Then, how are the members currently? In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of information about one of the members of Sunny Hill, Bitna, or previously known as SeungAh, and also her career as an idol. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the article provided by Channel-Korea, below!

Sunny Hill’s SeungAh (Bitna)’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee SeungAh (Hangul: 이승아) Stage Name: Bitna (Hangul: 빛나), formely SeungAh (Hangul: 승아) Birthday: March 29th, 1987 Star Sign: Aries Height: 163 cm (5’4″) Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs) Position in the group: Leader, Vocalist, Visual Active Period: Sunny Hill (2007–2019) Education:

Seongnam Girls’ High School Gachon University, Department of Clothing and Textiles

Official Sites:

Instagram (@goldbeera) Twitter (@goldbeera_hill) YouTube (빛나는 써커스) Afreeca TV (@bestsa7)

Sunny Hill’s SeungAh (Bitna)’s Facts

Debut with Sunny Hill

In 2007, Bitna debuted with Sunny Hill as they released their first single album Love Letter.

In June 2011, the group released their single, “Midnight Circus”. The make-up in the music video was a bit awkward since it used the theme of circus for the concept as well, but the make-up feels a bit softer on the stage. The “Midnight Circus” music video has a circus concept that is scary in the middle of the night. Starting from strange dance performances, puppet shows, to things related to other carnivals are in this music video. The music video symbolically portrays the sadness and pain behind the eeriness and spectacles of the circus. The charm of the circus in a dreamy atmosphere has been filmed with sensational technical aesthetics, reinterpreting a vintage theme through a modern direction. The members even shot wire scenes as they themselves acted out the circus members with cameos including Gain, Lee Gi-kwang, and IU.

In January 2012, the group promoted a new song, “The Grasshopper Song”. It became very pretty because of the proper harmony of hairstyle and makeup, the visual has risen to a level that is quite different from that of “Midnight Circus”. It points to a new interpretation by wondering whether the hardworking ant was truly happy and whether the grasshopper really ended up being miserable. The message of the video is to take a rest sometimes like the grasshopper, although we live in a world of fierce competition, striving to work hard like the ant. The members of Sunny Hill themselves appear in the movie as the ant and the grasshopper.

In December 2012, Sunny Hill promoted the song “Goodbye To Romance”, a unique piece with lyrics such as, “It’s only two years apart…” she gave the fans a warm smile by showing a unique eye smile, which is the charm point of Geumbitna and also a slight pose in which two fingers are spread out in a V-shape. In addition, SeungAh’s weight increased as the distribution of parts among members was almost the same as in the last title song, “Goodbye To Romance”. Section 1 and the bridge part is the one Geumbitna is in charge of. The title song “Goodbye To Romance” is made by the composer Lee Min-soo and lyrics writer Kim Eana, and it is a song about “What is my first love doing now?” It has a beautiful melody line that reminds people of their old lovers and it will make people think about the anxious feelings they had for them. Once the listeners hear “Goodbye To Romance”, they will be able to feel as though they are at a very cozy place.

Sunny Hill’s Bitna showed outstanding acting skills in the music video of ‘Darling of All Hearts”, the title track of their 3rd mini-album Young Folk, which was released in June 2013. The expression of color in the video is the best part. In addition, it will bring you a bit of a smile in the middle while you listen to the song. “Darling of All Hearts” was made by songwriter Kim Yena and KZ, who is LOEN’s very own composer. The song has a Bohemian polka rhythm along with Jungle and Rock feelings with it as well. It makes you dance along with the melody, and the lyrics are about the sad things one has to go through being single. But the cute lyrics will make people laugh and agree with them at the same time. Also, the musician, Hareem, joined to make the music even more fun. The greek bouzouki, nyckelharpa, Drehleier, and the Irish Whistle are personally owned by Hareem himself. These instruments are rarely found in Korea, and in this song, they make the polka even much more fun to listen to.

In the music video for the single “Is the White Horse Coming”, or also known as “Princess and Prince Charming”, there is a sexy part in black stockings and a short skirt. You can see Geumbitna’s unique charm in this music video. Sunny Hill members are showing off a unique characteristic incomparable to any other artist on the K-Pop scene with unique planning, concepts, and high-quality music through this music video. Sunny Hill are back as a four-member girl group and eventually changing the color of the team to bring out their upgraded charm. “Is the White Horse Coming?” or “Princess and Prince Charming” is a work co-written by the top hitmakers of K-Pop: Lee Min-soo as the composer and Kim Ina as the lyricist, making it another fresh shock. Starting out with the question of whether there really is a prince or princess on a white horse, “Is the White Horse Coming?” speaks out for the members’ views and feelings about a generation that considers the search for their other half as an investment technique, looking only at the worldly specifications they offer rather than their character or personality.

In August 2014, in the title song “Monday Blues” of the 1st regular album Sunny Blues Part. A, they showed quite a fascinating force. But it’s only on stage when the fans can watch their live performance as different from the radio activities while the members aren’t performing with choreography. The title song, “Monday Blues”, is an electronic reggae number with combinations of percussions and strings. It’s about the exhaustion people feel when the weekend ends and Monday begins. The lyrics are fun and relatable, especially for workers, with parts, such as “Wrap this up before you go” or “Do one more before you leave.” In addition, Sunny Hill hint at the shocking idea of Monday as a fun day, to everyone who starts counting down to Friday as soon as the week begins.

On December 24th, 2016, Sunny Hill’s Bitna appeared in the music video of rock band Eve with their song titled “Melody” with Kim Gyu-jong as the model. In the music video, she is seen as a sad woman constantly crying and being desperate for her lover. Well, that was all the information about Sunny Hill’s Bitna with her career journey in the entertainment industry. Being an idol is not easy because you have to find a way to make people entertained. However, Bitna doesn’t seem to have run out of ways to maintain a good career from the time when she debuted as a member of Sunny Hill and up until the present day. Bitna is now known to be one of the BJs on Afreeca TV so let’s support her in every path she decides to take. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more Channel-Korea interesting articles!

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