Despite her amazing talent in acting and singing, it is common knowledge that Lee Sung-kyung began her career as a model, when she competed at the local Super Model Contest in 2008. In 2014, Lee Sung-kyung did call her acting as a supporting role in SBS’s television drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.‘ She is also the first model-actress to have promoted under the joint venture of YG Entertainment and K-Plus. As a model, of course, Lee Sung-kyung has perfect body proportions. She is 175 cm, or 5 feet 9 inches tall. She was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea on August 10, 1990. Lee Sung-kyung is also recognized as having a goddess’s face, and a very bright skin color. Let’s get ready to see her comeback as a model at the 2019 Fashion Shows!

Lee Sung-kyung’s Fashion Look at Fendi x Gentle Monster

On May 7, 2019,  Lee Sung-kyung was seen attending the Fashion Look at Fendi x Gentle Monster event, she rocked this season’s hottest shade of pink in her striking jacket. She wore a white tee and shorts underneath, and was carrying a Fendi tote with a pink lining. She also wore FFreedom square-toed pumps with a slingback strap with blush fabric (pink Lycra). A close look shows an elastic insert with the brand name’s lettering. Pair with soft-hued florals for a Spring-inspired ensemble. Lee Sung-kyung looks very well suited to the casual, feminine but trendy style of the Fashion Look at Fendi x Gentle Monster this event, she is so gorgeous!

Fendi New Collection at Milan

On February 21, 2019, Lee Sung-kyung was attending the Fendi Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Women’s Collection Show for the designer label’s final original collection by the late Karl Lagerfeld. Thes creative director for 50 years, until his death in February, Lagerfeld was as renowned for his work with the Italian label as for his stewardship of Chanel and his own eponymous brand. As part of the collection, the new handbags and leather jackets that are worn by Lee Sung Kyung spoke up for a cool and powerful concept for women. Lee Sung-kyung looked very charismatic with the red shades she wore, and perfectly fits the latest concept of the FENDI collection. Along with Elle Korea, Lee Sung-kyung did a photoshoot in Milan, as well. Lee Sung Kyung lies down on the grass, walks down the streets of Milan, and poses on a scooter with a rider jacket. So charismatic!

F/W Seoul Fashion Week 2019

Lee Sung-kyung finally returned to walking the runway as the only female model at the BEYOND CLOSET runway at the F/W Seoul Fashion Week 2019. Lee Sung-kyung is known to be more active as an actress, and has been busy playing various roles in dramas and films. Seoul Fashion Week is relatively young compared to the “Big Four” fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, New York, and London. Just a few years ago, the models featured in campaigns, TV, and runways were all Korean, making them household names just like regular celebrities. But with Korean culture and society rapidly going global, the media and various industries are opening up to different races, sexual orientations, beliefs, nationalities, abilities, and most importantly, to real people. This fashion week is no exception.

— Lee Sung Kyung (@imkimbokjoo) March 23, 2019 Of course, many fans of Lee Sung-kyung warmly welcomed Lee Sung-kyung’s comeback as a runway model. Many also recognize Lee Sung-kyung’s charisma is very strong when she walked on the runway, because she was able to dominate the runway like a queen. Lee Sung-kyung is currently busy with the SBS drama ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim‘ season 2, also known as ‘Dr. Romantic 2.‘ This drama is very popular and a huge success, with a rating that was able to break 20%. In this drama, Lee Sung-kyung plays as the main lead named Cha Eun-jae. She is a second-year cardiac surgery fellow. She was a top student at medical school, often in competition with Woo-jin, with whom she had a complicated relationship, but she cannot bear to do surgery without vomiting or falling asleep when she takes medicine. She thus gets suspended, and has to work for Teacher Kim before she can go back to the main hospital. Although there is no recent news about her activities as a model yet, Lee Sung-kyung continues to work in various dramas, films, and variety shows. Let’s continue to support our multi-talented model and actress, Lee Sung-kyung, always, and continue to support her activities in the future. Don’t forget to watch her latest drama, ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim‘ season 2, it’s really worth it to watch!

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