Full Profile of Varsity’s Anthony

Birth Name: Anthony Lo Chinese Name: An Dongni (安东尼) Stage Name: Anthony (앤써니) Date of Birth: Los Angeles, USA, March 12, 1998 Age: 22 years old Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 180 cm Weight: 57 kg Nationality: Chinese, American Position: Visual, Vocalist, Rapper Years Active: 2017 – present Label: Jungle Entertainment, CSO Entertainment, GKC Entertainment, In Hi Media Ltd Associated With: Varsity, Varsity-V Instagram: alokeytho

Interesting Facts About Varsity’s Anthony That You Have to Know!

Anthony’s nicknames are Alo, Godthony, and Geum-sa-bba. He could speak English, Chinese, and a little bit of Korean. His voice also sounded cute every time he spoke English. He loves to play the piano, composing, and sleeping. He likes Mexican food, steak, crab, spicy noodles, latiato, and fish. Food made by his mother also something that he likes the most. Anthony’s favorite artists are Drake, Coldplay, Oh Wonder, Zadd, Lido, as well as Kendrick Lamar. Anthony’s favorite anime character is Naruto. Anthony’s motto in his life is “Let’s live our own lives, not other people’s.“ His ideal type is a girl who has some personality with him. His habit is sometimes he’s way too concerned about other people. One of his way of relieving stress was talking to his mother. Anthony was a part of Varsity-V sub-unit. In Varsity, Anthony was really close with Manny. Other Varsity members also thought that Anthony had such an amazing visual appearance. He used to become a trainee in Idol Producer, but he got eliminated. Anthony wants to visit Italy someday.

About Varsity’s Anthony Personality

Anthony was known as the cheerful member of Varsity who had a lot of charms! Even though he didn’t really fluent in Korean, he was always caught up had many great moments with other members. Moreover, he could easily get along with other people as well. Anthony was also known as a conscientious person who made him pay attention to any details.

His Appearance on Focus Fancam

Not only blessed with such a stunning visual appearance, but Anthony also amazed people with a bunch of talent such as amazing dance skills! Through one of the Varsity performances for Hole in One, he looked effortlessly gorgeous even with a casual outfit only! The way he danced passionately following the up-beat music, his good vocals during a live performance, and also Anthony’s adorable charms was a perfect combination!

Through his appearance in Idol Producer, Anthony showed off his charisma while playing the piano and singing with his soft and deep voice! Even it was just a short performance, but Anthony proved his talent and charisma beautifully!

Anthony and The Sub-Unit ‘Varsity-V’

Since Anthony was involved in the sub-unit Varsity-V, he and other Chinese members were made their debut in China on June 9, 2017. However, their agency announced in September 2018 that Varsity would be divided into two groups, the Korean members would be promoting as Varsity in South Korea. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chinese members still unsure whether to remain as Varsity-V or not. Since then, Anthony hasn’t appeared in any related activity as an idol which made the fans and people were thoughts that he was on hiatus. That was all of the information about Anthony! He was the stunning visual of Varsity with Chinese-American nationality who looked beyond amazing in every performance of Varsity. Well, what do you guys think about Varsity’s Anthony? Leave your thoughts through the comment below!

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