A sub-unit is a type of group agency form, which is made up of only a few members of a larger, existing group. This division is usually based on several things. The best-known sub-units of the second generation were Donghae and Eunhyuk, also known as Super Junior’s D&E, who are members of Super Junior, and also G-Dragon and Taeyang from BIGBANG. On November 21, 2014, G-Dragon and Taeyang collaborated under the name GD × Taeyang by releasing the song “Good Boy.” As you would expect from two top singers who have years of experience in maintaining quality, G-Dragon and Taeyang immediately captivated the listeners. In the beginning, they only formed a unit for a collaborative project between BIGBANG members. Super Junior’s D&E is a sub-unit of a famous South Korean boy group called Super Junior. This sub-unit is also called Super Junior’s D & E, and was formed by SM Entertainment in 2011. Super Junior’s D&E debuted on December 16, 2011, with a single titled “Oppa, Oppa.” This K-Pop group consists of the two Super Junior members who were born in 1986, Donghae and Eunhyuk. In this article, Channel-Korea will show you the differences between the duo sub-units from the top second-generation K-Pop boy groups, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & Taeyang vs. Super Junior’s Donghae & Eunhyuk. So, stay tuned!


G-Dragon & Taeyang

It’s no secret that G-Dragon and Taeyang were friends long before they joined the group that popularized their name, BIGBANG. They’ve struggled together since they young to make their dreams come true made G-Dragon and Taeyang become inseparable friends. Their friendship has existed since childhood, and they’ve both admitted that their friendship made them closer than their own family and will never be broken. “To me, Jiyong (G-Dragon’s real name) is a friend that I’ll be with forever,” Taeyang said. G-Dragon and Taeyang first met when they were 13 years old, when they became models in the A-yo video clip owned by Jinu Sean, one of YG Entertainment’s artists. One month later, Taeyang joined G-Dragon as a trainee at YG Entertainment. Eventually, they debuted in the same group, which was BIGBANG.

Donghae & Eunhyuk

Fans of Super Junior, ELF, of course, know about the friendly relationship between Donghae and Eunhyuk, who are also seen through their sub-unit Super Junior’s D & E. Not just coworkers, Donghae and Eunhyuk are indeed good friends. They had been friends for over 18 years before debuting together as Super Junior members. Fun Facts

Eunhyuk likes to introduce himself and Donghae as EunHae, like the time at SUKIRA in 2011, Eunhyuk said, “Hi! We are Eunhyuk and Donghae, Super Junior’s EunHae! ” When asked about his first impression of entering Super Junior, honestly Eunhyuk said, “When I first met, I think I already liked Donghae …” The initial formation of the D & E sub-unit was due to Donghae, who always felt lonely when on the stage alone. Donghae is good friends with Eunhyuk because they were born in the same year, in 1986. Donghae often cries when he is sad or upset, but mostly when he feels touched by people’s kindness. Being a singer is the dream of Donghae’s father. When he was little, he really wanted to be a soccer player, and dad’s wish came true. When he was a trainee, Eunhyuk made it to the top dance class. Eunhyuk said that he had difficulty expressing his feelings to others. That’s why Eunhyuk can sometimes look happy even when he’s having a hard time.. When Eunhyuk was young, his family experienced financial problems and his father had health problems.


On November 21, 2014, two BIGBANG members, G-Dragon and Taeyang, demonstrated their existence through a collaborative music project. G-Dragon and Taeyang released a single titled “Good Boy.” G-Dragon and Taeyang are the first hip-hop project from YG Entertainment. Super Junior’s D&E is a subgroup of the South Korean boy band, Super Junior. It was formed in 2011 and consists of two Super Junior members, Eunhyuk and Donghae. They officially debuted on December 16, 2011, with the release of the single “Oppa Oppa.”

Korean Dream

In 2009, Taeyang participated in G-Dragon‘s first album, titled “Heartbreaker,” in the song “Korean Dream.” This song tells listeners to “dream big but small.” At the end of the lyrics, it was written that, “Want to put on wings and fly like an airplane. We are the Korean dream.”

Good Boy

The song “Good Boy” becomes addictive when you’ve listened to it. The eccentric hip-hop style of Taeyang and G-Dragon is quite strong, when combined with songs that have an easy listening beat. The song “Good Boy” presented G-Dragon and Taeyang in a collaboration of sub-units outside their group, BIGBANG. The song “Good Boy” is the result of a touch of G-Dragon genius. He wrote it himself, from the arrangement to the lyrics. Fans had a very good reaction to the song. Presently, the music video has been viewed more than 1 million times. “Good Boy” sounds like a neat house music boom. G-Dragon ensures that beats are clearly combined in all parts of the song. “Good Boy” presents a sensation of several layers of music that are complicated but neatly packaged. This song shows the accuracy of G-Dragon in music. Known as a perfectionist, G-Dragon combines many different elements in one song. “Good Boy” quickly became a song you can’t listen to just once.

Stay With Me

In 2014, Taeyang made his comeback to the music stage by releasing his first full album, titled ‘Rise,’ after releasing the single ‘Ringa Linga’ in 2013. Taeyang returned to hook G-Dragon into a duet in one of the songs on the album, titled ‘Stay With Me.’ Unlike ‘Ringa Linga,’ the song, which was composed and written by G-Dragon, has a very relaxed melody. Knowing Taeyang’s vocal colors, G-Dragon created this song in accordance with the color of the sound that best suits Taeyang. The song ‘Stay With Me’ also has quite an emotional meaning, telling of a person who asks her lover who wants to leave to stay beside her. In this song, we can listen to a collaboration where Taeyang sings the hook, while G-Dragon takes the portion as a rapper. The song, whose lyrics were written by G-Dragon, took up the theme of the invitation to reconcile. For example, as illustrated in the reff meaning “You have a sad face like me. Will you be with me? Come to me. Your lips say no, but your eyes want me.” Even though the lyrics are melancholy, this song is presented with semi-rock music that is quite cheerful. So, instead of sounding like a sad song, ‘Stay With Me’ sounds like an uplifting song.

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