In this article, there is detailed information that you should know about ATEEZ’s relationship with their manager. ATEEZ is known as a boy group with 8 members with Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. Without waiting any longer, let’s get to know more about their relationship in this article below!

ATEEZ’s Manager Is Taking Care Of The Members Just Like Their Parents

ATEEZ are known for their several top hits, such as “Answer”, “Fireworks (I’m The One)” and “INCEPTION”. Many fans supported them and praised the hard work of ATEEZ, every staff, and manager. There is no personal information about ATEEZ’s manager and staff that work together with them and the management kept it a secret. Besides that, they also have several schedules and events, so there must also be a manager to organize and monitor each idol in every activity. Many people, especially fans, are curious about K-Pop managers because their existence is also interesting when working with K-Pop idols. Both of them are professional workers and need great chemistry to stand out. If you are ATINY and want to know more about ATEEZ’s manager and the member’s interaction, make sure you don’t skip any session below!

ATEEZ’s Manager Shows Concerned After Mingi’s Back Pain

The manager’s treatment of ATEEZ’s Mingi was highlighted by fans because the two of them are very close to each other. There is a short clip that shows a moment where ATEEZ’s Mingi looks a bit in pain and he clings to his manager’s shoulder. In the short clip, you can see that he was in severe back pain and fans praised the KQ staff who managed ATEEZ’s schedule at that time because the manager seemed so concerned about ATEEZ’s Mingi who gets hurt. The manager rubbed ATEEZ’s Mingi’s back and make sure that he was alright. You can see that ATEEZ’s Mingi considers that his manager can comfort him and they trust each other. How sweet they are!

ATEEZ’s Manager Made Cute Bracelets For The Members

During the pandemic, there is only a small activity that everyone can do, including K-Pop idols. With a lot of busyness every day, but because during the pandemic there can’t be too many schedules that can be attended because they have to avoid physical contact and gatherings of many people. Instead of being stuck with the current situation, management must come up with many strategies so that K-Pop idols and fans can still interact with one another. Many idols are interacting with their fans during the live and online fan meeting so that they can meet each other even still online. In one of the V Live episodes, ATINYs realized about a bracelet that the members wore that they. It looks like they have the same bracelet but in a different color. The fans know that their manager made it for them and appreciate the bonding between them.

ATEEZ’s Manager Drove Yunho To His Hometown In Gwangju

In an episode of ATEEZ’s vlog, Yunho went to his house in a car driven by his manager. In the vlog he recorded himself, Yunho talked about the many things he would do in his hometown of Gwangju.

Although ATEEZ’s manager was not shown in Yunho’s vlog, fans who watched this vlog also thanked the manager who was always there for the members. Not only that, but ATEEZ’s manager also took a day off to drive Yunho to his hometown.

ATEEZ’s Manager Recording Yunho and Mingi

ATINYs might realize that the members are having a close relationship with the manager itself, because there are so many moments together that they had, especially for every staff under KQ Entertainment that always takes care of the members very well. K-Pop idols are like a star or a diamond in the South Korean industry, therefore, so many fans are trying to get close to them and that’s why so many staff are protecting them.

— mingi’s big toe (@mingisbigtoe) February 13, 2020 Fans spotted another sweet moment between ATEEZ’s members and the managers. There are two people behind the member who wears white and black shirts, which are seen recording ATEEZ’s members while they are playing darts.

ATEEZ’s Manager Taking Pictures At ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

Other moments that have been spotted by ATINYs between the manager and the members are when they attended ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’. If some idols are using this opportunity to interact with other groups during this event, ATEEZ’s members are actually having fun with their managers. This is a rare moment where K-Pop idols can find.

— mingi’s big toe (@mingisbigtoe) February 13, 2020 As you can see from the pictures above, the fans who are also watching them in the venue take a picture of ATEEZ and their manager during this event. The manager was seen hugging the member’s shoulder and the four of them taking pictures together.

ATEEZ’s Manager Baby Sitting Wooyoung

Among the many schedules that must be done by the members, the managers are also always there to organize everything needed for idols who are active during the day.

— mingi’s big toe (@mingisbigtoe) February 13, 2020 In the short clip above, it was a video that has been recorded by a fan who was waiting for ATEEZ in one of the schedules. There’s also seen ATEEZ’s Mingi who acts like a baby in front of their manager and he had to control one of the ATEEZ members. Well, that was all for the information about ATEEZ’s manager and the interaction with the members. Do you think they have a good relationship together? If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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