Danny Ahn who has loved music since his junior high school days definitely has the entertainment blood running through his veins. He is also passionate about acting and has even tried his luck as a radio DJ and MC. Let’s read about g.o.d’s Danny Ahn’s career journey and recent activities, here.

Danny Ahn’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Danny (Hangeul: 데니안) Birth Name: Ahn Shinwon (Hangeul: 안신원) English Name: Danny Ahn Position: Rapper Birthday: December 22nd, 1978 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Height: 181 cm (5’11”) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: O

8 Fun Facts About Danny Ahn

– Danny was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. – Danny from g.o.d graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at Dankuk University. – Danny from g.o.d has two siblings, including one brother and one sister and he is the youngest. – He has hobbies in listening to music, skiing, car tuning, driving, and reading comics. – One of Danny’s bad habits is biting his nails. – His favorite musicians are Ray Charles, Quincy Jones. – His relationship with Joon Park is cousins. – Originally, Danny debuted as a rapper for Um Jeonghwa.

Danny Ahn’s Relationship

In an interview along with the other g.o.d members, when Danny was asked about his relationship status whether he is married or not, Danny came fast with no answer. All the members admitted to having a girlfriend even though they were not married yet; it’s something that’s normal, natural. Until this moment, Danny has only had around five girlfriends in the past. He believes that relationships are a private matter, he tends to not reveal his relationships to the public, especially if he is not sure yet about the relationship. But Danny expressed that he is eager to show whom he dates but never wants to announce properly to the public. Danny Ahn will do the opposite when he finds the right partner that he longs to live with. The right person will have the official announcement to the public, he said.

g.o.d’s Reunion

On January 28th, 2014. g.o.d name appeared in a rumor about making a reunion and it immediately hit the headlines. However, the members of g.o.d denied the rumor. Finally, the agency of one of the members of g.o.d, Son Ho Young, admitted that they were casually meeting and speaking about a comeback, but it’s too early to conclude the decision just yet. All of the five members are now in different agencies and have their own activities and schedules. The agency said that they did something to see if their voices still harmonized with each other or not. Around July 2014, g.o.d finally released the eighth album as their reunion, this marked g.o.d first time in ten years to be active again together. The new songs on the album were recorded by the famous Korean producer duo Double Kick. This eighth album was also a mark for the 15th anniversary of their debut. The 15th anniversary took place on July 12th, 2014, at Jamsil Sports Complex. This happy piece of news was spread easily among their fans and lead to more than 14,000 people in attendance at their concert. The concert has been successfully conducted with additional days added from two days to extra eight days. Such a bizarre concept! Danny Ahn and g.o.d have been popular with their songs since 1999, among them are the hit songs “To Mother”, “Lie”, “Road”, and “One Candle”. This first generation of K-Pop is such a legend!

Danny Ahn’s English Skills

Danny Ahn used to be an American citizen. On the first hand, he was born in Seattle, Washington, USA, and can definitely speak English fluently. Now, since he has been living in South Korea for a long time, Kim Tae Woo, a fellow member of g.o.d said that Danny Ahn’s English was quite the same as his. He expressed in the interview on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show that probably Danny forgot his English since they were traveling to the USA recently and no significant skills from Danny Ahn were visible at that time.

Danny Ahn in We Got Married

Danny Ahn became a host of the variety show We Got Married together with Lee Ji-hye. Danny and Ji-hye have been popular since then, they were always admired by people to be a real couple. Danny and Ji-hye were always looking cute and fascinating to see, especially their unique and outstanding interactions during We Got Married. You might also like: Celebrities And Idols You Didn’t Know Joined ‘We Got Married’ Danny Ahn and Lee Ji-hye became hosts of WGM in 2013 along with Park Mi-sun and Kim Jung-min, but on May 31st, 2014, Danny Ahn left the show. In his last episode as a host of We Got Married, Danny Ahn was surprised by the other host/MC singing one of g.o.d’s hot songs “Lie”. Danny got a bouquet of flowers and said goodbye to the show.

Danny Ahn’s Activities as Solo Artist and Entrepreneur

Danny Ahn came back again to sign a contract with his former agency SidusHQ. Like the other members of g.o.d, all of them have their own schedules and activities as solo artists in the entertainment industry. Danny Ahn has also become an entrepreneur: he established a pub/bar in the Gangnam District which was controversial since no legal allowance from the government was issued to widen the bar. This controversy caused Danny a legal dispute in order to clear the issue. That’s all about Danny Ahn’s profile and his activities in his career journey. Keep supporting Danny Ahn and send him some positive messages. Also, kindly share your thoughts by dropping a line with your comment in the section below.

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