One of them is Varsity. With a total of 12 members, 7 Korean and 5 Chinese, Varsity is among the boy group that has the most members and was able to make a breakthrough in K-Pop history. In this article, we are going to explore the details of one of the members of Varsity, Seungbo the lead vocalist. Without waiting too long, just scroll down and check out the detailed information about Varsity’s Seungbo’s full profile, fun facts, his personality, and all the other juicy details prepared for you by Channel-Korea!

Full Profile of Varsity’s Seungbo

Real Name: Jung Seung-bo (Hangul: 정승보) Stage Name: Seungbo (Hangul: 승보) Nicknames: Dubai, Seungbok-ie (Hangul: 승복이), Bbo (Hangul: 뽀), Boseung-ie (Hangul: 보승이) Place and Date of Birth: Ilsan, South Korea, November 1st, 1997 Height: 178 cm (5’10″) Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Blood Type: A Position: Lead Vocalist Agency: Jungle Entertainment Official Site: Instagram (@seungbo_today)

Fun Facts about Varsity’s Seungbo


Varsity’s Seungbo’s Focus Fancam

At one of the showcases held by Varsity on October 2nd, 2017, Seungbo looked very energetic doing performances with other members, by doing a special dance performance on stage. With a song titled “Out the Speakers”, Varsity’s Seungbo is seen with the casual clothes he wears like a teenager rebel but fits the concept very well because the dance performance he does also looks energetic with the badass choreographies.

On January 21st, 2017, Varsity did a performance by singing live on stage. They performed ballads that could touch anyone who heard the songs. The title of one of them is “U R My Only One” and Varsity’s Seungbo can also be heard singing the song with a very melodious voice. Coupled with the rap parts of the members who did the part well, they harmonized really well when performing the song.

As mentioned in the fun facts about Varsity’s Seungbo, he was one of the members who created PPAP’s Indian version of the content. From the video above, you can see Varsity’s Seungbo and Rio practicing PPAP’s Indian version at an event that is being held outdoor.

Varsity’s Seungbo’s Visual

Debuting in 2017, Varsity’s Seungbo seemed to already have high confidence when he successfully debuted with the boy group consisting of 12 members. Indeed, one of the provisions that every idol must have is high self-confidence, so that they can perform in front of fans and many people to the maximum and give the best for the audience. In the photo, Varsity’s Seungbo is seen with a neat hairstyle and natural make-up. At first glance, he has facial features similar to INFINITE’s Sunggyu. Like other idol members, Varsity’s Seungbo is also seen often taking selcas to just interact with fans via social media or their official fansite. In the selca above, we can see Varsity’s Seungbo’s new hair color, which is blonde. Blonde is one of those hair color options that are different from the others and are unique. In this hairstyle concept, Varsity’s Seungbo looks more confident and can exude his idol aura well. In December 2020, Varsity’s Seungbo posted another selca. Although he is no longer active as a member of Varsity, Seungbo is still continuing his career in the entertainment industry even though he has to debut in a different group. With his new appearance concept, fans will be left with an upgraded version of Seungbo because he looks more mature and sexy with a blue-gray hair color. In addition, the make-up worn also looks different and better.

Varsity’s Seungbo’s Cover Songs

Varsity’s Seungbo is one of the group’s lead vocalists and is well known for his singing skills. He was also seen showing his talent in singing when busking in public spaces with other members. Wearing a boyfriend material style with blue nuances, Varsity’s Seungbo sings the famous Western Pop song titled “Officially Missing You”. Not only singing, but Varsity’s Seungbo also sings filling in the empty lyrics with the rap part he previously made. Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about Varsity’s Seungbo’s full profile, fun facts, and personality. By debuting with Varsity, we can see that Seungbo is doing well in starting his career as a K-Pop idol with various activities and promotions with the group. Their career journey is also not easy because each group have their own challenges so that they can successfully get the attention of fans and the public. Even though Seungbo has now re-debuted with Kingdom, it’s good that we also continue to provide support and love for him and wait for other interesting articles to be published by Channel-Korea!

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