They are known as the maknaes, or the youngest members of the group. Shuhua who is born in 2000 is younger than Yuqi who is born in 1999. They keep helping each other in speaking the Korean language, Yuqi always helps Shuhua in the language. Yuqi loves dancing and was the President of Street Dance Club in her high school. She also loves to watch Running Man. Moreover, as (G)I-DLE member she announced herself as (G)I-DLE’s CUTIE. Whereas Shuhua wanted to be an artist and singer since middle-high school. She aspired to be like Hyuna and she started to do auditions. They are always close to each other and have funny interactions with each other. Let’s get to know Yuqi and Shuhua in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

Cute and Funny Moments

Yuqi and Shuhua always have fun together. Look at the video below! Yuqi and Shuhua keep playing gestures to each other, especially Yuqi who always has an idea to do so. Yuqi makes a gesture to kiss Shuhua from a distance, angled perfectly from the camera. This is so cute and is one of the funny moments, especially Shuhua’s reaction to the gesture.

Yuqi and Shihua love spending time together and play together; they also have unique games they show to others. Check out their impersonations in the video above. In their free time, Yuqi always shows her affection to Shuhua, the youngest member. She keeps teasing her, whereas Shuhua also always looks out for her sister Yuqi wherever she goes. During shooting, she sometimes looks sad to be separated from Yuqi who gets called to do a video take which means she gets to be alone without Yuqi until she gets called also. The two of them are so cute! They are like sisters who just met each other from the other side of the world. Don’t you agree?

Yuqi Translating Chinese For Shuhua

Yuqi is the member who is the best Korean speaker among the foreign members of (G)I-DLE. She is more fluent than Shuhua and always tries to help her in translating. At a live event, Yugi got to translate a question to the foreign members. She misunderstood the term “jeom” between point and mole. She was enthusiastic to explain the question, Yuqi said: “You know… the moles on your body, moles. Is the most interesting.” Then she started to point out her moles in her finger. After that translation, other members started to show their own moles on their bodies whereas the Korean members looked confused with all the answers. Shuhua with her innocent face excitedly showed her mole in her eyes. Because of this misconception, the staff started to explain that “jeom” in the question refers to “point” not “moles”. Yuqi started feeling guilty and apologized for the misunderstanding. Yet the viewers saw this event as a cute and funny moment since they all started looking and showing their moles on their body. Netizens also were under the impression that the members are bright, hardworking, and cheerful due to this incident. Here are some interesting comments from the netizens:

“How she shows the mole on her eye. Lmao. So cute.” “Omg, they’re so cute. Yuqi always has big round eyes and is really cute on stage but even her actions are cute.” “So cute.”

V-Live Shuhua and Yuqi

Shuhua and Yuqi have done some Vlive streams in order to share information with their fans. On one of their Vlives, Shuhua and Yuqi were talking casually about their dream when they were still children. Shuhua shared that she wanted to be a police officer and Yuqi responded that she should have a dark skin tone to be able to catch the criminals during the night time, and she also added that she must have a facial expression that could not steal the focus. The statement fired up some of the viewers as it sounded somewhat racist. But fans also defended Yuqi since the way she talks is just normal conversation like the way they usually do. They are very close to each other.

Shuhua and Yuqi Fan Signing Moments

During a fan signing event, Shuhua and Yuqi keep looking at each other. They often get many accessories from the fans at the fan signing events, and Yuqi always makes fun of it when Shuhua wears it. This included a cute hat, hair doll cap, and many things. See the cute moment where Shuhua and Yuqi have fun with each other during a fan signing session. Yuqi and Shuhua look so cute with their gifts from fans. Shuhua is also playing with Yuqi’s hat which is so intriguing and adorable. During the fan signing events, they usually sit beside each other and love to make cute expressions to the fans and camera they focus on. They are both looking beautiful and cute at the same time, so hard to not get the spotlight on them on any occasion. What do you think?

Shuhua and Yuqi’s Rhythmic Gymnastic Moments

Here is Shuhua’s performance above, she looked beautiful and talented. She played the gymnastic ball really eloquently and authentically. She even made some small jumps that required a ball throw and ended up caught in the exact moment. This performance of rhythmic gymnastic was so mind-blowing. No wonder she could score really well in these performances!

Yuqi’s performance as a beginner was also excellent, she looked sharp and confident throughout the performance. Her smile was so contagious that she actually drew a lot of attention with her expression. Yuqi has a bright personality and is cheerful, and this persona was quite visible throughout the show. Some netizens who are accustomed to the rhythmic gymnastic practice, felt proud and were amazed by Yuqi’s performance. To even do what she did, the daily routine must be difficult but she could manage it even though she is a beginner, not an athlete. Proud of her skills!

Shuhua and Yuqi Speak English Together Here is the clip of Shuhua and Yuqi talking in English. Yuqi is known as the English speaker of the group. She also studied English in middle school and high school. During the video interview, she could answer well and engage with jokes. Shuhua practiced English with Yuqi, she tried to imitate the English phrases cutely and with some accents. Shuhua is known to be fluent in Chinese and Korean, whereas Yuqi can speak English better. They play around and speak English entertaining fans and making them burst out laughing while watching the cutest Shuhua try really hard to pronounce the words in English. But Shuhua did her best, she tried hard and finally succeeded. No wonder, they are regarded as an international group that masters many languages. Don’t you agree?

Shuhua and Yuqi’s Pictures

Below are some adorable pictures of Shuhua and Yuqi getting along with each other in every opportunity. Apparently, they are not roommates but they are close to each other. They look so adorable and sweet sleeping next to each other. So much beauty! Yuqi and Shuhua while walking to the set. They are holding hands and walk together. They are the same as the twins who don’t wanna be separated. Probably, they always ask for each other’s opinion before doing anything. Let’s do it together, can you imagine? Bold and black surprisingly match them really well. Yuqi and Shuhua always show a youthful, bright, and cute spirit. This style also suits them perfectly. What is your opinion? Of course, Yuqi and Shuhua still look fairy-like! Making a selfie is necessary for them too; Yuqi captured the moment and they look lovely together. Kudos for them! That’s all about Yuqi and Shuhua’s cute and funny moments. Which one do you like the most? Let’s keep supporting Yuqi and Shuhua in many ways and spread positivity! Don’t forget to kindly drop your comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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