This can be a marketing trick and also attract a wider audience of fans. However, in the middle of Varsity’s career, it turns out that they have received many challenges to date, Varsity has been declared disbanded by an official statement from one of the ex-members, Damon. Then, how is the continuation of the activities of the members who previously debuted under the name Varsity? Are they still pursuing a career in the entertainment industry? Well, we will see more about the full profile, fun facts, his career journey with Varsity, and the latest news of one of the Chinese members named Jaebin. If you want more information, scroll down this article below to find out more about Varsity’s Jaebin!

Full Profile of Varsity’s Jaebin

Real Name: Dèngbīn (邓滨) Korean Name: Deungbin (Hangul: 등빈) Stage Name: Jaebin (Hangul: 재빈) Date of Birth: February 13th, 1997 Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 181 cm (5’11″) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Nationality: Chinese Position: Vocalist Official Site: Instagram ( @inhi_0213 )

Fun Facts about Varsity’s Jaebin


Varsity’s Jaebin’s Focus Fancam

In November 2018, Varsity were streamlining their schedule in China. In the focus fancam above, Varsity’s Jaebin is seen performing one of the singles from the group titled “Can You Come Out Now”. It seems that the focus of the thread above was when Chinese members held their promotions in China, so there were some Korean members who did not appear in the performance. In an all-black costume and red line accent on the sleeves of the outfit worn by Varsity’s Jaebin, he looked cool when he performed with several female back dancers at the event.

In July 2018, Varsity, who just made a series for their comeback by releasing a single titled “Flower”, uploaded an individual teaser on YouTube and showed the charm of Varsity’s Jaebin. Even though the video above is not a fancam focus, it also shows the individual charm of one of the Chinese members of Varsity, which is Jaebin, who comes with his newest appearance with blonde hair.

Varsity’s Jaebin’s Visual

Varsity’s Jaebin is a Chinese member who was born in 1997 and is included in one of the line-ups as the oldest one. Even though he is an adult, Varsity’s Jaebin can pull off any concept very well. Varsity’s Jaebin is also seen frequently posting his selcas on social media and showing the charm of his handsome and soft-looking visuals. The selca above shows Varsity’s Jaebin wearing a red shirt looking at the camera without any expression. The photo above, captured by a Varsity fan, also shows another side of Jaebin. This photo was taken when the members were undergoing schedules during their debut era. Varsity’s Jaebin looks very charismatic with pink hair and he even looks really handsome when showing the side of his face. It is undeniable that the visuals of Varsity’s Jaebin do look really good in any concept. The photo above is an individual teaser picture for their debut and here, even Varsity’s Jaebin has shown his charm as an idol member who is ready to be present in the entertainment industry in South Korea. Even now, Varsity’s Jaebin looks more mature with his appearance when he is no longer active as a member of the group he debuted with in South Korea. In his latest appearance, Varsity’s Jaebin shows off his aura and charisma as a former K-Pop idol and is still able to amaze fans through his visuals that glow up and look handsome.

Is It True That Varsity Has Disbanded? What Happened To Jaebin?

Until today, there has been no information regarding Varsity. After releasing their last single, “Flower”, in 2018, there is no further news of a comeback or release of further songs. It’s just that some members who are of 2 different nationalities run their promotions separately in South Korea and China. In fact, their agency has not said anything related to the disbandment of the multi-national boy group that debuted in 2017. Through the fan café, fans assumed that Varsity had disbanded due to financial problems that their agency had to face because Jungle K Entertainment had debts that had to be paid for years and it was very hard to manage Varsity for a long time. Beside that, Varsity is also not the only boy group under Jungle K Entertainment, they also have 4Ten and other artists. Chinese members formed in Varsity-V are still active and will be sent to Hi Media. Meanwhile, Varsity members who are part of the Korean line-up are currently signing their contract under Jungle K Entertainment. Then, what about the latest news from Varsity’s Jaebin? You can immediately check the latest updates from his social media (@inhi_0213) and see the news he shares with fans from his current daily activities. When viewed through the Instagram account of Varsity’s Jaebin, he has returned to his home country and only started posting his first photos on March 29th, 2019. On his Instagram account, he is seen more often hanging out with friends and sharing photos of himself looking like a model. Well, that’s all the information about Varsity’s Jaebin who is a Chinese member of the group Varsity. Looking handsome and having good talent as a vocalist, Jaebin also shows his tough side, especially when the group that successfully debuted with him in South Korea is no longer active. But he returned to his home country and started a new life without knowing despair. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and check out the other interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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