Shin Hye-sun’s Dating Rumor: Did She Date Her Partners in Dramas?

Shin Hye-sun is one of the rising K-pop actresses who has participated in many dramas such as Five Enough, She Was Pretty, My Golden Life, Mr. Queen, and more! With her pure beauty and kind personality, it’s very easy to get attracted to her. Shin Hye-sun sometimes gets a little shy, but as she gets closer to people, they have a great relationship! She made a good debut through School 2013, and currently, she is under YNK Entertainment. Shin Hye-sun’s movie projects are mostly filled with romance or melodrama genres, and she faces various drama partners in each project. It also leads her to be involved in dating rumors due to her chemistry with her partners. Let’s find out who they are!

Shin Hye-sun and Sung Hoon

On the list first, we have Shin Hye-sun and Sung Hoon! They met through the drama project Five Enough back in 2016. They have such strong chemistry that fans assumed they might be dating in real life. Sung Hoon once explained that he had noticed Shin Hye-sun in her previous drama She Was Pretty (2015) and wanted to work with her someday. His dream eventually came true after they met in Five Enough! When they appeared on the Happy Together show, Shin Hye-sun also said that Sung Hoon was the “best kisser,” and he was immersed in his role as Kim Sang-min. The cast members of Happy Together teased them about looking like a married couple and even asked whether they were dating or not. They both denied it, but many people still believed that there was a spark between them!

Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun

The phenomenal sageuk drama Mr. Queen starring Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun has raised their popularity even more! The fact that they took part in the main roles, the queen and the king of the Joseon Dynasty, led them to have a lot of romance and intimate scenes. The drama was also marked as their first project together, and their relationship got closer as time went by. You might like to check out: Rumored to Date Kim Jung-hyun, Find Out More About Seo Ye-ji’s Boyfriend and Dating Rumor  At first, Kim Jung-hyun pretended to be close to her, but he was caught up. Thanks to his first move, he and Shin Hye-sun got closer, and they developed such intense chemistry! Despite their romantic relationship in Mr. Queen, Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun’s story in real life wasn’t the same. They didn’t date even though a lot of dating rumors were spread about them. Do you think they look good together?

Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L

Do you remember the romance between a ballerina and an angel in the K-drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love? Yes, it was a project between Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung-soo) that drew attention from people, especially K-drama fans! The fans are very fond of their cute chemistry and even gave them the nickname #SunSooCouple! Both Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L posted their picture together on their Instagrams, @shinhs81 and @kim_msl! Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L said that they were comfortable with each other and happy that they were a good match in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Due to their closeness and interactions both on-screen and off-screen, people started to believe that they were dating in real life! They felt very grateful for the euphoria of their project, but they were just good co-workers and friends.

Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong

The rom-com drama Still 17 has been one of the most popular series, especially with the great chemistry from the main cast Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong! Fun fact, Shin Hye-sun used to be a fan of Yang Se-jong, and she couldn’t stop talking about him with her staff members. Luckily, she got a chance to work with him through Still 17! On the other hand, Yang Se-jong also said that he chose the drama because the storyline was very funny, and he heard that Shin Hye-sun would be taking part as well. Such a coincidence, right? They have filmed various scenes together and successfully portrayed adorable chemistry! So, are they dating in real life? Unfortunately, their romance was limited only to the series since their relationship was just as friends.

What Is Shin Hye-sun’s Ideal Type?

It almost feels like every man gets very comfortable being around Shin Hye-sun, but how about Shin Hye-sun’s ideal type of man? She thinks that a man with broad shoulders is nice, and she likes a guy with simple fashion. Turns out, Shin Hye-sun has divided her ideal type into two versions, a bad-guy type for her ideal boyfriend and a guy who is sweet and a gentleman for her ideal husband. Actress Shin Hye-sun has a cheerful and bright personality which makes people feel very comfortable around her despite her sometimes being a little shy. No wonder her co-workers also get intertwined with her, right? Who do you think has the best chemistry with Shin Hye-sun among the actors listed? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on all of your social media!

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