model’ performance! Basically, it was known as the moment where Mijoo would walking and felt as though if she was on the runway stage. The moment has occurred on the road towards her way into certain music shows. It happened several times, and obviously gained a lot of attention from people! Might be you like to check: From Lovelyz’s Mijoo To IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon; Here Are The List Of K-Pop Female Idol Who Have Extra Personality That Will Make You Laugh The thing that made it quite ‘sensational’ was actually referred to Mijoo’s unique pose! Instead of walking beautifully or filled with elegant vibes, Mijoo would prefer to give a cheerful and hilarious pose. Her funny pose such as standing on the road while bitten a rose within her mouth, lifting up one of her legs, pose as if she was a baseball player, and many more. But still, her gorgeous vibes remained the same! Obviously, the fans also found it cute and adorable at the same time. Through her unique act, Mijoo also still greeting the fans or media crew during her way into music shows. Such a lovely girl she is! Let’s take a look at Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s runway-road appearance here:

Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s Discography

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Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s Filmography

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Lovelyz’s Music Video and OST Appearances

Let’s get to keep updates on Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s news! What she’s been up to lately? Mijoo has still continued her activity with Lovelyz as well as her other schedule. After her appearance in a web variety show entitled Mijoo Pikchu, her latest project was marked through Lovelyz’s latest single Obliviate which has been released since September 2020! Aside from that, Mijoo also taking part in Do Do Sol Sol La La original soundtrack titled Loving You. The song was performed by Mijoo and her groupmate Baby Soul as well as Jin. Let’s check out Mijoo’s appearance from her latest project here:


  That’s all the information that we provided for you about Mijoo from Lovelyz. Just like her group’s name, Mijoo is really lovely, right? Not to mention her hilarious personality, she is really a full package! Let us know the reason why you’re in loved with Lovelyz’s Mijoo through the comment section!

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