In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the members of the famous South Korean rock band FT. ISLAND—Seunghyun. Even though he is no longer a member of the band known for their hits song “Pray”, FT. ISLAND’s Seunghyun continued pursuing a career in entertainment and has been famous for his solo career recently. Well, without waiting any longer to discuss FT. ISLAND’s Song Seung-hyun, let’s scroll down to read the full article containing the profile information and the latest news about him—only on Channel-Korea!

Ex-FT ISLAND’s Seunghyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Song Seung-hyun (Hangul: 송승현) Stage Name: Seunghyun (Hangul: 승현) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, August 21st, 1992 Star Sign: Leo Height: 180 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: O Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts; Kyunghee Cyber University Official Sites: Twitter (@chungxuan) Instagram (@soow456)

Ex-FT ISLAND’s Seunghyun’s Facts

Seunghyun’s Debut with F.T. Island

Seunghyun is the member who replaced Wonbin in F.T. ISLAND. Because FNC has built a mysterious image of him, many say that he is an arrogant person. When he first joined F.T. ISLAND he broke the record as an artist who debuted with 2000 anti-fans. He said at that moment he felt like he wanted to die. After every performance, he always went to the bathroom and cried. But thanks to the support of his hyungs he became optimistic, he tried hard to be recognized by the primadonna. Together with F.T. ISLAND, he started to fight. He didn’t want to be just considered a substitute, he is a member of F.T. ISLAND. The guitar is never absent from his hands, backstage, in his room, in his house, in the car and wherever, he always carries his guitar. Not to show off, but to practice, hone his skills so that he can be seen by Primadonna that he is part of F.T. ISLAND, and not just a substitute. Now, after the hard times he has gone through, he is recognized as F.T. ISLAND’s cool guitarist. Seunghyun is called the uri maknae, even though Minhwan is the real maknae. Seunghyun has his own color in F.T. ISLAND.

On June 7th, 2007, they released their album Cheerful Sensibility and made their first appearance on M! Countdown with their debut song “Love Sick”. With the song “Love Sick” they won several prestigious awards. Not only “Love Sick”, but their debut album also ranked 6th in the best-selling album category 2007. 6 months after their debut and with only one album they held a single concert F.T. ISLAND’s 1st Live Concert: First Island which was quite successful. But in 2008, they had to be willing to swallow their disappointment. They released two albums, Colorful Sensibility and Colorful Sensibility Part 2. This album was not as successful as their first album. When this was the hardest time for the members, they thought it would end there. Then they flew to Japan to study and debut as an indie band there. They tried their best as a new indie band in Japan. In 2009, F.T. ISLAND held a second tour with the concept of Rock Prince. After their second concert, one of the members decided to leave F.T. ISLAND and pursue a career as a solo artist. Oh Won Bin officially holds the status as a former F.T. ISLAND personnel from January 28th, 2009. This was a heavy blow for both F.T. ISLAND and Primadonna. The Primadonna were not willing to let go of their favorite members of the band they are proud of. But this was a unanimous decision, and Wonbin’s exit was not based on problems with the FNC Entertainment agency or with other members. This may not have been the agency’s fault, but within a short amount of time after WonBin’s departure, they announced his replacement. They purposely applied a mysterious image to this new member, giving the impression that the new member is an arrogant person. In February they released their mini-album Jump Up and introduced their new member, Song Seung-hyun. Primadonna were angry, they did not accept their favorite member to be replaced so easily. But little by little they began to understand and appreciate the decisions of WonBin, F.T. ISLAND, and FNC. The album Jump Up featuring the title track “Bad Woman” tells everyone that they are back in better quality. Together with Song Seung Hyun they got up, showing a higher quality F.T. ISLAND. They got several awards for the song “Bad Woman”. 7 years after their downturn, now F.T. ISLAND have grown into true musicians, still loyal to the instruments in their hands. All they want is to make songs for Primadonna, of course, with their own ideas. They are not tempted by the popularity of boy groups and girl groups, because they are here to make music, to protect Primadonna with the music they make, no matter the ridicule of people who say that they can never play a musical instrument properly or in other words that they are hand syncing. They keep walking forward. Besides that, F.T. ISLAND had an interview with a media source when they made a comeback in 2009 with the release of the EP Jump Up. F.T. ISLAND’s Seunghyun also felt his first comeback after he successfully debuted with the group. Let’s check out the details of the interview. F.T. ISLAND and Seunghyun’s first comeback with his group is featured in the section below: Jump Up is a wall that must be overcome. It can be successful, but there is also the possibility of failure. The idol band F.T. Island, which released their EP Jump Up, has also undergone a change once. Existing member Oh Won-bin withdrew from the team and new member Song Seung-hyun joined. F.T. Island fans even protested against the news of the sudden member change, but the band calmly accepted the change. Q: “New member Song Seung-hyun is 16 dimensions beyond 4 dimensions, right?” A: “The atmosphere of the team has changed. (Song) Seung-hyun was a lot of jokes and is quite bold, so the dorm has become noisy. It’s brightened a lot. Seunghyun handles instruments, but also raps well. Because the tone of the voice was different, F.T. Island gave me a different color.” FT. ISLAND’s Jaejin’s answered. “In fact, it is burdensome to have a new person or a new person to change members. Lee Seok-hoon, who became a member of SG Wannabe instead of Chae Dong-ha, suffered from hair loss under pressure to do well.” However, this thought was tiring. Song Seung-hyun, who is 18 years old this year, was getting close to his hyungs without hesitation with a bouncing personality. If you don’t play jokes, the fun will drop sharply. Song Seung-hyun’s reckless challenge was met by the hyungs, whose main focus was Lee Hong-ki, and the five members rapidly became close to each other. “Seunghyun is very unique. Is it unusual? He plays well, has a good sense, and has guts. I didn’t tremble on the stage,” F.T. ISLAND’s Jong-Hoon answered. “Seung-hyun seems to think of him as a rival with (Lee) Hong-ki.” Song Seung-hyun, who gave a laugh with ridiculous words throughout the interview, was a younger brother on the outside, but as a member of F.T. Island, he had a different determination. He was well aware of the hearts of the hyungs who were not difficult and were considerate to ‘play’ well on the stage. “At first, I was burdened by the color and recognition of the team called F.T. Island. Still, since I was given an opportunity, I think I should work hard. I am grateful to the sky for giving me this opportunity, and thank you to the hyungs who accepted me.” F.T. ISLAND’s Seunghyun said. Q: “F.T. Island has become a band. How do you feel about that?” F.T. Island chose the title of the mini-album Jump Up with the intention of taking a leap one step further with the arrival of new members. There is another meaning here. It is confidence as a band. F.T. Island is the only children’s band in Korea. In the meantime, the typical group of children was singing and dancing. They broke that practice and announced with their faces as a handsome band playing musical instruments. However, there was one concern. It is not recognized as a band. This was because when recording a record, the session played instead. So, for this album, the members played all songs and finished recording. They clearly knew where they were and wished that F.T. Island go forward step by step to reach their goals. “I think it’s the biggest thing to be recognized as a band,” Song Seung-hyun, who was listening to his brothers’ sincere answers at that time, raised his voice, saying, “I was a trainee and thought that right now I have to face real life.”

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