She is often also referred to as the ‘Living Doll’ because of her cute and beautiful face, like a doll’s. Before debuting with GFriend, under the auspices of Source Music, Eunha and another GFriend member and childhood friend, SinB, transitioned from Big Hit Entertainment. Both come from the same childhood dance team. Eunha only trained for two months under Source Music before being selected as a member of GFRIEND. Talented in singing, dancing, and acting, as well as being beautiful like a ‘living doll’, Eunha managed to captivate the fans, ‘Buddy’ (GFriend’s fans), with her charm. Let’s find out more details about Eunha’s hairstyle!

Eunha’s Straight, Long Hair

At the beginning of her debut, in the Glass Bead and Rough eras, Eun-ha wore her hair long and straight. During this period of time, she had an innocent and pure look that perfectly matched their group’s image. At the beginning of its debut, GFriend got a lot of nasty comments because many people considered the group to have no visuals, buy the group continued to struggle and slowly gained popularity. Their balanced vocals and dancing qualities garnered praise from many people and GFriend started to have many fans, called Buddy. When GFriend made its debut with the song Glass Bead, many netizens commented that they didn’t look like they were wearing any makeup in their music video. Eunha’s beauty, especially her expression and natural-looking hairstyle, added a pure and innocent impression to this song. Thanks to Eunha’s image in the era of Glass Bead, she succeeded in bringing the name GFriend as a group that has the concept of fresh-innocent girls. Eunha’s songs and hairstyles are perfectly coupled with her natural expressions, making her look fresh and cheerful in this concept. Not only in the era of Glass Bead, Eunha kept that long, straight hairstyle during the Time for the Moon Night era, but changed it up a little by adding bangs. Different from their previous concept, this song had an elegant concept, and Eunha’s addition of bangs to her otherwise very simple hairstyle brought a little more sophistication and made more people recognize her beauty. In one of their performance videos for Time for the Moon Night, netizens commented, “After seeing this and a few other songs, I would be insane not to stan. They’re all so beautiful and Eunha really just blew me away “[Olivia Jordyn], ” I love Eunha, beautiful voice, Gfriend always in my heart Iloveyou, Buddy you are amazing !! ” [Nandal lisya_], “Eunha is so sexy and cute and beautiful! 😍 I wish I could go to the concert and see her in person❤ ———— Fan from Taiwan ” [thalia love] “I SWEAR EUNHA IS A FAIRY” [I am Sehun’s first & Last Wife 4ever]. many people replied this comment and agreed with her statement. Many more netizens praised and became fascinated by Eunha’s beauty. Eunha looked even more fairy-like by wearing a flower crown on her head at a GFriend fan meeting. Once again, Eunha’s beauty was able to conquer the hearts of her fans. Although their concept is elegant in this era, Eunha’a adorable face and behavior increasingly made Buddy love her.

Eunha’s Curly Long Hair Without Bangs

GFriend garnered international attention after a fan-taken video showing the members completing a performance of Me Gustas Tu, despite continuously falling on a slippery stage, went viral in September, 2015. The group was praised for their professionalism, and that event moarked the time when more people really started paying attention to the group. Later in the same year as the Glass Bead era, GFriend made their comeback with the song Me Gustas Tu. In this era the group’s overarching concept remained the same, fresh-innocent girls. To support that concept, Eunha’s hairstyle stayed long, but added some waves. Netizen reactions to her visual in this era include: “the visual game is too strong in this group tbh but eunha omg love her so muchhhh” [MsNur92] “eunha is hella gorgeous with long hair” [Mutiara Haraky] “Eunha is sooo lovable, she is pretty, She can sing, she has amazing acting skills, she is just perfect ♡♡ (LOL, they speak spanish better than me!!Me Gustas tuuuuu~) #GFriend #MeGustasTu” [Cherie Song] many peoples agree with her, and even one of them said that want to put her in my bag and bring her home because she is so cute. “When you think Eunha is the maknae ’cause her baby face cutie” [Rose’s Pasta] and many more. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also proven her ability to sing and dance. She has a funny, cheerful, and adorable personality that makes herself very compatible with this concept and hairstyle.

