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When it comes to the career journey of K-Pop groups, they have contracts with their respective agencies. Do you know about the contracts of (G)I-DLE and when they will be disbanded? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about the detailed information in this article below!

WIll (G)I-DLE Renew Their Contract Or Will They Disband In 2025?

The contract created by Cube Entertainment will probably last about 6-7 years after its debut, which will be ended in 2025. (G)I-DLE has now had a career as a K-Pop girl group for 4 years and managed to get a good response from fans.

— follow @Badosaurio (@ololokou) May 20, 2020 (G)I-DLE is also actively making comebacks every year and has won several awards, such as ‘Best Female Performance Award’ at the Golden Disc Awards 2021, ‘Best Performance’ at the Seoul Music Awards 2021. With (G)I-DLE’s excellent career path, they are likely to renew their contract with the agency in the next few years.

(G)I-DLE’s Agency Hasn’t Announced Their Disbandment, But Most Likely (G)I-DLE Will Renew Their Contract

Every label management has a contract that binds the artist’s work to them. In this case, (G)I-DLE’s contract and work are handled by Cube Entertainment. Until now, there has been no further announcement about (G)I-DLE’s contract and the management has also never revealed this to the public. (G)I-DLE officially debuted on May 2, 2018, with 6 members that consist of Soyeon, Minnie, Miyeon, Shuhua, Yuqi, and the former member, Soojin. As for the controversy involving one of their members, Soojin, who allegedly bullied someone before debuting, Cube Entertainment had to terminate their contract. Not only in South Korea, on November 6, 2019, but Billboard also reported that (G)I-DLE had signed a contract with Asia Agent.

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The agency that owns Wengie, songwriter Melanie Fontana, producer David Amber said that (G)I-DLE is very attractive to the American and international markets. They are also considered to have broad language skills because the members of this group come from multinational idols. It will be a loss if Cube Entertainment decided to let (G)I-DLE go, right?

(G)I-DLE’s Contract End In 2025 And 7-Year Curse

The exclusive contract that (G)I-DLE has had since 2018 with Cube Entertainment will expire in 2025. The K-Pop girl group, which is famous for one of its singles titled “Oh My God”, is certainly expected to have a longer career journey. For Neverland, fans also hope that (G)I-DLE can break the 7-year curse since these girls are very talented. The 7-year curse is also a scary thing for K-Pop fans because they have to face the fact that it is possible that their favorite K-Pop group will soon be disbanded. However, (G)I-DLE has little potential to be disbanded after the contract ended in 2025. (G)I-DLE will probably renew the contract with Cube Entertainment or give the members a new opportunity to have solo activities. If they were unfortunate, (G)I-DLE will be another group that had to be disbanded after 7 years, just like 2NE1, 4Minute, Sistar, MissA, Kara, and more. Let’s hope (G)I-DLE can break the 7-years curse and have a shining career in the future!

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