Eunha’s Short Bob Hair

Although she’s always beautiful, she started getting a lot more buzz from people after she cut her long hair into a short bob. Many argued that the hairstyle was perfect for her and emphasized her doll-like look. She even started a short-hair trend among female celebrities in Korea. The Navillera era was the first time Eunha made her comeback with the short bob. In all the previous eras, her hair had stayed long. In an interview with Sports DongA, she revealed that “I was concerned about cutting my hair short, but many people say it’s pretty, so I’m grateful.” Her short ‘do definitely emphasizes her pale complexion and small face! She gives her thanks for all the interest in her hairstyle, concluding, “I want to have short hair for a long time.” According to fans, Eunha’s face really fits the bob cut, bringing out her large eyes and pale skin color. In fact, after seeing her new haircut, some fans have even suggested that she could be considered one of the top visuals in the entire Korean entertainment industry. In the Fingertip era, Eunha still used a similar hairstyle, but with a concept that was totally different from the previous GFriend concept. Where they usually perform cheerfully and smile, this time they used a very different Girl Crush concept. Although many considered the song to be a flop, there were others who were really impressed with the group’s performances, where, in addition to singing, they had to do complicated choreography. Here are some netizens’ comments on Eunha’s appearance in this era:

Eunha’s Wavy Short Bob

Still with her short, but wavy bob, in the era of Love Whisper, Eunha again hypnotized the fans with her beauty. especially her visuals in Love Whisper music video, which was really pretty. Many YouTubers had reactions to the Love Whisper video, and almost all of them were amazed when Eunha appeared. Returning to a cheerful, innocent, and fresh concept, this song is famous for Yuju’s very high notes and intricate choreography. Eunha’s visuals are increasingly recognized by many people in this era. The following comments came from netizens about Eunha’s visuals in this era: “Eunha always poses like that at 0:23 it melts my heart help!!! 😍” [Stephanie Chezalia] “eunha very cute and her body is very small, very very cute … I LOVE EUNHA < 3″ [Ferry Fermana] “eunha really looks the cutest with short hair ❤️” [Lofi h] “Eunha is so beautiful 💖” [Hoseok’s Dimples] “Eunha makes me want to have short hair” [Kristine Yang] “Eunha is so cute… throughout the video, I am only looking at her. She is very attractive. Her hair makes her more beautiful. All of them are very beautiful. In this song, they looked very fresh and cuteness is in the air.” [jihyo park] Of course, there are many more netizen comments about the visuals and hairstyle of Shortly after GFriend came back with Love Whisper, they released the repackage of the album Rainbow, with the title track Summer Rain. Still with the same hairstyle in this era, Eunha is rocking the wavy, short bobbed hair.

Eunha’s Blue Hair

In 2019, GFriend returned with a comeback which had a summer concept, releasing a summer mini album, Sunny Summer. GFriend made their debut on Billboard’s Social 50 chart, at no. 30, a week after the release of the album. A little different from Eunha’s usual hairstyles, which are naturally colored, like brown and black, this time she changed things up with a long, blue style after having worn it short for so long. When GFriend released a concept photo for this album, some netizens gave various comments: [+57, -20] Wow Eunha is the prettiest → [+4, 0] Good looking beauty [+53, -16] All of them * crying * I really like the concept and I love the colors, for real [+16, -2] My bias eunha ♥ Eunha never fails to surprise me with her beauty .. Eunha and Umji look so pretty !! There are many more reactions from netizens who were shocked, but praised Eunha’s new hairstyle. Although there were some who thought she looked better with short hair, and there were also those who didn’t feel the blue color suited her image. The group had a fresh theme for their next comeback. Many netizens felt that their song this time was really fresh and addicting, They admitted that the members were very beautiful, and admired that their voices were always so stable during live performances. Here are some comments on Eunha’s appearance on this comeback: “EUNHA 💜” [June Junni] “EUNHA IS MY FAVOURITE. SHE SO PRETTY AND CUTE 💗💗💗” [June Junni] “THAT WINK! AHHHH I LOVE YOU EUNHA 😍😍😍😘😘😘 1:10” “In each comeback, eunha is prettier! 💖” [;; Sunday] Not only Eunha, the other members were also considered successful in making a fresh impression in this era. Those who were initially thought to have no visuals began receiving a lot more praise and appreciation during this era.

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